There’s an Easy Fix for Snarled Elections. Let’s Go Back to Paper Ballots.

There’s an Easy Fix for Snarled Elections. Let’s Go Back to Paper Ballots. February 4, 2020
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It appears that the Democratic side of the Iowa Caucus belly-flopped yesterday. Instead of seeing the kick-off to the presidential race and learning how our boy or girl ran, We the People woke up this morning to learn that, once again, another America election (a caucus this time) went face-first into the dirt. 

I made this suggestion after the Russians interfered in our election in 2016. 

There is no limit to the abuses that can be perpetrated on a computer-based voting system. There is also no limit to the abuses that can occur with machine-based systems. 

The solution is obvious. We need to go back to paper ballots. Congress, assuming that they were interested in saving America, should have passed a federal law mandating paper ballots in all presidential elections, and also mandating that these ballots be kept and stored for future validation of results. They should have done this in the first few weeks of their first session after the 2016 election.

Given that our elections are under direct attack from hostile foreign powers, and that we have a quisling president who won his election due to foreign interference, I think that all elections should be by paper ballots. I mean elections right down the ballot to dog catcher. However, that is something the states should take care of. 

President Trump has had three years to do something to prevent future interference in our elections. In all that time, he’s done nothing about it except deny it and make jokes with Putin about it. 

It doesn’t help anybody’s nerves to see the Democrats snarl up the Iowa Caucus. We need to stop diddling around with technology in our elections. Our electoral process is under direct attack by the Russians and probably a few others. We are at war and don’t want to admit it.

We need to switch to paper ballots in any and all elections pertaining to the election of a president. I realize that it’s tricky business, writing laws that pertain to a political party’s nominating process, especially when one political party has sold America down the drain. 

But the fact remains that we need to vote by paper ballots. Old school is almost impossible to “hack.” 

From Esquire:

On Monday’s episode of The Democrats, those lovable goofballs got themselves in another jam! Yes, the only institution standing between the United States of America and another term of Donald Trump—and with it, the tightening grip of authoritarianism—kicked off the 2020 election cycle with a true debacle in Iowa. It’s the morning after and we have exactly zero results from the caucuses there, where the Iowa Democratic Party decided, in this age of digital ratfucking and political hacking, to move their reporting system to….an app. That seems to be the source of the issues, as the various precincts struggle to call into a hotline to share their local results the old-fashioned way after the app failed to deliver on caucus night. The Democrats!

The ongoing fiasco became a cable-news spectacle, of course, though not really in the way any producer would want. It became a festival of what they call, in the broadcasting business, “filling,” as on-air personalities across CNN and MSNBC attempted to say as many words as possible without offering much of any new information in the hopes that they could eat up the time until the actual results rolled in to save everyone’s blushes. At one point, we reached a confluence of events, as CNN’s Wolf Blitzer got the “precinct secretary” for Story County on the phone to ask what was up on his end.

Poor Shawn Sebastian was explaining he’d been on hold for an hour with the Iowa Democratic Party waiting to offer his precinct’s results when, in a moment of serendipity, he got through—live on-air. Blitzer, smelling a TV moment, asked if they could listen in while Sebastian delivered his results. This did not go as planned.

Timothy Burke

You can officially blame CNN for the delay in results after this guy got hung up on because Wolf Blitzer wanted to listen in

Embedded video

This is legitimately sad, even if I’m giggling. Shawn probably should not have gotten on the phone with Wolf Blitzer, but he also probably thought he’d be on hold forever. Now he’s got to get back on line.



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