Trump: The President Who Fiddled — or Golfed — While America Burned.

Trump: The President Who Fiddled — or Golfed — While America Burned. September 12, 2020

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Donald Trump finally took a pause in his nonstop campaigning, golfing and television watching to mention the fact that the entire West Coast of the United States is burning. He’s even authorized a couple of things that might help. It took him long enough. 

Of course, what we are talking about is parts of this country who have Democratic governors and who will likely vote against herr Trump in the upcoming election, which is to say, parts of the United States that he thinks only exist for him to revile, attack and demonize. 

While America’s entire West Coast has been burning with the worst wildfires in history, President Trump has not stinted on his golf-playing at the lavish private golf courses that he owns. He has also taken every opportunity he could to spread COVID-19 among his followers by jetting to battleground states to hold large campaign rallies without any prevention for spreading the disease. Then, according to his own tweets, he watches what adds up to seven or eight hours of news shows on right wing channels every day. Work-work-work. He’s a busy man. 

California Wildfire. Source: Flickr Creative Commons by Glenn Beltz

Since Trump lies every time he opens his mouth, it’s worth noting that Bob Woodward verified his obsessive tv watching through information that sounds very much like it came from Steve Bannon. According to Woodward’s book, Fear, Bannon tried to get Trump to stop watching so much tv and do other things. Of course, Trump didn’t listen.

FWIW, I think that Fear is a great name for a book about President Donald Trump. We should all be very afraid. 

Trump has ignored the fact that the West Coast of the United States is burning for three long weeks. Except for the single tweet that he finally got around to 13 hours ago, he has not even managed to work up enough of a care to mention it.

This is the same horrible president who sent black ops into Portland Oregon and tear-gassed and fired rubber bullets at a bunch of housewives in bicycle helmets. This is the same prez who tear-gassed peaceful protestors in front of the White House so that he could walk across the street and pose in front of a church with an upside down Bible. He even managed to tear-gas the church’s priests in that little bit of Trump abuse of American citizens.

Trump can use federal power to harm Americans. But he won’t use it to help us. 

For months now, he and his minions in the right wing news-sphere have been telling  absolutely ridiculous lies about cities and states that are “governed by Democrats.” I’ve witnessed them making absurd claims that places like Seattle and San Francisco have rats running in the streets and feces lying around everywhere and are basically dumps and toilets. 

I’ve been to those places. They are beautiful. I live in a red state that is plopped down right in the middle of a lot of red states and I have a news flash for Mr Trump and his posse of lying newsphonies. Dallas has slums. Kansas City has slums. Oklahoma City has slums. 

What we don’t have here in Oklahoma City are bike lanes so people can ride their bikes with safety. We don’t have sidewalks so people can walk to local stores and get some healthy, environmentally-sound exercise. We don’t have usable public transportation. 

Oklahoma has had to close schools, fire teachers and increase the student/teacher ratios because Republican voodoo economics have bankrupted the state. Kids in poor neighborhoods have to share textbooks because the public schools don’t have enough books for every kid to have one of their own that they can take home for study.

We haven’t provided statewide storm shelters for our schools, even though we get killer tornados on a regular basis.

I pay almost $200 extra on my property taxes every single month so that the kids in Moore Oklahoma schools won’t have to die in a tornado. This is due to a local bond issue that the citizens of my school district passed to try to save our kids’ lives.

I was in office when the Republicans decided they wouldn’t fund state-sponsored storm shelters for the schools. They decided instead to give the money that would have paid for storm shelters as a corporate tax cut in what was part of an endless stream of special interest tax cuts.

Their plan was to “allow” local school districts to raise property taxes if they wanted to build shelters. I voted for this invidious plan under protest — you can see the debate online — because it was the only bill the Republican leadership would allow to come to a vote that had any chance of saving kids’ lives.

We could have provided storm shelters without raising taxes on any person in this state. But the Republicans wanted to gift the oil companies, and they did.

So I guess that means I’m subsidizing the oil companies to the tune of $200 out of my pocket, each and every month. That’s Republican trickle down in a Republican-governed state in action.

Wildfire. Source: Flickr Creative Commons, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Public Domain

Our treasury here in Oklahoma has been corporately raided, courtesy of our Republican legislature and governors, in exactly the same way that the treasury of the United States of America has been raided for billionaires and politician’s right wing cronies. America’s deficit is in the stratosphere.

What’s the Trump response: Do away with the payroll tax that funds Social Security and Medicare. He’s said he will make this cut permanent. That will end Social Security by 2023. 

Assuming we have another presidential election in 2024 — and if Trump is re-elected, I don’t think that’s a given — I guess whoever runs can make breadlines and providing mass shelters for our elderly part of his or her platform. 

To get back to the wildfires on the West Coast, they are part of what is coming for planet Earth, courtesy of global warming. Trump has lied about that the same way he lied about COVID-19, the same way he lies about everything. 

We’ve got plagues, wildfires and killer swarms of mosquitos in the South. All courtesy of Trump’s dereliction of duty. 

Trump finally took a pause in his campaigning-golfing-tv watching to mention the wildfires on the West Coast in one of his tweets. That’s nice of him. 

If you think you want to vote for him, remember one thing. This is the president who has fiddled — or golfed — while America burned. 

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