Thank God Joe Biden Won the Election.

Thank God Joe Biden Won the Election. June 16, 2021

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons by Gage Skidmore,, share alike.

President Biden is meeting with President Putin today. 

What that means is that for the first time in five years, there will be one president in the room representing the United States of America, and another president in the room representing Russia. 

What we had from 2017-2020 was two presidents in the room, both of them representing the interests of the Russian crime state and nobody speaking for the interests of the United States of America and the free world. 

Trump was and is a traitor to this country on so many levels it would take more than one blog post to innumerate them. His betrayal of this country to Vladimir Putin was out-front and non-debatable. His boot-licking performance at the joint press conference with Putin was just one small example. Perhaps the most egregious thing Trump did in terms of betraying Americans to Putin happened before he was elected, during the 2016 campaign, when Putin was working so hard to get his boy Trump into the White House.

Trump’s campaign gave their internal polling, and all the data connected with it, to the Russians. Paul Manafort, who was Trump’s campaign manager, was the messenger. This is one of the things that was documented in the Mueller Investigation. That’s the same Mueller Investigation that Trump’s Attorney General William Barr lied about to the American people in a successful attempt to cover for his criminal boss. 

The immediate political purpose of giving Trump’s internal polling to the Russians was to allow the Russians to target their campaigning on Trump’s behalf more accurately. Anybody who knows anything about campaigning knows how important this tool was to the Russians in their efforts to get Trump elected. 

This means that Trump gave data about millions of Americans to the Russians to do with as they like. This data was basically the Republican Party’s extensive and detailed campaign voter database, with all the information they have accumulated about you for the past many decades. They have this information still, and no doubt they are using it to twist your little mind in whatever way they want right now. If you ever gave financial or personal information of any sort to the Republican Party or to any of their sub organizations, all the information connected to that is also in Russian hands.

Even though I have been a registered Democrat all my voting life, and have even held elected office for 18 years years as a Democrat, I regularly get fundraisers and propaganda from the Trump machine, as well as the Republican Party. Extreme right wing Republicans have me on their fundraising lists and they email me with one of their hate attacks on somebody or a request for money almost every day. 

I assume that this is because of my pro life activities. All I know for sure is that I am on the Republican lists as an easy mark for their fundraising and most extreme ideas, and that it appears that this association is linked with my Catholic faith. I say that last because I’m also on the lists for Republican-funded, Republican-operative “Catholic” faux ministries out there that use the name of Christ to push Republican racism, misogyny, hate attacks and other rage propaganda at their followers. 

That means the Russians have my information, courtesy of Donald Trump. It also means that if you are a registered Republican, or even just a pro life Catholic, the Russians probably also have your information.

That’s a small part of the price that Donald Trump has extracted from the American people. Hundreds of thousands of unnecessary COVID deaths, the total ruination of the Republican Party and the near destruction of our democracy are also in the tally. And we need to add to that the utter destruction of the Christian witness of most of our most prominent religious leaders, including, it seems, the Catholic bishops. 

Today, for the first time in five years, an American president is meeting with the Russian president, and we rest easy that there will be two viewpoints in the room and one of those viewpoints will be advancing the interests of the United States of America. When Trump and Putin met, there was only one viewpoint in the room, and that viewpoint was Putin’s. 

All I can say is thank God Joe Biden won the election last fall. 

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