Why is Trump Pushing this Drug? Study the First Four Rules of Understanding Trump.

Why is Trump Pushing this Drug? Study the First Four Rules of Understanding Trump. April 7, 2020
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I wrote a post about part of what I’m going to say a while back.

It’s pertinent enough to this situation that I’m going to quote myself.

From me:

If you want to understand Trump, you could read George Orwell’s 1984. Trump uses the tactics of Big Brother almost exactly, right down to and including the Two Minutes Hate,  a version of which is a consistent feature of his rallies.

However, if that’s a bit too literary, just go watch an old Three Stooges movie. Now that we’re all staying home with our cable tv, you have plenty of time.

The mean Stooge (I forget if he is Larry or Moe, but I’m pretty sure he’s not Curly Joe) will point away toward the horizon.

“Look!” he shouts, “Over there!”

The stupid Stooge (who I think was Curly Joe) will dutifully look where he’s pointing.

The mean Stooge will then proceed to grab Curly Joe’s nose and poke his finger in Curly Joe’s eye.

That’s Trump governance technique in toto.

Diversion is how Trump gets away with his disastrous governance including his moves toward dictatorship, betrayals of this country to foreign powers and now, setting us up for being plowed down by a pandemic. He uses diversionary tactics by outrage on a daily basis.

A lot of good people have been trying to figure out why he’s pushing this malaria drug as a COVID-19 cure. From what I’ve read, his own staff is confused by it. Meanwhile, his faithful and credulous followers (who I’m beginning to regard as the stupid half of the American population) are posting every bizarre story they can find in support of their leader’s newest diversion on their Facebook pages, forwarding it in their emails and yammering about it in their Twitter accounts. They are, as usual, pushing his lies onto everyone else.

Some folks have wondered if Trump is doing this because he’s making money off it. It may be true. It’s beginning to leak out that President Trump does indeed have a smallish financial interest in the company that produces this stuff. It also appears that some of his close allies may also be in this particular money pot.

It wouldn’t be surprising, if it was true. Rule One for Understanding Trump is always consider how he benefits from whatever he is doing. Money is his measure of the value of a man, including himself. (Women are valued for how much they look like porn stars.) So, if this drug makes money for Trump, it is a good drug in his lexicon.

However, Rule Two for Understanding Trump is always consider how the outrageous thing he said is a diversion and which of his horrible and destructive behaviors it is diverting us from. I think that is the more likely explanation. Trump uses outrageous diversions to make people forget how he has put the knife in them, their country and their future.

In this case, President Trump lied about a deadly virus and set this country up for being mowed down by that virus. Sadly, there are a lot of dead Americans, as well as survivors with permanently damaged lungs, who have paid for Trump’s lies.

So, he needs a diversion. Rule Three for Understanding Trump is that he doesn’t care about the people he governs. If killing you benefits him, it’s ok with him. He proved that with his push to open up the country in the middle of a pandemic. He proved that with his lies about what was then the coming pandemic. He’s proving it now by diverting and dividing the country over this drug.

What that means in regards to this drug is that he doesn’t care if it works or not. He has no concern for the science except to brush it aside if it interferes with his ultimate goal, which is to preserve and protect Trump.

The result of all this is the deadly spectacle of the President of the United States using what Theodore Roosevelt called “the bully pulpit” of the presidency to push a drug onto the public right over the heads of his own science advisers. Perhaps more important, he is successfully creating distrust, divisiveness and confusion among the American people.

Rule Four for understanding Trump is that his first tactic in a knife fight (and he’s always in some sort of knife fight) is to divide and conquer. He has worked with all his might to split this country asunder since before he ran for office. His number one tactic is to make us hate, mistrust and attack one another.

That’s what’s going on here folks. He’s using this drug as a big ole diversion to stop us from focusing on his abominable incompetence, dishonesty and craven disregard for American lives. He lied to us about this virus. He lied with full knowledge of what he was doing. He lied. He used these lies to smear others. And He. Did. Nothing. to save this country from the pandemic that he knew was coming.

He needs to cover that up. So now he’s a drug pusher, big time.

It’s just him, being him.

He has killed a lot of Americans with his lies. That is the main thing. DON’T let him divert you.


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