Trump Refuses to Commit to Peaceful Transfer of Power, Hints He Plans to Throw Out Ballots to Win.

Trump Refuses to Commit to Peaceful Transfer of Power, Hints He Plans to Throw Out Ballots to Win. September 24, 2020

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President Trump’s long time consigliere, Michael Cohen has said that Trump will do anything to keep from losing the upcoming election. 

The reason? Cohen says — and he should know — that Trump has committed massive fraud and that Trump knows that he will go to jail if he loses the election. 

The way Cohen puts it, “Trump will do anything to keep from losing, even start a war … My greatest fear is that there will not be a peaceful transfer of power.” 

I didn’t take this as seriously as I should have, primarily because I am an American and I cannot conceive of a president engaging in a coup here in this country to stay in power.

I also could not imagine that large numbers of Republican elected officials would work to subvert a presidential election, thus committing treason, to help him do it. 

Yesterday, Trump himself informed me that I was naive and a fool to think that way.

In answer to a direct question from a reporter, Trump clearly said that he will not allow a peaceful transfer of power if he loses the upcoming election. 

He went on to outline how he was planning to overturn the upcoming election by throwing out the absentee ballots of those who vote against him. He could not do that without an organized effort by local elected officials in the states. 

What he was describing was a coup. He was flat-out telling us that he will not leave office peacefully. He could not do what he is saying that he is going to do — which is throw out large numbers of absentee ballots in — without the organized participation in this treason by Republican elected officials, clerks and office workers in the states. Presumably, we are talking about the notorious “swing” states needed to win the electoral college. 

He summarized this by saying that if we got rid of the ballots, there “wouldn’t be a transition, there would be a continuation” of his presidency.

He was describing an organized, multi-state conspiracy to commit treason and stage a coup that is in progress right now. I repeat: He’s talking about a coup.

He has also said in other interviews that he will win through the courts. That puts a whole new spin on the unseemly haste by which the Senate Republicans are moving to put a new justice on the Supreme Court. It also makes these senators co-conspirators in this coup. It makes what they are doing look more like treason than the ruthless political power grab I thought it was on Monday.

Anyone who is participating in this conspiracy to organize an attempt to take over our government — and I mean right down to the last clerk — belongs in Super Max for life. 

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