Rape is the Twin Brother of Abortion. We Must Oppose Them Both.

Rape is the Twin Brother of Abortion. We Must Oppose Them Both. January 10, 2020

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We should overturn Roe v Wade. Abortion, except to save the life of the mother or to prevent the permanent loss or damage to the mother’s bodily organs, should be illegal. 

I oppose abortion, rape, discrimination against women, violence against women, the sexual double standard, euthanasia, stratification of our society along lines of money, racism, gay baiting, race baiting, anti-semitism, attacks on religious freedom, attacks on the pope, blind partisan politics that puts political parties above the welfare of this nation and even above following Christ. 

I am a pew-sitting, sometimes conservative, sometimes liberal, pro life, Jesus-loving feminist. 

Abortion is wrong, and it must be illegal. I say that for one reason: Abortion kills a living child. If abortion did not kill a living child, it would be the height of cruelty to make abortion illegal. 

Rape, misogyny, hatred and degradation of women is wrong for one reason: Women are human beings, made in the Image and Likeness of God. Misogyny is a direct attack on that Image of God that is woman. It is also an attack on Our Lady, on maternity and the life force that women embody. 

Rape is the twin brother of abortion and often leads to abortion. Both abortion and rape attack the life-giving power of women. Both rape and abortion attack maternity. Both of them are human beings acting on behalf of satan to attack The Woman, Our Lady, at the source. 

Since the 2016 election, the Pro Life Movement has aligned itself repeatedly with men who degrade, assault, rape and abuse women. This has led many pro life women to feel torn between protecting the unborn and defending their own humanity. 

Pro life people should not be forced to chose between supporting misogyny and supporting abortion. No one should ask us to support sexual predators in the name of the unborn. 

But that is exactly the choice that has been pushed onto us. It has happened repeatedly, beginning with our sexual predator, woman-hating, rapist-loving, misogynist president. 

He, and not Jesus, is the standard of morality for our pious brethren. They have made him the arbiter of what is right and wrong, and it turns out that anything he does or says is right in their eyes, even when it conflicts with the Gospels. 

I want to see Roe v Wade overturned. I want it because laws that define a group of human beings as less than human and say that we may kill them at will are anathema. I want it because abortion kills people. 

I also want to see an end to misogyny, violence against women and rape. I want it because you do not molest, rape, beat, torture and degrade people. Any religious teaching, social practice or group of laws that defines half the human race as less than fully human and promotes relegating them to second-class status, that subjects them to violence, abuse and discrimination, is anathema. Misogyny is wrong because it allows half the people God made to degrade, limit, destroy and even kill the other half of the people God made. 

You cannot justify abortion with misogyny. You must not make deals with the devil to attack legal abortion by justifying rape, rapists, sexual predators, misogynists and woman haters. That is anathema. 

Satan is the author of both abortion and misogyny. You can not follow both satan and Christ. It is a practical impossibility. To oppose abortion and favor misogyny is following Satan. To favor abortion and oppose misogyny is following Satan. Following Jesus means you must love both the baby and the mother. There is no place for either abortion or misogyny in the heart of a follower of Christ. 

People who favor legal abortion usually do so because they see it as the only way to deal with the injustice and cruelty of misogyny. 

There was a time when people who opposed legal abortion said they loved the mother too. Love them both was their slogan. But now, thanks to their followership of the misogynist in chief, they are supporting misogyny as an antidote to abortion. 

This puts many pro life people, especially self-respecting women, in a conundrum. Are they supposed to support sexual predators in the name of pro life? Must they back people who degrade, assault, batter and sexualize women to prove they are truly pro life?

I see pro life people of conscience teetering on the brink of leaving the movement, of doing a deal with pro choice people, because they can’t abandon women to the misogynists. 

I see people either leaving our churches and abandoning their Savior or refusing to come to Christ in the first place, as a repudiation of the false gospel being trumpeted by heretical religious leaders. I speak often with young women who are caught in this snare.

The vicious practitioners of the political heresy are driving people away from Christ and destroying the nobility of the pro life movement. I am a lone, weak, not-so-holy voice calling out and saying don’t go. 

We are at a pretty pass when the one who will say that we do not have to accept the choices our politicized religious leaders are offering us is a sickly old South Oklahoma City grandmother with an attitude. 

That is sad. But, I guess, that’s what’s going on so let’s get on with it. 

Roe v Wade needs to be overturned with a just law. Bad laws that punish and harm women will only lead to overturning the overturn and that will be permanent. 

Rape, sexual assault, degrading sexist language, and overall degeneracy should disqualify any candidate for your support. No issue, including abortion, justifies empowering a monster. 

Christian religious leaders need to stop being political whores and follow Christ. They need to preach Christ, teach Christ and, to the best of their ability, live Christ. That said, I don’t expect any big turn about from fallen religious leaders. They are addicted to the smell of sulphur. 

But those of us in the pews can choose what we want to do despite them. My advice, for what it’s worth, is to remember that Jesus Christ has overcome the world. 

Don’t stop being pro life because the pro life movement is backing misogynists. Don’t be persuaded by the lie that you must also back these degenerate men if you want to be pro life. 

You can choose to oppose legal abortion and misogyny both. It will be a lonely outpost of a position, but it is the right one. 

Jesus never said that you could find Him by following the crowd. Simeon prophesied that Jesus would be a sign of contradiction when He was an eight day old baby. 

If you’re going to follow Him, you must resign yourself to being a sign of contradiction, as well. 

Don’t give up on doing what’s right. But do it with love. Do it with prayer. Do it in league with the Holy Spirit. Do it in faith. Do it because Jesus died to save you and you owe Him a debt you can never repay.

God will take care of the rest. 

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