Sexual Assault Groups Stop Work with Senate Over Treatment of Dr Christine Ford

Sexual Assault Groups Stop Work with Senate Over Treatment of Dr Christine Ford September 22, 2018

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Back in 1991, Senate Republicans behaved like brutes toward Anita Hill. Of course, they got away with it.

Brutalizing women who have been victims of sexual assault to punish them for coming forward is a time-honored practice around the globe. It’s all part of keeping them from coming forward. It’s about forcing them to take it.

Lots of woman-hating women join in with these attacks, including, sadly, some of them have been victims themselves. My theory is that they have a sort of Stockholm syndrome going. Somewhere down in their miserable little psyches they hope that siding with the attackers will protect them from being attacked, or at least from being attacked again.

Will things be different for Dr Christine Ford than they were for Anita Hill?

This nation elected a known serial sexual predator to the presidency just two years ago, and the Republican boys’ club has been churning, trying to find the way to demolish Dr Christine Ford without losing any votes for themselves this close to an election. In the meantime, the right-wing media has been calling her everything but a nice person. According to her attorneys, she’s been subjected to death threats and she and her family have had to go into hiding.

That sounds like standard brutalize-the-assault-victim-into-silence to me. Contrary to the sludge tweets from America’s sexual-predator-in-chief, 9 out of 10 sexual assaults, rapes and child molestings go unreported. Rape is the most unreported crime. These attacks on victims for reporting is a large part of the reason why. It’s the whole society working to deny half the people their civil and human rights.

There are some women who are willing to take a stand for Dr Ford, the sexual assault groups, in particular. This is a gutsy thing for these groups to do, since they have to go on bended knee to these senators and ask for funding. I, for one, will be watching and reporting how that goes.

From HuffPost:

Sexual Assault Groups Stop Work With Senators Over Treatment Of Christine Blasey Ford

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5 responses to “Sexual Assault Groups Stop Work with Senate Over Treatment of Dr Christine Ford”

  1. Oh Rebecca, you believe this woman? I just saw a pol that maybe 20 % of Americans believe her. She doesn’t have any proof and not a whittle of evidence and she is a pro-abortion activist. She doesn’t have a leg to stand on. Frankly the Senate has bent over backwards for her. I’m sick of these political dirty tricks, especially when it comes to conservatives for the supreme court. If she testifies under oath, I hope they get her for perjury.

  2. I’m confused. This organization stopped working with the Senate “because of its treatment of Dr. Christine Ford.” I’ve been following this carefully, since I have two daughters who, like Dr. Ford, were assaulted and chose to tell no one, for a variety of reasons I won’t go into here. But how has the Senate treated Dr. Ford in any way but with respect? They have offered to go to her, to send staff members to her, to have her come to them, to speak confidentially or publicly. Now they’re doing their utmost to work out an ‘acceptable’ venue. What more can they do? Automatically say she must be right, and Judge Kavanaugh is lying?
    Once Dr. Ford’s letter to Sen. Feinstein became public (why did she sit on it so long, and not even bring up the possibility of such an event when meeting with and questioning Judge Kavanaugh?) the committee, rightfully, agreed that this issue must be investigated. They continue to work to make this happen.
    The only person being treated with disrespect is Judge Kavanaugh, who is presumed guilty by so many people. That’s not how justice in this country is supposed to work.
    And for the record, until this matter is fully investigated, I don’t know who is telling the whole truth. I’m willing to wait and see.

  3. The GOP leadership is as tone deaf to this crisis as certain of our Church’s bishops are to the sexual abuse crisis in the Catholic Church. I realize their concern is that they will lose power in the upcoming mid-terms and thereby lose all chance to nominate a SC justice who may well overturn Roe v Wade. That, to me, is a key difference between politics and statesmanship. The Republicans are engaged in politics, and nothing but politics. Statesmanship would, at a minimum, reserve judgment on Judge Kavanaugh until Dr. Ford had testified. Statesmanship may even terminate Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing and ask the President for a new nominee. Politics prejudges Dr. Ford’s testimony as non-credible and declares that the Judge will be confirmed no matter what.

    The just outcome for forcing through the Kavanaugh nomination in this manner will be that the GOP will lose the House and the Senate. I don’t know if the just outcome will occur, and even if it does, I am deeply, cynically skeptical that the Democrats will be any better. I do not see men and women in power at a national level in any political party that seem to be interested in, let alone capable of, genuine statesmanship. If the Democrats come to power, they won’t play political games on the same issues in the same way as the GOP has done, but they will play political games and engage in political theater just as much as the Republicans have, and they will engage in statesmanship just as little as the Republicans have. The issues and the rhetoric will be different, but the effect will be the same, or at least highly similar.

    I love my country deeply, but I am deeply disgusted with, and entirely skeptical of, all national politics and most Ohio-level politics.

  4. Actually, wrote the letter quite a while back. Senator Feinstein was the one who held up making it public.

    Judge Kavanaugh has the entire right-wing media, the Republican Congress and the President of the United States going to bats for him. He’s doing just fine.

  5. Is it ok with your daughters for you to write this in a public forum? If they’re not ready to have their experience used in a political argument and be outed publicly in this manner, you should delete this comment Deacon.