Did the High Rates of Repub COVID Death Change this Election?

Did the High Rates of Repub COVID Death Change this Election? November 15, 2022

Republican. Source: Flickr Creative Commons by Benjamin Claverie https://www.flickr.com/photos/skolem/

I haven’t heard any discussion of one of the more obvious points concerning this year’s election results. So, I’ll take it up.

That point is simple. A large number of voters were missing at the polls this year because they died during the COVID pandemic. Around 3/4 of a million of those who died were in the precise age groups that vote most heavily for the Republican Party. Not only that, but studies have shown that registered Republicans died from COVID in considerably higher numbers than registered Democrats. 

The reasons for this are obvious. Here’s a little list to simplify it. 

1. The right wing whore preachers who pushed quack cures and preached against masks, vaccines, church closings and other things that might have saved the lives of their congregants were preaching mostly to congregations that they had taught to view the Republican Party and Donald Trump as synonymous with Jesus Christ. Every person I know who died from COVID went to one of these unholy Republican Cult “churches.” 

2. Right wing media outlets that ranted and raved against any and all efforts to save Americans’ lives by using masks, getting vaccinated and practicing distancing — all while they were doing these things to protect their own precious selves — were speaking to an audience that is almost exclusively Republican faithful. 

The point here is that the Republicans, in their effort to “own the libs” killed a disproportionate number of their own voters. That left fewer — 3/4 of a million fewer — of the Republican faithful available to push their seditionist candidates over the top in races all over the country. 

The fact is that the Republican “base” is hard core and it is fixed. It isn’t growing. Nobody but a fool is going to vote for a political party that wants to destroy American democracy and transfer all the wealth that We the People have earned into the hands of a few billionaires. Most of us don’t want to be serfs. 

The Republican Party has spent the past 50 years bastardizing American Christianity into a get-out-the-vote rubber stamp for whatever crimes it commits. It did this so that it could  siphon the federal treasury into the maw of a little group of billionaires who fund and own the party and its think tanks and various other enterprises. There’s no surprise that a political party that gained its power by supplanting Jesus Christ in American Christianity has become so evil that it is willing to actively work to kill its own followers. Evil is like that. It doesn’t love anyone. And it craves death. 

Using Christianity for your political whore is flat-out evil. The clergy who bow down before this pewter god of political access, power and money are beneath contempt. 

The interesting part of all this is that what goes around comes around, and it came around in the 2022 election. It’s not nice to kill your gullible followers for ratings, to own the libs and because something dark and vile that craves death has entered into you. It’s evil. Deep, dark, absence-of-the-Good evil. 

It also runs out its string. In democracies — and thanks to this election, we still have a Republic, at least for now — with open discussion and around half the people who can still think, it can and often does run out its string pretty quickly. 

America’s not out of the woods yet. We can still lose this fight for our democracy against the forces of fascism. But we held on. 

It was close. It was a few people in many precincts all over the country who went to vote when it would have been easier to stay home. Just a handful of people in scattered precincts; that’s what saved us from losing our country to fascism. 

Sadly, we were also saved by the 3/4 million victims of right wing brain-washing and ignorance who were intentionally deprived of their lives so that talking heads, right wing bloggers, podcasters and their whore right wing preachers could own the libs. 

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