We are the Faithful Remnant. We Choose Christ over Trump.

We are the Faithful Remnant. We Choose Christ over Trump. August 17, 2020

Angel comforting Jesus before His arrest by Carl Bloch. Source: Wikimedia Commons pubic domain.

We are the flawed, battered, too-human remnant of what was once a huge witness for Christ in America. 

We are leaderless and frightened, confused and struggling. But, weak as we are, we are the faithful remnant. We get up every day and do our best to put Jesus ahead of political party. We try, in our imperfect way, to follow the Gospels and obey the Ten Commandments. 

We are the faithful remnant of what is left of American Christianity after three years of bowing down to Trump. This idolatry has twisted the rest of Christian witness down into an ugly political anti-Christ and we — weak and frightened as we are, and unlikely as it seems to everyone, including us — stand before the world as the faithful remnant. 

We are pro life, and pro woman for real. We believe in the sanctity of human life from conception to natural death with no exceptions. We believe that each human being is made in the Image and Likeness of the living God, and as such possesses an absolute entitlement to all the rights and privileges under law and in our everyday interactions that accord with their full and absolute humanity. 

We oppose rape, sexual assault, violence and discrimination against women and misogyny in all its forms, including those practiced by our churches. We believe that misogyny is an attack on Our Lady, that rape and abortion are mirror images of the same demonic attack on Mary and the unique prerogative of female human beings to freely chose to give life. 

We believe that racism in any form against any group of people is a direct attack on Jesus, Who is God in human form. He is the embodiment of what St Paul said, “there is neither Greek nor Jew, male nor female, slave nor free, for all are one in Christ Jesus.” We do not see how anyone can deny this and claim with honesty that they know Our Lord, since this is the essence of the meaning of His Incarnation, and the distillation of what He taught. 

It grieves us beyond simple sadness to see our brothers and sisters throwing away the living Jesus in exchange for the lie of political idolatry. These are the people we once looked up to as powerful Christian examples for us to follow. Their abandonment of Jesus for Trump hurts and leaves us bereft of friendships that have nourished us. 

It scalds our souls to see and hear once great religious leaders abase themselves and the Gospel of Christ into mere political operatives for a corrupt, traitorous, sexually perverted man who has lived a life of corruption and lies, who preaches and teaches sadistic bullying, destructive hate-mongering, racism and misogyny. These religious leaders fall in step with their false god and preach and teach a false gospel of racism, hatred, lying, cheating, corruption, ignorance and fear. They openly exhort their followers to follow Trump blindly   because he hates women, black people, hispanics and anyone else who gets in his way.

These fallen religious leaders were once our teachers in the faith. Their fall has left us without shepherds we can trust. 

Trump has brought America down to the dirt, both literally and figuratively. His incompetence has leveled our great powers as a nation and pinned America to the ground so that we cannot fight against the things that attack us.

He has divided We the People into warring factions and has set us at hate with one another. He has made us sick in every way you can make a nation of people sick. We are sick with a deadly virus, sick with hate, sick with racism, sick with misogyny, sick with lying and acceptance of corruption. 

But by far the worst of all is that he has driven us away from Jesus. We have watched as people we once respected and looked up to as powerful Christian witnesses have turned away from following Christ in the Gospels to accept a false political gospel. It is a tearing grief to hear Christians say with that lying, adultery, stealing, rape, hatred are not sinful when they are committed by Trump. 

They have consigned Jesus’ direct teachings that we must care for the least of these to the ash heap. They openly claim that selfishness, bullying, hurting and destroying people are the moral right. They even claim people who do not support Trump are committing a mortal sin. 


Our fallen religious leaders preach and teach this false gospel that has no Jesus in it to anyone who will listen to them. They use it to excuse Trump and vindicate him, no matter what he does. They actually claim that opposing these things by voting against Trump is a mortal sin. They have been very well paid for doing this in federal monies and contracts worth billions of dollars. 

We, the weak and faltering, leaderless and frightened faithful remnant bear witness to this in grief and sorrowing. It has broken our hearts. It is left us alone, like a pillar of rock after the sand around it has washed away in a storm. 

We are the shaky, weak, frightened, utterly bereft faithful remnant of Christians who refuse to bow before the false idols of political party, who will not kiss Caesar’s ring, who have One Lord and He is Jesus Christ and Him Crucified. 

Our earthly leaders have all run away. They’ve gone to Trump, every one. 

But we are not leaderless. We have the Holy Spirit. We have the 2,000 year old moral teachings of the Catholic Church. Our fallen religious leaders may tell us that those 2,000 year old moral teachings do not apply to Trump or to politics. But that is a lie, and we know it. We have the Creeds. We have the sacraments. We have the Gospels. We have the Ten Commandments. 

We have  guidance to see us through this time. We know wrong from right and we are the weak, all-too-human, faithful remnant who will continue trying to do right, even when fallen religious leaders tell us that there are political exigencies which mean that wrong is right, lies are truth, rape is nothing, racism and misogyny are justice. 

These are lies. Everyone, including the people saying them, knows they are lies. We are the faithful remnant who will say they are lies. 

In this time and place God has set before us life and death.

We choose life. We choose Christ. 


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