Trump’s Defense: Yeah, He Did It, But It’s Ok Because He’s Trump.

Trump’s Defense: Yeah, He Did It, But It’s Ok Because He’s Trump. January 30, 2020
Official portrait of President Donald J. Trump, Friday, October 6, 2017. (Official White House photo by Shealah Craighead) public domain

I wonder what parts of our national morality and honor will be left after Trump. 

It requires a stubborn attachment to reality and the truth to get through these days of constant lying from the top of our government. We are being inundated hourly with a toxic dose of evil-is-good, lies-are-truth craziness from the man in the White House. It is hollowing out our national personality, degrading our American psyche, killing our soul as a people. 

Today’s installment of amoral claptrap parading as good comes from Trump’s defense team in the Senate trial about whether or not he should be removed from office. Trump began this proceeding with the defense that (1) Democrats are bad, and (2)  as president, he possesses godlike extra Constitutional powers that make everything he does ok. 

I called this the Mad King George defense. Now, I’m searching for a phrase to describe the new defense Trump is raising. As elucidated by his defense lawyer, it goes something like this: 

Yeah, he did it, but he believes this stuff about him being The One, and so he thinks that anything he does to win re-election, even betraying America, is ok. So, even though he did it, it’s not impeachable.

I’m being a big tongue in cheek with that description, but I’m not violating the meaning of Trump’s defense. 

Here’s the actual word salad Trump’s attorney, Alan Dershowitz, put forward in his defense:

“Every public official that I know believes that his election is in the public interest. And if a president does something which he believes will help him get elected in the public interest, that cannot be the kind of quid pro quo that results in impeachment. ” 

Uh huh. 

Excuse me?

Sooooo Trump thinks it’s so important for him to get re-elected, that anything he does to win is ok. He can break the law, betray this country and destroy the integrity of our primary democratic structure, which is the election process. It’s all good, because his inner narcissist tells him he’s worth it. 

 In other words, he’s nuts, and that’s his defense? 

This “defense” could be made with sincerity by every serial killer who ever walked. Hitler used it pretty directly in his 1924 trial for his attempted overthrow of the German government. 

If convincing yourself that the evil you do is justified because you believe that you are so special that what you do is — ipso facto — right and just, amounts to a defense, then, every monster in history is “innocent.” 

This twisted Trumpian logic is so evil that it smashes logic itself to bits. It also begs the question. 

The fact — not Trump fantasy speak, but the fact — is that he did the things he was impeached for. Right now, in the face of the evidence, he and his defense team are forced to admit it and come up with some half-baked excuse for the Republican Senate to vote to acquit.  

But the fact remains. He did it. He did all of it. He is guilty as guilty can be. 

Not only that, but what he did is horrible. It most certainly rises to the level of impeachment. 

He betrayed America. He betrayed our democracy. He betrayed every soldier who ever died defending this country. He betrayed our children and grandchildren. He betrayed government of the people, by the people and for the people.

Directly defying the law and withholding duly appropriated aid to a foreign country to coerce them into interfering in our sacred election process definitely rises to the level of impeachment. 

Elections are sacred. They are how We the People govern this country. The idea of foreign interference in our elections should be anathema to every American. A President of the United States — a President of the United States — who would deliberately try to force a foreign government to do interfere in our elections should be removed from office. He should also be put on trial for the several crimes he has committed. 

If you actually think that this is nothing much and it’s ok because Trump, please don’t say so to me. I don’t think I could ever feel the same about you afterwards if you did. 

I am an American. 

Not a Democrat. Not a Republican.

An American. 

Elections are sacred. 

This “defense” is no defense at all. It is a direct challenge to the American people. 

Trump and Hitler are two different people. But they are both evil demagogues who keep their followers and most religious leaders in thrall. 

There is a significant minority of Americans who will follow Trump exactly the same way the German people followed Hitler. They’ll follow him even as he does things they would otherwise oppose and destroys everything they hold dear. They’ll go all the way down to hell behind him, cursing and attacking anyone who doesn’t do the same. 

I am not writing this for those people. I pray for them, but I do not waste my time trying to persuade them. I am speaking to those who still have minds of their own. 

Here is the situation. 

He did it. 

He now says that he did it. 

His defense is “Yeah, I did it. So what? I’m Trump.”

That’s his defense. 

It rests entirely on two facts. 

One, his followers are so besotted with him that they are mental. Either that, or they are the dumbest bunch of bunnies in the forest. Either way, he is, with their help, proving that when he said he could shoot someone right in front of them, they would continue to back him, he was actually being modest. There is nothing he can do that his hard-core followers will object to. 

Two, the Republican senators know that if they cross Trump, he’ll bring down his rabid followers on themselves, and they’ll lose their primary elections. Evidently, these senators are willing to sell out America to keep their jobs. 

I don’t expect the Republican senate to remove this traitor who now admits his guilt from office. I also expect that Trump will turn right around when it suits him and say his defense never said he did it. He’ll go back to denying again, and his followers will track right along behind him, repeating that lie, just like they’ve repeated all the others. 

I began this post by wondering what parts of our national morality and honor will be left after Trump. I might add that I also wonder how much of our national sovereignty will survive having a traitor in the Oval Office. 

Trump betrayed our country. He did it casually, for his own gain. Now he claims that it was ok, because he’s Trump. I expect that the Republican Senate will follow along and betray America again by letting him get away with it. 

The only people who can remove this monster from power is us.



Note: Dershowitz has since said his statements have been “misrepresented.” But he’s like the president. He did it. 


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