Supremes Overturn Roe. Read the Full Decision Here.

Supremes Overturn Roe. Read the Full Decision Here. June 24, 2022

Photo Source: Flickr Creative Commons by Tori Rector

The Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade today.

I’ve linked to the full decision so that you can read it yourself. It begins with a syllabus, which is basically the Cliff Notes. You can scroll down through that to get to the full decision itself.

I haven’t read it yet. But I did glance at it. From what I saw, Alito cleaned up his language a bit, but most of the things that troubled me about his verbiage in the draft appear to still be there. In other words, at first glance, the decision appears to have land mines that were deliberately left in it to set up future challenges for other things, including a broader questioning of the basic right to privacy for all citizens and full citizen rights of women and girls under the Constitution.

The decision appears to send the question of abortion back to the states.

I’ll read it over the weekend and write about it in more detail later.

Personally, I don’t feel much emotion. When I first read the leaked draft, I felt relief and dread.

I felt relief because I do not have to be held captive by this issue any longer. I am free of it. We are all free of it.

At the same time I felt dread because I fear that the floodgates of misogyny are opened even wider than Trump’s woman-bashing opened them. I am afraid that we face a full-on attack on the civil and human rights of womankind.

From now on, I am going to focus my energies on saving America from the damage that we have done to it with the effort to overturn Roe. I am also going to be doing everything I can for the single most important expression of being pro life I know, which is to further the human rights of the mothers of our species.

I am going to work to save this country from fascism and to help women and girls. I invite other pro life people to join me.

If we don’t unite against the crazy right — which is NOT conservative, but fascist — we are going to lose our country.

By the same token, if we don’t stand for human rights for women and girls, the female half of the American citizenry will be shoved back into the cruel discrimination and second class status that led to Roe in the first place. It’s time for pro life people to take a stand for women and girls.

I am pro life. For all people. Including the born.

Roe is gone. I am Roe no mo. Finis.

If you want to read the decision yourself, go here.

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