Politicians the Church Did NOT Excommunicate: Who Got a Pass?

Politicians the Church Did NOT Excommunicate: Who Got a Pass? June 21, 2021

The following is a very short, off-the-cuff list of Catholic politicians that the Church did NOT excommunicate. I’m sure if I researched, it could be a lot longer. So far as I know, none of them favored freely available abortion.

  1. Adolph Hitler. As dictator of Germany, Hitler initiated World War II which killed between 50 and 60 million people and is responsible for the holocaust which murdered 6 million Jews, as well as homosexuals, Gypsies, the elderly, mentally ill, and mentally challenged population of Germany.

    Adolph Hitler, bust. Photo Source; Wikimedia Commons, public domain

  2. Benito Mussolini. Founder of Italian fascism and dictator of Italy. Ally of Adolph Hitler.

    Benito Mussolini, source Wikimedia Commons public domain

  3. Ferdinand Marcos. President/dictator/kleptocrat of the Philippines. His rule was infamous for its corruption, extravagance and brutality.

    Ferdinand Marcos. Source Wikimedia Commons.

  4. Robert Gabriel Mugabe. Prime Minister, later dictator, of Zimbabwe, Mugabe was originally hailed as a liberator. Later, he used his North Korean-trained troops to attack the civilian population, resulting in at least 20,000 civilian deaths. He followed this with land seizures, and successive military raids against the civilian population that decimated the country and led to mass exodus of millions of citizens from Zimbabwe.

    Mugabe. Source Wikimedia Commons, Al Jazeera. free use.

  5. Augusto Pinochet. Dictator of Chile. Pinochet incarcerated his political enemies, mostly liberals. He used torture and murder to govern. Many people were “disappeared” under his rule. He interred as many as 80,000 people without a trial and tortured tens of thousands of them.
  6. Slobodan Milosovec. President of Serbia. Ordered the “ethnic cleansing” of Bosnia and Croatia.

    Slobodan Milosovec. Source Wikimedia Commons

  7. Francisco Franco. Dictator of Spain. Ordered the White Terror which included murders, torture and rapes carried out by Franco’s military. Ally of Hitler.

    Francisco Franco, source Wikimedia Commons, public domain.

  8. Austrian Catholic Bishops Conference that supported both Hitler and the Final Solution.Dozens of documents — many from parish archives — include:* A chillingly dispassionate entry dated Nov. 26, 1942, from the Austrian Bishops’ Conference, which skims over the mass deportation of Jews to Nazi death camps by noting that over one year, “33 transports of 1,000 each have gone to Poland.” By that time, some bishops were signing off with “Heil Hitler” on official letters and priests were authorized to display the swastika.* Influential Jesuit Mario von Galli described Jews as “God’s murderers” who deserve persecution. In 1940, as Gypsies started joining the Jews on death trains packed to the suffocation point, the Vienna archdiocese urged all parishes to do their utmost to “combat the Gypsy chaos” in the Austrian capital by reporting Gypsies to police.* The parish newspaper “Erdberger Pfarrblatt” urged Catholics to support Hitler by declaring: “One people — one Reich — one Fuehrer — one God!”* Rural priest Franz Mandl, in a lectern-thumping speech, called Hitler “the greatest human being” — one of dozens of priests who were documented praising the Nazi dictator.* An internal church document blamed Jewish politicians and writers for the decline in pure-race Germanic births.* A listing of pro-Hitler Austrian clergy staying in or promoted to leading positions after the war. It included Bishop Alois Hudal, who boasted of helping about 50,000 war crimes suspects hide or escape. Among them was Franz Stangl, commander of the Treblinka death camp in Poland, where 800,000 Jews were killed. He was arrested in Brazil after two decades on the run, using a false passport procured through Hudal.

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