Did Joe Biden “Rig” Trump’s Conviction?

Did Joe Biden “Rig” Trump’s Conviction? June 4, 2024
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President Biden’s son Hunter Biden is on trial right now. This is a federal trial which the federal Justice Department is prosecuting. If Joe Biden was into “rigging” trials, then why didn’t he stop the government from prosecuting his own son?

So, did Joe Biden “weaponize” the Department of Justice to “rig” Donald Trump’s criminal conviction of 34 election-interference felonies?

The moment the jury foreman said “guilty” 34 times, the well-orchestrated cacophony of right wing sturm und drang began. 

I saw a clip of a Newsmax talking head in a wild rant threatening the “cream puffs” in America’s cities with what sounded like annihilation at gun point. 

I witnessed a bit of Donald Trump himself, proclaiming “I am an innocent man.” 

I read story after story of prominent Republican elected officials coming forward to denounce the verdict and repeat the Republican talking point that the whole trial had been “rigged” by President Biden. 

The Speaker of the House even called on the Supreme Court of the United States to reach down and “fix” this verdict. 

To be honest, if you subtract the massive power and obvious organization at play in this response, this is all kinda what happens whenever some scurrilous moral scumbag gets his come-uppins in court. We hardly ever see a defendant just jump up and shout “You got that right! I did it! I’m guilty!” when a guilty verdict comes down.

Screenshot by Rebecca Hamilton. Copyright Rebecca Hamilton, all rights reserved

Most defendants are fairly calm and take the hit — and I would guess that being found guilty of even one felony in a court of law is a massive blow — like grown up men and women. Some defendants, in particular the more mentally deranged defendants, go into a big show of some sort. These are the defendants — like Trump — who are fueled by creating chaos and outraging and upsetting people. 

I won’t name names about these defendants who like to make their trials into public shows and shock and dismay as many people as they can. They are truly horrible people most of them, and I just don’t want to say their names. But you know them. And, if you are even a little bit honest, you have to admit, that at least so far as putting on a big show and creating chaos all the time goes, Trump is one of them. 

Be that as it may, most crooks claim they are innocent of the crimes for which they were convicted. Many of them swear that justice will eventually prevail and they will be vindicated. A minority of them put on a big show. An even smaller minority of them promise “retribution” and threaten, the judge, the jury and the public at large. 

Virtually none of them say they’re gonna prosecute everybody who prosecuted them and gut the entire judiciary and remake it into a for-real weapon to punish and destroy their enemies. That’s kinda unique to Trump. It is also kinda unique to Trump that, if he wins in November, he will probably do exactly that.

Screen shot Trump fundraiser by Rebecca Hamilton, copyright Rebecca Hamilton, all rights reserved

But, did Biden actually “rig” this trial? Is Trump an “innocent man?”

Let’s deal with the first issue first. Did Biden “rig” Trump’s trial? 

No. He didn’t. 

Here’s why I’m so sure. 

President Biden’s son Hunter Biden is on trial right now. This is a federal trial which the federal Justice Department is prosecuting. If Joe Biden was into “rigging” trials, then why didn’t he stop the government from prosecuting his own son?

There are lots of other reasons why I think this whole charade about Biden “rigging” this trial is a lie put forth by a guilty man. After all, just about everybody, including his most ardent supporters if they weren’t pretending, believes that Trump slept with the porn star and that he paid her off to keep from losing the 2016 election. 

I mean, Trump has also been found guilty of sexual assault which a judge said was a rape. 

Trump has also been accused of sexual assault by over 25 women. 

Trump has bragged on tape about committing sexual assault. 

Trump bragged on the Howard Stern show about going back stage at the Miss Teen-Aged America pageant (which he owned) and doing a sick peeping tom stare job on these underage girls as they changed clothes. The girls who participated in the pageant said that he actually did this and that it humiliated and degraded them. 

Trump has made snide comments on television repeatedly about incest with his own daughter. 

Trump agreed when Howard Stern said that Trump’s own daughter was a “piece of a- -.” 

Trump is a moral degenerate.

Trump fundraising email. Screenshot by Rebecca Hamilton. copyright Rebecca Hamilton, all rights reserved

For him to stand up in front of a camera and say “I am an innocent man” just shows how completely he believes that his followers do not mind moral degeneracy. The fact that so many of them are standing by him shows that he’s right about that. 

So … did President Biden “weaponize” the Justice Department to somehow get Trump to sleep with a porn star,

AND THEN fake a pay-off of the porn star to keep the story from coming out before the 2016 election, 

AND THEN, when Trump (not Biden) was president, manage to “rig” things so that Michael Cohen was found guilty and went to prison for being a co-conspirator with Trump for the same crime, 

AND THEN somehow or other switch the prosecution from the federal level to the state of New York, 

AND THEN coerce the District Attorney of Manhattan to conduct an investigation which resulted in 9 days of testimony from Trump employees and friends, as well as tapes of him talking about the pay-off and page after page of documents backing it up,

AND THEN somehow coerce 12 jurors to vote “guilty”?

Did Biden somehow trick poor innocent Trump into having sex with a porn star AND THEN “rig” this massive trial and all its evidence? 

Did Biden also somehow neglect to “rig” one single thing on behalf of his own son that he clearly loves with his whole heart? If Biden is “rigging” trials, how come his own son is standing before the bar? 

Ya gotta be kidding.

This is a “how stupid are you?” kinda deal. 

Trump may be a lot of things, but it’s laughable to call him an innocent man. He was found guilty by a jury that included self-confessed Trump supporters who follow Trump’s Truth Social for their news. 

Trump was found guilty because he is guilty. 

He’s a moral degenerate/sexual predator who tried to cover it up so he could become president. 

And that, my MAGA friends, is your boy.  

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