Trump Came Out in the Debate. Now We Need to Vote Him Away.

Trump Came Out in the Debate. Now We Need to Vote Him Away. September 30, 2020

Photo Source: Flickr Creative Commons. White House File Photo. Public domain.

Trump used the first presidential debate to put his crazy out there for everyone to see. 

Contrary to the hand-wringing I’m seeing on tv, this first debate was a huge win for America and the American people. Here’s why.

The first debate was a Trump crazy show from start to finish. 

Trump yelled. Trump bullied. Trump lied. 

Trump made wild accusations.

Trump yelled. Trump bullied. Trump lied.

Trump told documented lies about his taxes.

Trump yelled. Trump bullied. Trump lied.

Trump flat-out refused to condemn the KKK, Proud Boys and other white supremacist groups. 

He also issued what sounds like a dark instruction of some sort when he said “Proud Boys stand back and stand by.” It’s not hard to think of a meaning for that, given the current situation.

Trump yelled. Trump bullied. Trump lied.

Trump said that he won’t accept the outcome of the election if he loses. He said that he thinks it will be settled “in the courts,” meaning the same court he is trying to pack right now by pushing through a nomination before the election, while votes are being cast. He talked openly about trying intimidate voters.

Trump yelled. Trump bullied. Trump lied.

Biden, on the other hand, did his best to answer the questions. He actually did manage to get a few of his plans for America out there, despite the fact that Trump was yelling and raving like a red-faced drunk in the background the whole time. 

Biden said he plans to create millions of more jobs for Americans by rebuilding our infrastructure. He said he would follow the science in dealing with COVID-19 and that he would get America out of this disaster Trump has gotten us into.

One thing was clear throughout. Trump’s attacks on Biden are just the usual Trump lies. The candidate who looked crazy as a peach orchard boar was Donald Trump. The candidate who looked unfit for office was Donald Trump.

Biden did a fine job. If he can perform with a monster like Trump screaming in his ear, he’ll be fine dealing with Putin and the other monsters of the world. He can keep us safe. 

One thing is very clear. America is in the mess it’s in because the man at the helm is flat-out nuts. Donald Trump is crazy, and he’s mean. He’s in it for himself.

The problems we’re having aren’t happening because it’s 2020. They’re happening because we have a nut job for president. 

Donald Trump lost the debate last night, big time.

But America won. It was a hard go, watching this crazy lunatic screaming and shouting, lying, bullying and accusing like the crazy fool that he is. But it was democracy in action. 

Our open system let millions of Americans get a good long look at just what a dangerous crazy man Donald Trump is. We got to see close up and personal why hundreds of military leaders, most of the former members of his administration and hundreds of prominent life-long Republicans are doing everything they can to support a Democrat for President. 

They are patriots. They don’t want to see America destroyed. They are trying to protect you, your kids, your life from a madman. 

Donald Trump came out last night in front of all of us.

He is unhinged. 

The people who continue to support him are just as unhinged as he is. We need to brush them away the way we would brush away a fly that is buzzing around, annoying us. We’ve got serious business to conduct. We have to save America.

We’ve got to vote Trump out on November 3. We need to do it in such high numbers that he CAN’T use his packed Court to try to stop the vote count and overturn the will of the people. 

Vote him away November 3.


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