Third Kavanaugh Accuser Steps Forward. The Charge is Gang Rape.

Third Kavanaugh Accuser Steps Forward. The Charge is Gang Rape. September 26, 2018


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A third Kavanaugh accuser has stepped forward, and this time, the charge is gang rape. The gang rape survivor who had the courage to step forward is Julie Swetnick. 

From CNBC:

Swetnick, in the affidavit posted on Twitter by Avenatti, claims that she saw Kavanaugh, as a high school student in Maryland in the early 1980s, “drink excessively at many” house parties in suburban Maryland. At the time, Kavanaugh and Judge were students at the the private Catholic school Georgetown Prep.

She said he and Judge engaged in “abusive and physically agressive behavior toward girls,” which “included the fondling and groping of girls without their consent” and “not taking ‘No’ for an answer.”

During the years of 1981 and 1982 she said she learned of efforts by Kavanaugh, his friend Judge and others “to spike the drinks of girls at house parties I attended with grain alcohol and/or drugs so as to cause girls to lose inhibitions and their ability to say ‘No.’ ”

Certain girls were targeted by those boys, and “it was usually a girl that was especially vulnerable because she was alone at the party or shy,” Swetnick claimed.

Swetnick said these efforts by Kavanaugh and his buddy Judge were done so the girls “could then be ‘gang raped’ in a side room or bedroom by a ‘train’ of numerous boys.”

“I have a firm recollection of seeing boys lined up outside rooms at many of these parties waiting for their ‘turn’ with a girl inside the room. These boys included Mark Judge and Brett Kavanaugh,” Swetnick said.

She also said in her affidavit sent to the Senate Judiciary Committee that in approximately 1982 “I became the victim of one of these ‘gang’ or ‘train’ rapes where Mark Judge and Brett Kavanaugh were present.”

“Shortly after the incident, I shared what had transpired with at least two other people,” Swetnick said.

“During the incident, I was incapacitated without my consent and unable to fight off the boys raping me, I believe I was drugged using Quaaludes or something similar placed in what I was drinking.”

Ms Swetnick did the right thing and acquired legal representation before stepping forward. Her attorney, Michael Avenatti is already on guard. He issued this statement in advance of the smear storm that is sure to follow his client’s courageous action in stepping forward. 

”My client has been issued a number of security clearances by the federal government over the years. She has been fully vetted time and time again, and she is an honest and courageous woman.

“And I’m going to caution Donald trump, Brett Kavanagh, Chairman Grassley and others, if they try to come after my client or engage in some smear campaign, they better pack a lunch because we’re going to respond two-fold,” Avenatti said. “We are going to respond double as it relates to force. So they better be very careful before they start spewing nonsense and trying to call my client a liar.”

All I have to say is Ok Christians. Here’s your boy. Are you going to continue backing him? 

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31 responses to “Third Kavanaugh Accuser Steps Forward. The Charge is Gang Rape.”

  1. Since not only has this 3rd woman come forward, but a 4th is said to have come forth in the last hour or so, perhaps it is time to just stop this nonsense, and postpone anymore action on theJudge, while all the accusations are checked out by the FBI. What harm would that do? The GOP is worried about the mid-terms—They want to get this person on the Supreme Court. What is unfortunate, is we have a pretend leader, DT who has so far gotten away with all his woman grabbing, why I don’t understand. Hoping for some good news tomorrow after the questioning of Brett’s first accuser and Brett K. This could get depressing!

  2. Yes, if she and the other accusers had come out back when all they could find against him was eating pizza in college I would agree with you. But this eleventh hour thing smell of rot and fallacy, plus we have something like 61 women backing up his good character at those same parties, the Dems only have 3, and they are highly suspicious given their clear positions in the left.

  3. The charges made by Dr. Blasey Ford are quite plausible. There are people who ask “Why didn’t she report this earlier?” And there are very good answers to that. Women who are traumatized don’t report things. Women who report things are treated badly.

    But the charges made by Ms. Swetnick are not of the same caliber. She’s asking us to believe that when she was a 19-year-old college student, she routinely attended high school parties where girls were gang-raped. “At least ten” of these parties, in fact. And she kept going back to them. And nobody — herself, the high school students, or anyone else — ever reported these gang rapes, for 35 years.

    That’s not plausible like Dr. Blasey Ford’s story is. In fact, it’s reminiscent of the Rolling Stone fabrication. It’s bizarrely sensationalist, with extreme details that are just not plausible. If she’s telling the truth, there were dozens of participants, witnesses, and victims — why haven’t any come forward or corroborated her story? Why did Swetnick herself keep going back to these parties? She was in college by then; surely there were other places she could have gone other than these high school parties that featured gang rapes? She said the punch at these parties was spiked, so when she attended, she would “avoid the punch”. Surely if she was that wise, she should have asked herself if she should stop attending these parties, or even place an anonymous call to the authorities — or the parents.

    I am not saying that I know her story is false. But it seems to me very implausible. In your post, you appear to be certain she’s telling the truth, so I’m wondering: why are you certain?

  4. “All I have to say is Ok Christians. Here’s your boy. Are you going to continue backing him?”

    Of course they will.

    That train has sailed.

  5. Ok, now why wasn’t THIS turned in to the police? I mean so far, I’ve believed the accounts because of memory, the time it takes to come to terms with and report an abuse, etc. But the idea that the football team at Georgetown Prep were *ALL* involved in a drug-and-sex party scene and NOBODY reported it within the three decades since? This stretches credibility a bit. What about all the other girls who were raped by this surprisingly-well-planned rape system? Why are they not stepping forward? What about the OTHER BOYS involved in this? Why are they not being prosecuted?

  6. Michael Avenatti? Hahahahahahaha! You’ve lost Rebecca. Obviously you have no judgement whatsoever. Obviously this blog is no longer worth my time.

  7. Ted, you don’t understand. We treat rape victims like dirt. She had just been through the worst hell imaginable. Going to the police would put her through another hell. As you have no doubt noticed, women who report are drug through the sewer with a hook. The better question is where does ANY woman find the courage to report these things.

  8. We aren’t just talking the women hurt. We’re talking about a story of a gang rape involving several dozen people, exquisite planning, and resources that most Americans, let alone teenagers, don’t possess to begin with. Are you trying to tell me that NONE of the people involved had the sense to turn this in for 35 years? That there isn’t one good person in the bunch with the courage to step forward? I’m sorry, but I just don’t believe that. It’s not a believable story.

    It has nothing to do with whether or not “women who report are drug through the sewer with a hook”, it has to do with the fact that the more people who know a secret, the less of a secret it is. Chances of the coverup being blown grow exponentially with each additional person who knows the secret.

  9. No. It does not stretch credibility. This behavior was normal, and women were always blamed. Girls who had been sexually assaulted had a choice between:
    a. Say nothing – which means you were sexually assaulted, subject to rumors and whispers, and received no justice or
    b. Report it – which means you were sexually assaulted, subject to rumors and whispers, publicly called a liar, publicly ostracized, publicly humiliated and received no justice.

    Those were the only two choices. Being believed, receiving justice and not being shamed WERE NOT among the choices.

  10. Yes, Did you read the story about Amber Wyatt in the Washington Post about a week ago? She reported her rape. There was physical evidence. The police never even bothered to file charges, meanwhile kids at her school wrote “FAITH” on car windows, on school walls, around town.

    The A stood for “Amber.” The ITH stood for “In Three Holes.” F stood for what you would think it stood for.

    And people like Theodore can’t imagine why women don’t report rape. It makes me sick.

  11. Yes, a teenaged girl who wants to be popular, who wants to fit in and who has bought into the lie that girls are to blame and it’s no big deal very well might continue to to attend these parties.

  12. There is no 11th hour. There is no clock. The Republicans held a seat open for a year to keep Obama’s nominee from being seated. They have plenty of time to get an FBI investigation.

    Dr. Ford sent letters while Kavanaugh was on the short list, before he was nominated. This isn’t a contest of how many references one can get. Oh yeah, and Renate removed her recommendation when she learned that she had been trashed by Kav and others in a yearbook.

  13. In the (edited) words of John C. Hathaway of the Lewis Crusade:

    Let’s say it happened: two teenagers were illegally intoxicated at a “party,” in the early 80s, after the so-called Sexual Revolution when you liberals insisted everyone could have whatever sex they wanted without consequences, in a situation where it is assumed people will fornicate–two of the four (the other two being “drugs” and “rock & roll”) those of us with principles have always avoided such “parties.”

    If the alleged assailant actually broke a law, whether “Just” the drunkenness or some definition of assault, and had been arrested for it at the time, it would have been stricken from his record because he was under 18.

    Even if *all* of these accusers are telling the truth, and every one of them has significant holes, no evidence or reliable witnesses, and all are claiming some level of being complicit in the alleged crimes, the behaviors in question are quite sadly very common for people of their age and generation, behaviors that you otherwise condemn Christians for saying are sinful.

    After the “high school and college” “party years” end, he goes on to live a life that passes 6 FBI background checks, has a wife and two daughters, is regarded as an upstanding citizen, and has a list of women who either dated him or who have worked with him who insist he was a perfect gentleman, never groped or harassed them, etc.

    Does improvement of previous bad or criminal behavior not “count”? I thought liberals believed in rehabilitation.

    But the #MeToo movement isn’t about rehabilitation, it is about revenge.

  14. Maybe because of the person she is now. I understand that she works for the federal government and has been issued a number of security clearances from multiple agencies, meaning that she has little to gain and a lot to lose from perjuring herself. I’m not saying that you should take her word as gospel and suspend all skepticism whatsoever, but at least be willing to let things play out before dismissing her entirely.

  15. That’s not a good analogy Ted, for a couple of reasons. First, attempted rape, gang rape, and sexual assault (and there are three women, charging Kavanaugh with three separate assault over a span of years) are not trivial things. Short of murder, there is no worse thing you can do to another person. Second, sexual predators don’t belong in positions where they can determine the laws of this country. It baffles me that people don’t understand that. A third reason is that this is not a question of forgiveness or criminal charges, either one. It’s basically a job interview. Just because you get an interview for a job, it doesn’t mean that the interviewer is required to hire. It also doesn’t mean that they are supposed to “forgive” you of things that make you a risky choice for an important position. We use more care in hiring grocery clerks than people are wanting to use in putting a man on the United States Supreme Court. That’s muddy thinking.

  16. That does not answer the question: Do you believe that a teenage sexual predator can turn away from sin, repent, and become a good person?

    If so, are they still a sexual predator?

    Let me remind you that from the point of view of pro-lifers, pro-choice people are indeed genocidal maniacs guilty of a crime equal to gang rape. You can survive a gang rape, an unborn individual cannot survive the abortionist’s suction hose.

  17. If anyone else had said this, I would think they were just posturing. But I know you are sincere. Shame. Being sexual assaulted leaves the victim ashamed. Fear. Do you see what is happening to these women? Have you seen what happens to other women who come forward about rape? The fear is legitimate. Youth and being alone in a school that sounds like a rich kids’ predators’ club. One question I haven’t heard anyone ask is where were the adult at this school? I’ve seen inner city schools which were safer than this ritzy Catholic school was. I wouldn’t send my cat to that school, much less my child.

  18. That doesn’t have anything to do with this. The question is, should this man be on the United States Supreme Court for the rest of his life? These charges are more than enough reason to say that we need another nominee who is pro life. This man is not the only possible person. In fact, he evidently has convinced Senator Collins — she said this in an interview — that he will not vote to overturn Roe. Maybe he lied to her to get her vote so he could get the job. But if he told her the truth, then he will destroy any chance we have of overturning Roe for a long, long time. They political analysis these groups are putting out are fairy tales, designed to get you to support this nominee as if he was the only possibility. That is absolutely untrue.

  19. The Society of Jesus. Georgetown Prep is a Jesuit school to this day. Records from the time do not show this culture of rape, in fact, they show the normal Jesuitical method of trying to keep teenage boys too busy to have time for such a culture.

    So we have a major disconnect between what adults at the school are saying happened 36 years ago and this bizarre story of gang rape where not a single member of the football team ever felt regret for the rapes or a need for revenge against peer pressure. Like I said, the credibility of this story does not rest on the woman’s point of view.

  20. We are agreed that this is not the person to overturn Roe V Wade. No MAN is, after this last week. Men do not belong on the Supreme Court or in any other high office. It does not matter if the charges are true, any MAN could be blackmailed into voting for abortion, and pro-choicers are willing to go to those lengths to protect the genocide.

    Ted Seeber -typed on Android

  21. It’s a small thing compared to everything else, but I can’t stop wondering where the yearbook faculty advisor was, who let the boys put all those inside jokes into the “permanent record.” It looks terrible now; didn’t it look terrible then?

    I went to a Catholic high school, although a much less elite version, and we only did the sports-and-clubs lists in our yearbooks.

    Didn’t the faculty ask any questions about all those boozy references? If they didn’t understand the slang, didn’t they ask? Didn’t they care?

    Looking back, I have some issues with the administration at my high school. But I can’t imagine Father Principal or Sister Assistant Principal letting that kind of thing into an official school publication. Or ignoring the implications behind the jokes.

  22. And, speaking of yearbooks, Libby Anne over on the Patheos Nonreligious channel looked up Neal Gorsuch, who went to the same prep school around the same time (diversity of experience not being a desideratum for the Supreme Court, apparently).

    His entry is mainly sports and academics; some highly questionable politics;one mild alcohol-related joke. No frat-boy inside jokes, no slang, no beer or girls. Even in that time and place, Not All Boys.

  23. Ms. Hamilton, I don’t think Mr. Seeber was saying that the victims ought to have reported it. He was saying that if Ms. Swetnick is telling the truth in her affidavit, there must have been dozens — probably hundreds — of victims, perpetrators, and bystanders. Some of them were adults (including Ms. Swetnik herself, who was 19 or 20 at the time.)

    So that makes it hard to see how the story remained secret so long — and why no one has corroborated Ms. Swethnick’s account since she released it.

    According to Ms. Swetnick’s sworn affidavit, she attended a series of “well over ten house parties”. At these parties, Kavanaugh and Mark Judge would spike the punch “with drugs and/or grain alcohol” and get girls drunk “so they could be gang raped in a side room or bedroom by a train of numerous boys. I have a firm recollection of seeing boys lined up outside rooms at many of these parties waiting for their turn with a girl inside the room.”

    Ms. Swetnick says that she was eventually raped herself, in 1982, and no one should blame her for not coming forward after that. But prior to this, she had attended many of these parties (“during the years 1981-82”), was aware of the rape gangs and drugged punch, and had been so observent that she can even characterize what sort of girls Judge and Kavanaugh were “targeting”. At this time, she was an adult (19 or 20 years old) attending these high school parties. Her response was to continue attending these parties and report them to no one. She “purposely avoid[ed] the punch at these parties” because it was drugged — and yet she didn’t warn the high school girls to avoid it. Isn’t that odd? Again, this all occurred prior to being assaulted herself.

    I strongly believe Catherine Blasey Ford’s story. I believe the vast majority of stories told by abused and assaulted women. But in rare cases, women do lie about assualt. Their stories are usually characterized by extreme and odd details, like the Rolling Stone case. Swetnick’s account is similarly full of extreme details (“more then ten parties”, specific knowledge of the substances used to spike the punch, boys lining up to rape girls in full view of other partygoers).

    That doesn’t mean it’s false, but unlike Ford’s accusation, it does need corroboration before we should believe it.

  24. Well, we are talking about parties, which are private events to begin with. Its not that far-fetched to think that most of the attendees were active participants, willing accomplices or targeted victims who were then coerced into becoming one of the former.

    And seriously, are you, as a Catholic, expressing disbelief that grave and widely-known instances of sexual misconduct could go unreported for 35 years? Have you learned nothing?

    I’m not saying you have to automatically assume the allegations are true, but just let the process play out before throwing your lot one way or another. Don’t let your prejudices cloud your judgement.

  25. Seriously, Theodore, do you really think the school would have records,much less show them to anyone? Do you really think with the current history of priests molesting children etc. in the RCC, that there would be visible records at the school? First and foremost, the school would protect itself just like the Bishops, Cardinals etc. protected the priests that were preying on children. Rich parents pay big bucks to sent their boys to that school, so that school isn’t going to acknowledge “misbehavior” such as drunken parties and a rape culture to the parents. The whole point of those prep schools is to get a kid into a fancy, Ivy league school.

  26. Why will you not answer direct questions? Is it your claim that Swetnick went to several gang rape parties knowing full well that they were gang rape parties? Does that story sound plausible to you?