Of Course Trump has Spent his Entire Presidency Lashing out at Female Reporters.

Of Course Trump has Spent his Entire Presidency Lashing out at Female Reporters. May 13, 2020


President Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence. Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons, Official White House Photo.

President Trump is a virulent misogynist/sexual predator.

All you have to do is listen to his Howard Stern interviews in which he allowed Stern to say that his own daughter was “a piece of a–“, look at the porn photos of his own wife that he had placed in a national magazine, or watch the videos of him joking about “dating” his daughter.

If that isn’t enough, consider his bragging about committing sexual assault on tape and the dozens of women who have come forward to say that he has assaulted them. This includes accusations that he has committed forcible rape.

Consider his penchant for going into the dressing rooms of beauty pageants he owned to watch women undress. This Peeping Tom behavior was directed at teen-aged girls as well as grown women. The teens were participating in the Miss Teen America pageant.

Fat old men who watch young girls undress for sexual thrills are called pedophiles. There’s no doubt he did this. There are lots of victims, lots of witnesses and he bragged about doing it on tape.

Many of the girls who were humiliated in this way have come forward to say that he did this. He also bragged about doing it on the Howard Stern show. You can hear the tape of him bragging about it any time you want.

He degrades women and attacks and insults them. He also backed a pedophile for the United States Senate in Alabama, and put an accused rapist on the Supreme Court.

Is it any wonder that he can’t take it when female reporters put him on the spot?

My father told me from the time I was a little girl that men who degrade and mistreat women are cowards. In his words, “they aren’t men.” He had contempt that was so thick for men like Donald Trump that you could cut it with a knife.

All the men I grew up around felt that way.

What has happened to American men that they follow someone who treats women like this?

What is wrong with our religious leaders that they excuse Trump when he  degrades women? Do these religious leaders seriously expect us to believe that they speak for the God Who made women in His likeness and Image and endowed them with immortal souls when they support a man who abuses and degrades women?

Do they expect us to believe that they are speaking for God when they excuse and support a man who is a serial sexual predator and who treats half the people God made like dirt?

Catholics are just coming off the 20-year disgrace of the clergy sexual abuse scandal. Now our bishops are lining up behind another serial sexual abuser and supporting him for president. Do they really, seriously, expect us to believe that they are speaking for God when they kiss Ceasar’s ring and bow down before this terrible man?

There is no way that a religious leader who has a grain of integrity can support either of the men who are running for president right now. They can and will have to choose between them and vote for one of them as individual American citizens. But they cannot put their imprimatur as a religious leader on either one of them.

That is not their job as religious leaders. They are supposed to bring people to Christ, not deliver the vote for corrupt politicians.

The bishops aren’t supposed to be successful political power players. They are supposed to be the successors of the Apostles who stood against the political powers of their day to testify to Jesus Christ and Him crucified.

The Apostles gave their lives in testament to the Truth elucidated by St Paul that there is no longer Greek or Jew, slave or free, male or female, but all are one in Christ Jesus. Backing someone like Donald Trump repudiates that Truth.

Of course Donald Trump abuses women reporters. If he did anything else we would know that the man standing at the podium was a Donald Trump look-alike and not the fat old peeping Tom we put in the White House.

From HuffPost:

Supercut Shows Trump Has Spent His Entire Presidency Lashing Out At Female Reporters

CNN’s “New Day” on Tuesday hit President Donald Trump with a montage of his verbal attacks on female reporters.

The supercut featured just some of the “demeaning comments” and “ugly remarks” the president has made to women journalists during his time in office, said host Alisyn Camerota.

The clip featured footage of Trump telling one reporter that she’d asked a stupid question and suggesting another be more positive. It was broadcast during a segment dissecting the abrupt ending of the president’s coronavirus briefing on Monday. Trump stormed off after bristling at a question from CBS News’ Weijia Jiang.

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