Trump said, “I Wish Her Well.” Did That Mean Don’t Tell What I Did and I’ll Pardon You?

Trump said, “I Wish Her Well.” Did That Mean Don’t Tell What I Did and I’ll Pardon You? July 27, 2020

Trump Epstein Source: Flickr Creative Commons, Public Domain

What did Trump mean when he said, “I wish her well,” to sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell?

Maxwell is under indictment for a rogue’s gallery of crimes against humanity concerning the sex trafficking of young girls for Jeffrey Epstein.

It is well known that Epstein, who conveniently committed suicide while in jail awaiting trail, provided young girls to be used sexually by powerful men who are said to include Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, Woody Allen, Ken Starr (yes, that Ken Starr) Alan Dershowitz and as yet unnamed prime ministers, billionaires and titans of whatever all around the globe. It is also a fact that Trump appointed the federal prosecutor who brokered a deal to let Epstein off to his cabinet.

All of these guys have denied their participation in these crimes. The truth, according to them, is that they were just innocent friends of Epstein’s. They had no idea, none whatsoever, what he was really up to with those girls. Prince Andrew has — as to be expected — denied he even knows the girl who is accusing him directly, this despite the fact that she has photos of them, with his arm around her.

I predicted before he did it that Trump would mis-use his presidential powers to pardon his crony Roger Stone.

Now, I’m going to make another conjecture concerning his corrupt use of presidential powers.

Trump, when questioned about Ghislaine Maxwell’s indictment, said “I wish her well.”

I’m going to put a video that runs through a few of Maxwell’s crimes below. No decent man would wish this woman well. But then, Trump is not a decent man. He’s a well-known sexual predator with a predilection for joking about “dating” his own daughter and being a peeping Tom of teen-aged girls.

When he owned the Miss Teen-Aged America beauty pageant, Trump used his position as owner to go into the dressing rooms to oogle the naked girls while they were undressing. He bragged about this on the Howard Stern show, and a number of girls have come forward to discuss the humiliating experience of having a rich old man use his power as pageant owner to watch them undress. That makes him a child molester, which would explain his loyalty to child-molesting senatorial candidate Roy Moore.

Trump also bragged on tape about physically assaulting women. Twenty-five women have come forward to charge Trump with sexual assault. One of them has charged him with forcible rape and has gone to court to try to get Trump’s DNA to prove her charges.

So. What did Trump’s “I wish her well,” statement concerning the indictment of Ghislaine Maxwell mean? I think it meant “Don’t spill the beans about me, and I’ll pardon you later.”

Of course, considering Epstein’s too-convenient suicide, maybe it meant something else.

I dunno.

I also think that none of this means anything to Trump’s phony-baloney “christian” followers. I think his whore preachers will keep right on preaching their support for him, and I think his “christian” followers will keep right on lying and pretending that they don’t know what he is, when the truth is they just don’t care what he is.

If I’m wrong about my Trump prediction, I’ll be more than happy to come back here and write another post saying so. In the meantime, that’s what I think.

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