When Christmas Is Difficult

When Christmas Is Difficult December 23, 2015
Photo by Maciej Korsan

I am thinking of all the refugees who are celebrating Christmas in camps, or people in war torn countries who will spend this Christmas in fear.

I am also thinking of prisoners who feel alone and full of regret.

And the elderly who don’t have friends and family to visit them.

Addicts who risk their lives for fleeting pleasure, and who truly wish they could find the resolve to end the vicious cycle.

And those who have lots of love in their life but are going through something really difficult.

I’m thinking and praying for all of you.

My piece over at Aleteia “Have Yourself a Broken Little Christmas” is about how Christmas is never picture-perfect and even when it is for you, it never is for everyone:

This is the broken nature of Christmas. We celebrate a Savior who entered a wounded world. And every year we celebrate his birth, we see evidence that our world is still so broken, still so in need of the saving power of Jesus.

Our Savior did not come as a king, although he could have saved us in any way he pleased. Rather, he came as a tiny, vulnerable child. He entered our broken, violent, hate-filled world as a tiny, trusting, child, to be with us.

Read the rest HERE.

May your Christmas be full of the peace our world needs as we celebrate the birth of the Prince of Peace.

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