Hey Okies! That’s Not Haze in the Sky. It’s Smoke. The West Coast is Burning Down.

Hey Okies! That’s Not Haze in the Sky. It’s Smoke. The West Coast is Burning Down. September 15, 2020

California Wildfire. Source: Flickr Creative Commons by Glenn Beltz https://www.flickr.com/photos/n28307/

Hey Okies! That’s not haze in the sky. It’s smoke. The West coast is burning down and — Surprise! — your boy Trump isn’t doing a thing.

We’re talking about the whole West coast from Mexico to Canada; all our beautiful cities, towns and majestic forests are ablaze. The fires are spreading inland for what looks on the map like close to a thousand miles.

Meanwhile, Trumpy Bear went three weeks saying nothing at all. Then, yesterday, he blessed our suffering West coast with a brief taste of his presence.

What did he offer them? In a pretty fair imitation of Marie Antoinette’s famous “let them eat cake,” he told the people of the West Coast that “cool weather is coming.” 

Does that sound familiar? 

Does it sound like an echo of the “hot weather is coming” story he told us last spring about COVID-19?

Here’s the thing, my fellow Okies. 

He doesn’t care. He doesn’t care if the whole West coast burns down. He doesn’t care if hundreds of thousands of Americans die of a virus. He doesn’t care if his violent rhetoric and lies lead to anarchy and death on the streets. 

He doesn’t care if he will end Social Security and Medicare by doing away with the Payroll tax. He doesn’t care if old people starve and end up on the street.

He doesn’t care about forced hysterectomies of immigrant women. He doesn’t care about stealing the children of undocumented residents of this country and then adopting them out. 

He doesn’t care about America. He doesn’t care about Christianity. He doesn’t care about the unborn. He doesn’t care about right and wrong. He doesn’t care about honesty, integrity and basic human decency. He doesn’t care if you know that he doesn’t care. 

He. Doesn’t. Care. 

If he’s not a psychopath, he’ll do until the psychopath gets here. 

Here’s the another thing, the other shoe that’s waiting to drop.

He doesn’t care about you, either. If you’re backing him because you think he supports right wing Christianity or because you think he cares about the unborn, know this: He. Doesn’t. Care. The minute he doesn’t need right wing Christians, he’ll turn on you. Just like he does everyone.

Because he really, truly, all the way through to whatever putrid pocket of pustulant slime constitutes his core, doesn’t care. 

He has no pity, empathy, guilt or shame. He looks at you the same way a shark looks at a seal, a rattlesnake looks at a mouse. Your humanity does not register with him. He sees prey. 

I believe thatTrump is a psychopath. To him, this country and all its people — every single one of us — is prey. 

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Note: the line: If he’s not a psychopath, he’ll do until the psychopath gets here is a riff on a line from the movie No Country for Old Men.

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