Saving America. Lt Col Vindman Deserves Better.

Saving America. Lt Col Vindman Deserves Better. February 12, 2020
Invasion of the Body Snatchers, by Drummkopf, Flickr Creative Commons commercial use with attribution allowed.

President Trump has not only fired Lt Col Vindman, he is now talking about using the justice system to “punish” him.

This is how things work with tyrants in power. It is what the Republicans set loose on this country when they refused to remove a traitor from office.

Lt Col Vindman obeyed the law. He was subpoenaed to testify and he told the truth under oath. President Trump is destroying the rule of law that keeps us safe.

Americans have lived so long without fear of their government, they’ve become stupid. We no longer value our freedoms. Almost half the people of this country will believe anything Trump says. Not only that, but they will attack anyone who doesn’t believe what he says.

Dealing with these dead-from-the-neck-up Trump supporters feels like we’ve wandered into an old 1950s science fiction movie. People we’ve known for years go blank when confronted with hard, cold facts that prove that Trump is a liar, a cheat, a callous, amoral man who is destroying our democracy.

They repeat oddball things that obviously came from a script somewhere such as “show me one lie Trump has told,” “they all do it.” “Whatabout Clinton/obama/etc,” Failing that, they just yell “abortion!” over and over.

You can show them proof of Trump’s behavior. There’s plenty of it to show. Sometimes, when you do, their eyes will focus for a moment and they’ll grow silent. Then, five minutes later, they’re back, mouthing “show me a lie he’s said, whatabout Clinton/obama, etc, Abortion!”

I have actually witnessed people watch videos of Trump doing one of his things, such as the time he mocked a disabled reporter. I’ve seen people who used to be normal watch that video and then say “President Trump didn’t mock a disabled man” as soon as they look up from the video. It’s far more unsettling than talking to someone with dementia. This is brainwashing, not dementia. But it seems to function as some sort of bizarre brain injury, just the same.

Their attitude toward the injustice which has been and is being done to Lt Col Vindman, who is a man of electrifying patriotism and love of this country, is more of the same. They don’t care. Not one bit. If Trump wants to use the power of his office to punish people for his personal reasons, then they’re ok with it.

How do we, those of us who still have functioning brains, support Lt Col Vindman? How do we save our country? How do we keep ourselves sane while living in a world where so many of the people around us behave like pod people from The Invasion of the Body Snatchers?

Those are the questions in front of us. We can’t look to the places where we have always gone for help in times of trouble. It appears that the majority of our religious leaders are pod people, too.  They’ve thrown Jesus away to follow Trump. The Justice Department is now, courtesy of Attorney General Barr, Trump’s personal praetorian guard that works to protect his cronies and will shortly be used to persecute anyone who irritates him.

I think the first order of business is to use the last tool we have at our disposal, which is the electoral process. That process is under direct attack from the Russians. The Russians played a major role in putting Trump in power in the first place.

Trump himself is totally corrupt and has already actively attacked our electoral system himself by his actions vis a vis the Ukraine. He was impeached for this attack on our electoral system. His own defense lawyers admitted that he was guilty. But the Republican Senate betrayed this country and all of us by refusing to remove him from office.

Despite all that, this upcoming election is our last chance to stop this monster. We need to get involved in every way we can. By that I mean volunteer to help, donate our money, and pray as if everything we hold dear was on the line.

This is America. It’s worth fighting for.

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