There is No Jesus and No Salvation in the False Political Gospel Being Preached Today.

There is No Jesus and No Salvation in the False Political Gospel Being Preached Today. July 8, 2020

Photo Source: Flickr Creative Commons by Waiting for the Word.


I’ve told you about the few things I know from lived experience. 

I know that God is real.

I know that God is love. 

I know that our existence is meant.

I know that the Holy Spirit will walk with each one of us. 

I know that the Holy Spirit teaches us the nature of our sins and shows us what we must do to follow Christ. 

I also know that if you refuse the guidance of the Holy Spirit, He will not force you. He will step back and let you go your own sinful way. 

God’s army is an all volunteer army. It’s weapons are faithfulness and love. 

It would appear at first glance that God’s Army is an army of weaklings. The world is a nasty place. People who lie, bully, cheat and attack would seem to be what success is made of. 

But history tells us another story. It was the Christians who changed the world over the slow centuries, not the Roman Empire. The powerful who stride across history go back to dust. 

Meanwhile, Jesus and His Gospels, with their upside-down view of power and success, roll on. The Kingdom of God can be born in your heart in a moment. All you have to do is say “Yes” to the One Who made you. 

At the same time, the Kingdom of God manifests slowly, both in you and in history. It is the leaven that grows into a lifetime of followership, that becomes the spine of your soul, that lets you stand upright morally and say “no” to the religious fashions and myriad temptations which lead away from Him.

Following Christ begins in the moment that you say “yes” to Him. The Spirit of God leads you from that moment all through the rest of your days. Every step of the way, it teaches you and shows you your sins. It encourages you in the pits and reminds you to remember who you are with humility in your heights. 

It works through you, and through all the other followers who will accept its leadership to manifest the Kingdom. That is your role in history. It doesn’t matter if you are a housewife or an emperor. If you follow Christ, you have one, simple, role; to manifest the Kingdom in the place where you are by means of the things you do and choices you make. 

You are the Light of the World. 

You are, for many of the people who interact with you, the only Jesus they will ever meet. 

That is how the Kingdom comes. It is how it manifests. The Kingdom of God has been coming since God spoke to Abraham. It is coming still. Today, this moment, in this time and place, is your one chance to play an active part in that great coming of the Kingdom of God. 

You can follow Him.

Or you can follow the world. 

You choose this day, and every day that you live, whom you will serve. 

You can follow the powers of the world. 

Or you can follow Him.

But you cannot follow both of them.

They go in different directions. They lead to different destinations. 

One path leads you to do your small part in bringing the Kingdom of God to reality in this world and time.

The other allows you to be part of the darkness, to lead people away from Him and into the worldly way of power, success, hatred and hurt. 

We live in a time in which many of our most trusted Church leaders are teaching that the dark broad way of worldly values is the Way of Christ. They are deliberately telling people to follow a false political god and to ignore the real God.

They have taken Jesus Christ off the altar of their hearts and put political demagoguery in His place. 

They are telling you that the only way you can follow Christ is to ignore Jesus and follow a raving demagogue. 

They are teaching a false gospel of divisiveness, racial hatred, misogyny, sexual sin, moral relativism, corruption and dishonesty. They are lying, and they are demanding that you believe these lies and follow them on pain of expulsion from the Christian community that you love. 

They are blind guides leading the blind. There is no love in them. They do not preach Jesus Christ and Him crucified. 

They are teaching a false Christianity that has no Jesus. They are teaching you to despise the teachings of the Gospels. They repudiate them and denounce the virtues of love, compassion, humility, honesty and make fun of those of practice them. 

They lie, lie, lie and then lie some more. 

And they do it in the name of Christ. 

There is no Jesus in the false political gospel they are teaching. There is no Christ and no Cross in their hate-filled, sin-excusing, power-worshipping false political gospel.

There is no salvation in politics. Politics is not God. Politics is a tool. Politics is something that human beings made. We can use politics for good or for harm, according to Who we choose to follow. 

Jesus told us that we could discern if someone really was His follower by the fruits of their work. By their fruits you shall know them He said. If they bring justice, and peace, if they uplift the poor, defend the weak, speak for the voiceless; if what they do makes the world better, then the Spirit of God is working through them.

But if they bring chaos, set people against one another, teach lies and violence and hate, then they are not His. 

Racism, misogyny, violence, hatred, chaos and lies are fruits of the devil. They have nothing to do with God.

This I know: God is love.

If you say you love God, and hate other people, you are a liar. John the Apostle, the son of Zebedee, the son of thunder, the one who Jesus loved, told us this. 

You don’t have to get everything right to follow Christ. You can’t. You are a finite, mortal and fallen creature. You don’t know enough. Your understanding is nailed down to the ground of your own finite, earthly self. 

That is your reality. You are a creature. 

The miracle is that the Creator loves you. I have never been able to fathom that awesome fact. 

The One Who made everything there is, who breathed all existence into existence with a single breath and who holds that existence in existence with a thought, loves us. Loves me. Loves you.

I don’t know much about God. But I do know that the Being I encountered was Love. 

I know because He’s taught me that every single one of us is precious in His sight. The denial of the Commandments and the Gospels, the hatred, cruelty and indifference to suffering that many of our most prominent preachers and priests are teaching us today is not from Him. 

Many of the big names among them are grasping for political power. They are using their influence over us to get it. 

They are not following Christ. 

They are not teaching Christ.

They have bent their knee to Caesar, and Caesar, not Jesus, is their god.

Politics is not God.

Politics is a tool. People made politics. 

There is nothing you can do, no vote you can cast or law you can write that will bring eternal salvation to anyone, including yourself. 

Teaching and preaching hatred is a way of dividing people and gaining power. Racism, misogyny, lies and hatred are instruments of the devil that he uses to blind you and lead you away from the Light. 

When religious leaders use these things, they are not, no matter how they lie about it, disciples of Christ. They are disciples of the devil. They are not leading you to Him. They are leading you to your destruction. 

God is love.

I know it. St John the Apostle knew it. Everyone who has ever encountered the Risen Lord, who has ever heard the voice of the Holy Spirit, knows it. 

There is no God, there is no Jesus, there is no salvation in the false political gospel of hate that is being preached at you today. 

That false gospel comes for the pit. 

If you believe it and live it out, hell will follow after. 

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