2020 Is Not a Bad Year. Trump is a Bad President.

2020 Is Not a Bad Year. Trump is a Bad President. June 5, 2020

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Jokes are circling the internet about what a bad year 2020 is. A lot of them are really funny. But they miss the point of what’s happened.

2020 is a not a bad year. Trump is a bad president.

Trump is a horrible president.

Trump is a dangerous — lethal — demagogue.

Trump is dangerously — lethally — incompetent.

Trump is dangerously — lethally — crazy.

Trump is dangerously — lethally — immoral.

Trump is dangerously — lethally — psychopathic.

Trump is a bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, president.

We did not have to suffer through the on-going COVID-19 pandemic. It could have been stopped.

President Obama worked with our allies and stopped a much more dangerous outbreak of Ebola. It took almost two years to get it done. We came close. But his competence and close partnership with the rest of the free world’s leaders saved us.

George Bush II worked with our allies and closed down another much worse bug — the SARS virus. I’ve read descriptions of SARS as the bullet that whistled by humanity’s head.

But Trump lied. Prevaricated. Lied. Held rallies. Lied. Blamed “liberals.” Lied.

He can’t work with our allies because he’s too crazy. Too mean. Too incompetent.

So, he did what he’s done in the face of every crisis. He blustered. Lied. Defamed. Lied. Threatened. Lied. Fired competent people for telling the truth. Lied.

And Americans died.

The pandemic’s mishandling is all on him.

Over one hundred thousand Americans have died and our economy is reeling due to the fact that Trump is a bad president. The meter is still running.

His inner Jim Crow, bottomless incompetence and obvious mental problems have served us up a real spectacle in the days since George Floyd was murdered.

Many presidents have faced crises of this kind. None of them have behaved the way Trump has. None. Of. Them.

His previous speeches encouraging police brutality — “don’t beat too nice,” he told them; take your protective hand off their heads when you put them in a patrol car, he said — have birthed horrible fruit. Coupled with his unending attacks on the free press, they have led our evidently deeply impressionable and morally weak police to practice a type of outrageous violence against people. They have done things like seriously injure a 75-year-old man who was just talking to them, to repeatedly arresting, bullying, shooting and otherwise targeting the press.

Trump has given us and the whole world a clear demonstration of what happens when a great democracy elects an incompetent, corrupt, immoral psychopath and its equally incompetent, corrupt and immoral religious leaders elevate this psychopath to the level of a little g god.

America with Trump at the helm is a scary and dangerous place, and not only for us. The world is watching, and I would imagine they are nervous.

There’s a joke out there on the internet. “I get up in the morning and see which chapter of Revelation we’re living today.”

This butts up against the disgusting display of homage that so many religious leaders have shown to Trump. Evangelicals seem to pretty much ignore the Gospels. In actual practice, they oppose the application of Jesus’ teachings to our political life.

These Evangelicals have labeled Trump the new Nehemiah. For those who don’t know, Nehemiah rebuilt the despoiled city of Jerusalem near the end of the Israelites’ Babylonian exile.

I’m more of a New Testament girl myself. My God is Jesus. He’s the One I try to follow. But I read the whole book. If it’s Old Testament you want, I’ll give you an Old Testament personage to whom you can compare Trump, someone much more apt than Nehemiah.

I don’t think Trump is Nehemiah. I suggest you check out Rehoboam. If Trump is anybody in the Old Testament, he’s the new Rehoboam.

I’m not going to bother to explain that allusion. You go to I Kings, find it, and read it yourself.

The bottom line here is that we are not having a bad year. We are having a bad presidency.

We are suffering and dying because of the failed leadership of a bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, president. If we don’t replace him in November, a lot of people are going to die. I mean a LOT of people are going to die.

It’s going to be Old Testament and Revelation, no joke and for real, if we don’t get rid of him.

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