Coronavirus Headlines: The Informative, the Lying Lizards, and the Senate GOP

Coronavirus Headlines: The Informative, the Lying Lizards, and the Senate GOP March 13, 2020
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Here are the headlines about Coronavirus. Let’s begin with information that tells us what is actually happening.

  1. About Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Summary from the CDC.
  2. Seniors are the most vulnerable to Coronavirus. You can help protect them. 
  3. Coronavirus Worldwide, the Numbers. 
  4. Why have there been so many coronavirus deaths in Italy? 
  5. Italy’s Health Care System Groans Under Coronavirus — a Warning to the World
  6. Number of US Coronavirus deaths will depend on how many elderly people are exposed. 
  7. As Coronavirus cases overwhelm China’s hospitals, those with other problems are told to leave.
  8. 9 Charts that explain the coronavirus pandemic
  9. Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) NY Health Department

Now, it’s read it and weep time. Here are a few headlines from the Trumpette swamp where lying is a virtue and believing lies is a loyalty test.
  1. If Sean Hannity Thinks Coronavirus is a ‘Hoax” How Many Millions of His Listeners Do Too?
  2. Fox Host Trish Regan Goes on Batsh*t Rant Against ‘Coronavirus Impeachment Scam’
  3. Matt Gaetz, Who Mocked Coronavirus by Wearing Gas Mask on House Floor Is Now in Quarantine. 
  4. Why Trump-Friendly Christian Leaders are Feeling Totally Fine About the Coronavirus
  5. Americans divided on party lines over risk from coronavirus: Reuters/Ipsos poll 
  6. Trump economic adviser says coronavirus is contained and people should stay at work. 
  7. Did Trump Fire the US Pandemic Response Team?

And in another act of disregard for the people of this country:

Senate GOP Blocks Emergency Paid Sick Leave Bill From Moving Forward

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