America Magazine Calls for Kavanugh to Withdraw From Nomination

America Magazine Calls for Kavanugh to Withdraw From Nomination September 28, 2018
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Jesuit-run America magazine has called for Judge Kavanaugh to withdraw his name from nomination for the Supreme Court.

The magazine took this position out of concern for America and the future of this country. As they put it, the nomination “is no longer in the best interests of the country.”

Here is part of what they said:

… we recognize that this nomination is no longer in the best interests of the country. While we previously endorsed the nomination of Judge Kavanaugh on the basis of his legal credentials and his reputation as a committed textualist, it is now clear that the nomination should be withdrawn.

… the question is … about the prudence of his nomination and potential confirmation. In addition to being a fight over policy issues, which it already was, his nomination has also become a referendum on how to address allegations of sexual assault.

… this nomination battle is no longer purely about predicting the likely outcome of Judge Kavanaugh’s vote on the court. It now involves the symbolic meaning of his nomination and confirmation in the #MeToo era. The hearings and the committee’s deliberations are now also a bellwether of the way the country treats women when their reports of harassment, assault and abuse threaten to derail the careers of powerful men.

Read the rest here.

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23 responses to “America Magazine Calls for Kavanugh to Withdraw From Nomination”

  1. And for this very reason, every man on President Trump’s list should right now withdraw their name from consideration. It doesn’t matter if the charges are true or false, any man President Trump nominates to any position that requires senate confirmation is going to face exactly the same gauntlet.

    The way the Democrats handled this, has broken democracy itself. There is no reason to suspect that any man can get a fair hearing left in this country after yesterday.

  2. That’s nonsense Ted. But it may explain why so many otherwise decent men are siding with this monstrous man.

  3. Unless there’s a whole lot you’re not telling me (I’m joking Ted) that is even bigger nonsense. Three women who have come forward at such great personal cost about three separate assaults is not jut evidence of a single drunken event. It’s a pattern that describes a seriously sick and bad man.

  4. A pattern we have seen over and over again. Like in the election. And when the dust clears, the accusers vanish, and no more is heard. But someone like Keith Ellison, with 911 calls and Medical records as proof of his abuse is ignored, a non issue because he has the right politics.

  5. Ted, I totally agree. It is very sad that every man has to worry about unproven, strange accusations can ruin him. And that every mom, sister, daughter, wife and fiancée has to worry about her loved one being unjustly accused.

  6. Rebecca, I have had great respect for your opinions. However, these accusations are very strange. Did you believe the Duke lacrosse team accuser and the UVA “rape accuser, too?”
    The accusation from Ford is not about rape. Her story has changed and is very strange. I’m suspicious that she uses a lot of anti depressive and anti anxiety drugs that impair memory. I also wonder if she has received hypnosis or other memory altering therapy. I do believe that something happened to her, but that she has convinced herself that the person involved was Brett Kavanaugh, but was not him.
    She was way more anxious about testifying than many are and I’m suspicious of manipulation.
    Finally, though, I am disturbed that you jump on the rape bandwagon with no regard for someone who had no previous or since accusations.
    The second accuser is not sure who “assaulted” her because she and everybody else were falling down drunk. The third accusation is so ridiculous because actions like that in that area would soon attract lines of Montgomery County police. And, what 19 yo college girl hangs around with 15 yo boys. That accuser has a very suspicious history and her accusation should be regarded with great skepticism. It reads like a porn movie, actually.
    I am very disappointed in you. I thought you were better than that.

  7. I was not always as moral as I am now. I attended some of the same kinds of parties Kavenaugh did in high school. Any woman could come out and accuse me of rape 30 years after the fact, same as him.

    In fact, I’d be willing to wager a significant percentage of the male population in the 1980s was guilty of everything that we know for sure Kavenaugh did. Key words- for sure. Right now, this is mainly a he said-she said situation.

  8. An alternate explainable is that it’s a conspiracy effort of democrats to destroy a pro-life MAN. At this point, there is about as much real physical evidence for either.

    Every man who ever went to a party is at risk, if this is the level of evidence you accept. Oddly enough, so is every woman- two can play at that game.

  9. Rebecca, you have accused Kavanaugh of being a liar, but the prosecutor now says Ford’s convoluted and deceptive allegation passed through several people is not reliable.

  10. Rachel Mitchell is a professional prosecutor. You are not seriously going to slander her, too, are you? You call Kavanaugh a serial rapist, abuser and liar. Rebecca, this is serious.
    I honestly believe you have gone that far off the rails.
    Come on! It has become like the McMartin Preschool accusations.

  11. Anne, I didn’t slander her. It is a fact that she was employed by the Republican Senate.

    As for anything I said about Judge Kavanaugh, three women have come forward saying that he sexually assaulted them and these events happened over a period of years.

  12. Rachel Mitchell is a well respected prosecutor. What difference does it make her party affiliation? You are a Democrat. So what.
    Ramirez is still not sure who did what she fogging remembers. Several classmates say it was not Kavanaugh and they were at the party.
    The third “accuser” has a long history of very big lies, she’s been sued for sexual harassment, she was in college and it is unbelievable that she was hanging out with high school kids she never knew in high school. I lived not that far from there. Everybody would have known about gang rape parties, including the police. She has changed her story. It reads like a porn story.
    Ford’s story has many holes. I just read an article about how memories can be changed by hypnosis and self-hypnosis. In court if a witness has been hypnotized their testimony is not reliable.
    Finally, you are sounding just like Kamala Harris. I’m disappointed.
    Why are you acting like this? Are you still Catholic?

  13. Rebecca, it is more than obvious because the Ds have said so, that they were going oppose any nominee, him or her, that Trump nominated. Follow the money. One big one is Planned Parenthood. They have admitted it publicly.

  14. Do you have any experience with a woman who has been sexually assaulted? I have. It is a PTSD experience. It is not always reported immediately, but many years later, because of the response which is “if it really happened, why didn’t your report immediately? You’re, I assuming from your name, a woman. Have you ever experienced a unwanted sexual advance or rape or attack? Too many women have and too many men have brushed it off and denied it. Won’t go into the usual excuses, such as “she asked for it, by wearing that dress”, or” she is drinking too, she will comply, etc.” There is no excuse—ever for that type of behavior. Dr. Ford’s honesty in acknowledging her lack of some details is not unusual in situations like this. She has put her life in danger by bringing this forward. Why would a woman do that if it didn’t happen? I have no doubt that Brett is guilty—-but even if he might not be, his display of temper and lack of control in the questioning, IMO, disqualifies him from a position on the Supreme Court. His threats of “what goes around, comes around”, doesn’t sound judicial, and where did the conspiracy theory come from? Some reports have shown he has lied, under oath, in the past. And last but not least, I think the man is an alcoholic. Was in high school, in college and still. This could cause problems in making unbiased opinions on cases.

  15. The way the GOP treated President Obama was a disgrace—they made a point of NOT passing anything he proposed, from the first day of his 2 terms. DT is a total disgrace to this country and as made our country the laughing stock of the world. DT proposes men just like him—-that has already been proven. Men who think they have a right to do whatever they want with women. Brett isn’t emotionally fit to be on the Supreme Court. He proved that in the hearing. The only people I feel sorry for are his 2 daughters.

  16. That one, Brett, isn’t worthy of high office anywhere. DT wasn’t either but he somehow go in.

  17. There is no excuse for that behavior, even in the 1980’s. My son was a high school student then, and he wasn’t behaving that way. (yes, I do know, before you think I wouldn’t).