Okies Got What They Voted For: A Congressional Delegation That is 100% Traitor.

Okies Got What They Voted For: A Congressional Delegation That is 100% Traitor. February 15, 2021

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Okies got what they voted for. 

Oklahoma’s all-traitor Congressional delegation voted to a person for backing Donald Trump’s action of inciting an insurrection and trying to install himself as a full-on dictator. 

Most of the members of this delegation actively participated in the attempt to overthrow our democracy by authoring objections to the Electoral College vote certification. Indeed, most of them had signed on to invidious briefs supporting a Texas court challenge to overturn the election. 

Oklahoma’s Congressional delegation: Traitors all. 

Every man and woman of them has put his or her hand on the trigger of the gun aimed at America. 

If the Republican Party had been in the majority in the House and Senate on January 6, I have no doubt that we would be engaged in a bloody Civil War right now. That’s because this seditious political party would have overturned the election for Donald Trump and installed him as dictator, and that would have sparked a war. 

The first time I ever heard anyone seriously call for a Civil War was 20 years ago at a pro life gathering. The person who did it was a pampered Edmond housewife whose extreme right wing political views were entirely of the dilettante, Fox-News-viewing variety. The closest this lady ever came to the violence and death of a Civil War was watching a 15-second shot of the bombing of Beirut on tv and reading Gone with the Wind. 

I tried, gently, to remonstrate with her. “That would mean the death of millions of people,” I said to her as we stood in the office of a pro life organization. I don’t remember her exact reply, but it was an airhead dismissal of death and destruction on an industrial scale as nothing much compared to the carnage of abortion. 

Abortion evidently justifies anything, including destroying whole nations and slaughtering millions. 

I didn’t take the conversation all that seriously. She was, after all, a mental lightweight and a privileged dilettante at life. What I didn’t foresee was that the delusions that fueled her silliness could become deadly when they were multiplied by millions of other dilletantes and acted upon by a psychopathic demagogue and a political party of whores for billionaires. 

The primary reason Republican elected officials are such incompetent weaklings and cowards is that they got themselves elected by selling their souls to billionaires who own and direct the Republican Party. 

They didn’t do the things that Democrats have to do to get elected. They didn’t organize their campaigns, recruit their volunteers, raise their own money, decide for themselves where they stood on the issues and develop their own way of communicating these beliefs to their electorate. 

All they did was what they were told to do. The Party picked their clothes, wrote their speeches, told them their opinions and put together their campaigns. I’ve even seen instances where the Party picked out the people they would date. Many times, they were “groomed” for years in various appointed jobs before being brought forward to run for elected office. 

Once elected, these folks do what they’re told. The same party that put them in office hands them their legislation, writes their speeches, sets up their public interviews and events, and instructs them on how to vote, what motions to make and everything else they do. 

They don’t step out of line. Even if, once in a while, they’d like to step out of line, they don’t know how. They’re just placeholders. They aren’t actually competent to do any part of the job they hold. 

They certainly can’t stand toe to toe and say “no” to their party machine and make it stick. Left to their own devices, they couldn’t put together a campaign for head of a Girl Scout Troop, and deep in their pompous guts, they know it. 

What the Republican Party has become is a party that is owned by a few, well-organized billionaires who are using the party to turn the government into their personally owned device, bent to their service. Republican elected officials are like parts in a car. Any of them can be pulled and replaced, and no one will know the difference. 

The vast mass of Republican voters are deluded fools like the Edmond housewife. A good number of them are so callow and foolish as to think they want a civil war. All of them appear to be ready and willing to destroy this country. None of them appear to think that destroying this country would harm them in any way. 

They seem to think that if they destroy America, their soft life will continue undisturbed. Those Social Security checks will keep on rolling in. Their Medicare will be untouched. They never think that anything can interfere with the cushy lifestyle they’ve got — all of which is courtesy of reforms enacted by Democrats; reforms that Republicans are bent on undoing. 

They’re vehement about telling anyone and everyone how pro-life they are. They’ll condemn anybody, up to and including the Pope, for not bending their knee to Trump. Because, in their minds, being pro-life means worshipping Trump. 

But, even though they’re pro-life, they don’t mind killing people. In their mind killing people is like their civil war. It’s cartoon violence; movie death. So, they don’t mind killing. 

Not one bit. 

They talk about killing millions of people like they were talking about a game of Battleship. 

They put destroying America in the same hypothetical. They think it will get the people they’re mad at and not hurt them a bit. They can’t conceive of the reality they are playing with because they’re out there in gauzy pampered-American land where violence is pretend and death is a scene in a movie. 

The reality they are bringing down on us is a game to them. They seem to think that they can destroy our democracy and kill this country and nothing bad will happen to them and theirs. They don’t have a smidge of understanding that America is a bulwark and if she falls the darkness will roll around the globe.

What they are talking about is the death of millions, the breakdown of civilization, throwing the world into the laps of despots and a second dark age. But they don’t care.

 They don’t care if millions die. They root for mass death and destruction in casual reception-party chatter and they honestly believe that this is a righteous and moral position for them to take. 

They are the stupidest people you have ever met or could imagine. 

And they are the reason that Oklahoma has elected a Congressional delegation that is 100% traitor. 

Okies got what they voted for. 

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