Biden Rides a Bike, Answers a Question Honestly, Tells a Joke: Three Things Trump Can’t Do.

Biden Rides a Bike, Answers a Question Honestly, Tells a Joke: Three Things Trump Can’t Do. August 10, 2020

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Can you imagine Donald Trump riding a bike down a country road with friends?

Can you imagine Donald Trump riding a bike down a country road with friends and answering a reporter’s question while he was doing it?

Can you imagine Donald Trump riding a bike down a country road with friends and cracking a joke at a reporter who asked him a question?

For that matter, can you imagine Donald Trump (a) riding a bike, (b) having friends, (c) having the coordination to answer a reporter’s question while he was doing it, (d) answering a question honestly, or (e) cracking a joke?

I mean, when was the first, last, or ever time you heard Donald Trump crack a simple, honest joke? I’m not talking about his President Biff stuff where he makes fun of disabled reporters or jokes about women’s anatomy or yucks it up with on radio talk shows about what a piece of “a–” his own daughter is. I mean, just a little, not-all-that-funny but quick repartee kind of joke, like normal people normally do in their normal convos.

If this was any other election, the main point of all this would be that Joe Biden told a reporter that yes, he has picked his vice-presidential running mate. But this is not a normal election, and Donald Trump is not normal man.

He’s a vicious, lying attack dog who has betrayed this country to Russia and run it into the dirt. At the same time, he’s managed to keep between 40 and 45 percent of the people absolutely convinced that he’s their messiah.

He’s got preachers, priests and bishops who are all ready to drop to their knees, or, if Trump prefers, bend over and touch their toes, in front of him. They do obeisance to him every day, all day, without fail.

He, in return, shovels billions of taxpayer dollars into their collection plates in the form of stimulus money, government contracts and payoff of every description. All this makes the church tax that Hitler used to control the clergy in his run up to Auschwitz look like chicken feed.

But, back to the bike riding.

Trump has evidently decided that he has absolutely nothing that he has accomplished in his three years in office that he wants to brag about in this re-election campaign.

I can understand that.

He doesn’t have anything he’s accomplished in his three years in office to brag about. Reciting what he’s done to this country is a litany of treason, betrayal, lies, hate, death and shame.

Soooo … he’s doing what he always does.

He’s lying.

And he’s projecting his own failures onto other people.

One recent and obvious example of this is the ads he’s run which show scenes from America as it is right now, under his governance, and then in a voice-over tell people that this is where the country will end up if Biden is elected.

His brainwashed followers, of course — of course — believe every obvious lie. If they don’t believe these lies, they learn to keep quiet, because they’ve got high-profile men carrying Bibles or wearing collars to tell them that they’ll go straight to hell for seeing the truth.

Then, partly because Joe Biden has had a life-long battle with a childhood stutter and this stutter comes out when he’s excited or under stress, Trump has hit on saying that Biden has dementia.

Donald Trump is crazy. Anybody can see it. If you doubt that, consider that while America unravels on his watch, he’s decided to base the platform of his campaign for re-election on “proof” that he doesn’t have dementia, and baseless accusations that his opponent’s stutter is proof that he does have the disease.

Trump isn’t bragging about his job performance. He’s bragged —  over and over ad nauseam —  about how he aced a test that is supposed to help diagnose dementia. We’ve all heard this nitwit brag about that test.

He’s carried on about it so much and for so long that it’s taken on a “the gentleman doth protest too much” quality. After all, Trump does have a habit of projecting his own failings onto his opponents. Take another look at that ad. You’ll see what I mean.

Biden has a stutter. That’s the whole story. Trump may or may not have the beginnings of dementia. I don’t see it in his public appearances. But he’s worried about it. I’m sure of that.

The real problem with Trump isn’t dementia. It’s that he is a cruel, lying, corrupt, sexual predator/traitor who has all but destroyed this country in his three years in power.

Dementia, whether it’s beginning to chew on him or not, is the least of his — and our — problems.If we re-elect him, we are going to suffer a nightmare of Old Testament proportions. That is the issue, and it’s bigger than any other issue anyone might come up with in support of him.

But for now, let’s talk about a bike ride on a Sunday afternoon with friends and the ability to answer a simple question honestly and crack a small joke.

Can you imagine Donald Trump doing any of those things?

Imagine what it would be like to have a president who was a normal human being. You know. The nice guy. With the stutter.

You can watch the short video in the news video embedded in the story I link to below.

From MEDIAite:

Joe Biden’s Fox-Trolling Mask-Wearing Bike Ride Sets Twitter Ablaze: ‘Point to Biden’


Former Vice President and current Democratic presidential nominee Joe Bidengot some priceless social media buzz Saturday when a few seconds of his bike ride went viral thanks to Fox News reporter Peter Doocy.

The enterprising Doocy shouted to a masked Biden “Mr. Vice President have you picked a running mate yet?”  as the ex-VP and his entourage passed by.

“Yeah I have,” said Biden.

“You have? Who is it?” asked Doocy, to which Biden jokingly replied “You!”

Doocy reported the first part of Biden’s response, that he has made his selection, as a scoop — which the Biden campaign quickly shot down.

But Twitter blue checks — including journalists — elevated the moment to viral status, noting the contrast between President Donald Trump’s narrative about Biden and the reality projected in that brief clip, among other things.


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