Why is Trump Defending Saudi Arabia? Follow the Money.

Why is Trump Defending Saudi Arabia? Follow the Money. October 17, 2018
Photo Source: White House, public domain.

President Trump has made his usual fool of himself, lying and blustering, going all out to defend Saudi Arabia in the recent grisly murder of an American journalist Jamal Kashoggi.

He’s told us with a straight face that the Saudis deny having murdered Kashoggi, as if that settles it.  He’s even gone off down Kavanaugh road, claiming that this is “another case of guilty until proven innocent.” What he forgets is this isn’t about misogyny and the degradation of women by powerful men. It’s about a journalist and Saudi Arabia.

There’s a lot less sympathy for homicidal Arabs than there is for sexual predator rich boys. The same old, same old might not work as well this time.

In the meantime, questions have been raised about our president’s economic ties to the Saudis. He, of course, denied any financial ties to the Saudis. But it turns out that his penchant for bragging is running head-on into his penchant for lying. What we’ve got here is a President who lies all the time, and who also brags all the time, getting caught out when his lies and his brags conflict.


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