Christian Web Site has Raised $200,000 for Kenosha Shooter.

Christian Web Site has Raised $200,000 for Kenosha Shooter. August 31, 2020

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Yet I have left me 7,000 in Israel, all the knees that have not bowed down to Baal, all the mouths that have not kissed him. God.

A Christian web site has raised almost $200,000 in individual donations for Kyle Ritenhouse, the teen-aged shooter who murdered two demonstrators in cold blood and injured one other last week.

His victims gave their lives in order to stop him from moving forward with what was almost certainly the beginning of another one of America’s horrible mass shootings that leaves dozens of innocents dead. The 17-year-old shooter, who was a front-row fan at Trump rallies, who bragged about being a vigilante, was driven to the demonstration with his high-powered rifle by his mother.  After he left the demonstration, he called friends and told them he had killed people. 

The Kenosha police have a history of encouraging thug militias. They were supposedly at the demonstration to stop violence. But they gave a friendly greeting to this heavily-armed teen-aged boy, who was underage to carry a weapon. They even gave him something to drink and told him they were glad he was there before he went ahead and started murdering people. After he finished killing, the same police let him walk right past them, still carrying his fully-exposed weapon, and leave. 

Trump has consistently encouraged right wing violence. He cheered on armed thugs who shut down the legislature in Michigan. He spoke in support of Nazis and the KKK after their violence killed a woman and injured others in Charlottesville. He directly incited insurrectionists to attack legal authorities in states that were imposing restrictions due to COVID-19. He refused to take positive action or even make a speech to quell the demonstrations after George Floyd was murdered.

Instead, he has taken the preposterous position that his political opponent is responsible for the horrible and dangerous mess he himself has made of this country. He has doubled down on the racism and calls to violence that led to it in the first place. 

So, it is no surprise that Trump has refused to condemn the Kenosha shooter’s murders or to question the actions of a police force that allowed an armed shooter into a demonstration, thanked him for coming, gave him water, and then allowed him to leave after he had shot down three people in cold blood, killing two of them.

It is also no surprise that Trump’s media, on cable and on the internet, have swung into action supporting this 17-year-old shooter’s murderous actions. Statements, ranging from Ann Coulter’s comment that she wanted this killer kid for her president, to Tucker Carlson’s highly inflammatory and factually inaccurate statement in support of his murderous actions started appearing in right wing press outlets almost immediately. At the same time, stories smearing his victims and implying that they deserved to be murdered began to circulate the internet. 

Based on all this, it is no real surprise that a Christian web site would be able to raise enormous sums of money in support of the Kenosha shooter. 

Donating money to Kyle Rittenhouse is the same as donating money to Klebold and Harris after Columbine, or to James Holmes after Aurora. The only difference is the moral turpitude that has replaced Christian morality among the followers of Trump. 

I hope that the remaining Christians in this country will not allow this behavior of their fallen brethren to damage their faith in Christ. I know full well that those who want to attack Christianity and claim that God Himself is evil will use the actions of these faux Christians as an example of what a sham Christian morality really is. 

Of course, they will be right when they say that these Trump-besotted people do not practice Christian morality. The entire Trumpian version of christianity has no morality. It is as amoral and dishonest as its false messiah. These “christians” do not have faith in Jesus. That is a fact made apparent by the hate and violence that they support. 

I know that those who want to attack faith in Christ will hold this behavior up and use it to mock Christianity. But they will be wrong when they tell us that this faithless, hate-filled stupidity is representative of what being a Christian is about. 

The people who are donating money to this killer are doing it in the name of and at the behest of a bevy of cacophonous little g gods that they have put in the place of Jesus in their hearts and minds. They have thrown away Jesus Christ and the Gospels to follow Donald Trump, Tucker Carlson, Q-Anon, and the like. They are fools. 

If you are a Christian who sees through this and who refuses to bow down before Trump, you need to know who you are. You are one of the 7,000 who has not bowed down before this present-day version of Baal. You have not kissed this idol of death. 

You are the living witness that there is still faith in Jesus in America. Do not let the atrocious behavior of those who have sold their souls to follow false gods shake your own faith. Pray for them instead. And stay faithful.

These are historic times. 

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