WATCH: Can Atheists Go To Heaven According to Quran? A Surprising Answer by A Muslim Scholar!

WATCH: Can Atheists Go To Heaven According to Quran? A Surprising Answer by A Muslim Scholar! April 5, 2015

The Speaker is Hasan bin Farhan Al-Maliki, a Saudi-based intellectual, author, Scholar of Islam, and investigative historian. Please watch this video for a refreshing perspective on concepts such as *Kufr*, *Shirk*, and the essence of Islam:



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Other Faiths Or Other Paths? 


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  • WAK Anamjem


  • Amr Mo

    No1 takes this useless site seriously. Islam is the Quran and the Sunnah.
    These idiotic attempts by the brits and germans at “reforming” Islam using secular/atheist munafeqeen posing as Muslims to garner attention are futile attempts. Alhamdulilah Muslims are waking up to this trash. You have made an enemy to educate the people of these sorts of attacks from this day.

    There is no god, but God.
    Muhammad is the messenger of God.

  • Amr Mo

    For rational proof of God, watch on Youtube:


  • Tami

    Salam aleikum

    Nice video. Thank you for sharing. It is true that tawhid is based on those principles, al hamdoulilah. You just have to take a look and do not copy and paste what others say about everything. The best of our din is flexibility and it makes us richer than nobody else.
    May God bless you
    Fi amani Lah

  • Naturalists are the only true believers. The Abrahamic religions are atheistic political groups in that they honor the limited understanding of men. Circumcision (the tearing asunder of what God has put in place) is a practice of kafir, it cannot not be true.

  • Abdulla Masud

    Exactly my thoughts!

    An uncle of mine (Who used to read Qur’an every single day and even died while reading the Qur’an) use to always say to my mom, that surely many non-muslims will enter jannah.

    I don’t understand why we decide who will and who will not enter jannah? Its not our judgment to make.

    Both the scholars gave really wonderful points.

    And about the last point that the host ( i.e. the scholar whose sayings are in white subtitles), “Allah does not forgive ascribing partners of worship unto Him” 4:48
    What if a person is ascribing partners unknowingly? Without Knowledge of Islam? He did not know/heard about Islam. Is he the same as the one who denied the truth?
    Think about all the people of other religion, where in their books or in their minds, they fear that questioning their religion is a grave sin.

    You see, Qur’an doesn’t force you to believe. It shows you to believe. It gives proofs for you to believe. It tells us to find the truth and not blindly believe something.

    Give it a thought, put yourself in the shoes of a non-believer. Think how they think. And you will see that they are held back by their society.

    I have met Christians (and also Muslims) who are told never to question their religion. How do you expect to find the truth without questioning? It is only by questioning, you can find the answer.

    Love & Peace.
    Abdulla Masud

  • Joe

    good to hear a Saudi say such a thing. now if they will just repeal their law that equates atheism to terrorism. or maybe those are the ‘arrogant’ atheists, not the ‘ignorant’ atheists? but isn’t the pass of the word ignorant, ignore. so if you read the Koran and then choose to ignore it, does that put you in the arrogant category or the ignorant one?

  • Atheist won’t go to heaven, nor will believers, because most likely heaven only exists in our stories and in our imagination. People came up with the idea of heaven to help them bear the terrible life conditions of the past. It gave them hope that all the injustice, hard work, struggle, pain will be eventually made good. It’s a great human adaptation that allowed us to pull through hardships and allowed us to survive until Today. But it doesn’t mean it’s true.

  • No quranic quotes that say what he is advocating.

  • nawawi

    You should understand it is not for us to decide,but the one who decides has already told us clearly without any ambiguity the pre requisit for going to heaven :
    Believe in Allah without associating any partner.

  • nawawi

    Islam does not say believe in what ever a saudi man says, rather believe in Allah and his prophet. The saudi man has been mislead by devil,I pray to Allah to guide him back to the true teaching of islam and also may Allah protect all believers and non believers from the evil of his teaching,for believers so that they stick to true Islam, and for non belivers to find the truth

  • Joe

    right. the waswas got him. you are right, he speaks the words of the shaytan.
    you are a true muslim, he is false. everyone know atheists don’t go to jannah. nor do polytheists, including Trinitarian Christians. to die in the state of shirk is the one UNFORGIVABLE sin.
    this is TRUE islam. the ONE AND ONLY TRUTH. may allah destroy the disbelievers.

  • But what you cite is homotheism (‘Man in God’s own image’). It is mere human politics, and thus vastly inferior to what is readily observable in nature.

  • AndThatIsOwnage .

    If you deny God you should be sent to the furthest place from Him and that is Hell.

    But Allah (swt) is the Judge, not me.

  • Guest


  • AndThatIsOwnage .

    “And among them are those who listen to you, but We have placed over their hearts coverings, lest they understand it, and in their ears deafness. And if they should see every sign, they will not believe in it. Even when they come to you arguing with you, those who disbelieve say, “This is not but legends of the former peoples.” – Quran [6:25]

  • Saadia Qahtani

    I believe he has a valid argument, who can say that Allah would designate Ghandi to an eternity in hellfire?

  • Saadia Qahtani

    Who are we to judge what belongs to Allah alone. That is, which soul will be assigned Jannah or Nar? Who do we think we are? Our duty is to do good works and our hearts are read by Allah alone. Arrogance reigns supreme amongst mankind.

  • ‘The devil wears many disguises,’ Printed words are just one of them. So it may turn out that “If you [declare] God you should be sent to the furthest place from Him and that is Hell.” We shall all find out, in turn.

  • Toady Modi

    A rare sensible Muslim

  • JustMe

    Or Martin Luther King and Mother Teresa. Even the Roman Catholic pope said you don’t need to believe in God to go to heaven.
    You don’t need to believe in God to be charitable and peaceful to your neighbors.

  • FrozenStar

    Everything he said is from Quran, in fact he is a part of a movement that is calling for Muslims to return to what Quran says.

  • Fadel Alamiri

    i know Mr Hassan Almalky > he is great man

  • Kirk Lazarus

    Ghandi was actually pretty racist though. But otherwise, I agree.

  • Jason Talbott

    Heaven is for real, but…Nobody goes to heaven when they die.

  • Eihab Ahmed

    I agree, this is the only video for him subtitled in English, unfortunately.

  • محمد عبد الكريم

    Mr. Hassan Almalky faced Wahabbies , they call him Kafer !!
    there also Adnan Ibrahim , this man has almost same idea to Hassan Almalky about Islam

  • Abdulaziz Al-mutlaq

    trust me friend it`s not rare to find sensible muslims i live with them everyday but they cannot speak unfortunately i used to be a muslim and this guy hassan was attacked by everyone so people don`t want to talk he at some point convinced be about islam but now i`m not convinced by any religion but he is trying to do something good .

  • Abdulaziz Al-mutlaq

    why ??

  • .

  • Christopher

    So mother Tareasa will go to hell then, even though she was more godly than most Muslims in this world and Christians?

  • Joe
  • El Cid

    “(‘Man in God’s own image’)”

    Anthropomorphism, or personification of God: That is the belief of Christians and Jews. You are referencing the Holy Bible.

    The Glorious Qur’an, the Muslim belief, is explicit:
    [Paraphrasing Surah112] Allah is One, Unique, Eternal and cannot be compared to anything in creation.

    Allah is Independent of His creation.

  • El Cid

    “But it doesn’t mean it’s true.”
    BTW…nor does it mean it is false.

  • El Cid

    Gandhi was a bigot, a racist, believed in the Caste System, in the transmigration of the soul…and was a genocidal mass murderer by proxy, through his hit man J. Nehru.

  • El Cid

    #1.“everyone know atheists don’t go to jannah”
    I don’t. In fact never knew that. Its new for me.

    Kafirs, Arabic word describing those who know the Truth but cover/hide it, are not the same as Atheists. Specially those Atheists who want to find/research/look for the Truth but are unable to find it…after sincere trying. Agnostics are also in a logical True position.

    So Allah only knows what is in their hearts and minds. You don’t. Neither do I. It is arrogant even mischievous to think otherwise.

    Allah Knows Best.

    #2. “nor do polytheists, including Trinitarian Christians.”
    That probably is true. Shirk is the unforgivable sin. But Allah is the Ultimate Judge. He punishes whom He Wills and Forgives whom He Wills. Allah Knows Best.

    Most of your post however is a sarcastic rant. Not worthy of further consideration.

  • El Cid

    You must have missed the subtext references/quotes/citations.

  • Khurram Gul

    “Except those who are (really) weak and oppressed – men,
    women, and children – who have no means in their power, nor can they find a
    way to get guidance.4-98
    For these, there is hope that Allah will forgive them : and Allah is Pardoning,
    Forgiving.” 4-99.

    These are the only 2 verses in Quran on this subject which is
    been discussed in above video, But unfortunately the scholar haven’t mention
    these verses in his whole discussion, These Verses clearly describing that only
    “weak and oppressed – men, women, and children who have no means in their
    power, nor can they find a way to get guidance” they may be Pardoned By Allah SWT, doesn’t matter they are born in any religion or faith, Allah SWT is the better judge who falls in that category, But one think is very clear that people who are commenting here on this post are neither looks oppressed nor weak (Including myself). The way everyone in writing here shows that we all are very smart and have an above average intellect level. As for us, we will be accountable for our each and every deed on the day of judgment, doesn’t matter we are born in a Muslim family or a non-Muslim family, Because all major sins like killing,raping, drinking, gambling, lying, stealing, hurting someone etc…. these are all common bad deed across the Globe and Quran also confirms that these are wrong doings, and all the countries made laws against these crimes also, doesn’t matter Muslim or Non-Muslim country, what does this means??? It means that everyone know that these are bad deeds and punishable crime, but if a mentally retarded person commits any crime he will not be charged the same way like a healthy mind person, similarly Allah SWT is also treating the mankind in same manner,That is why Allah SWT said in Quran ” the nature made by Allah in which He has made men”30-30. So we understand that we all are sent to this world with a basic built-in criteria of differentiating between right and wrong, So as much we know as much we are accountable for our every action, simple is that.

  • Toto

    The Quran makes it clear that ONLY those who have Islam as their religion will go to heaven. DO NOT BELIEVE THIS LUNATICS LIES (the man in the video with the brownish beard).

    Translation of Quran chapter 3 verse 85: “And whoever desires other than Islam as religion – never will it be accepted from him, and he, in the Hereafter, will be among the losers.”

    ALL prophets (Moses (AS/peace be upon him) and Jesus (AS/peace be upon him)) are Muslims and have Islam as their religion. Their nations who followed them will, Allah willings, go to heaven.

  • What is becoming clear in this day, is that those who follow man’s scripture are those who err, and they are the ones closed off from their fellow man. Printed words are the most infinitesimal part of Existance, and can only create atheists of men.

  • dosssva

    “You see, Qur’an doesn’t force you to believe…” No, extremist Muslims do that on pain of death or torture.

  • dosssva

    Flexibility? Not a descriptor that jumps to mind when discussing Islam or any other monotheistic religion.

  • dosssva

    There is no God. At least not one that resembles in any way the rantings and fairytales of either the Torah, Qur’an or Bible.

  • True. It is ironic-atheism (homotheism) when words of men (Abraham, etc) are put on a pedestal.

  • Assalamu Alikum akhi/ukhti, excellent video removing all misconceptions about #Apostasy & #ISLAM! ! Watch! for newsposts

  • It is illusion to think that that video makes a distinction between Islam and any other attempt at codification of life (“good is good, bad is bad, and if you try to kill me I will kill you”). Illusion is all that any attempted codification of nature can be. It will always seem to be insubordinate of man to go over the head of what god made to regulate us (the same as all life); nature.

  • Terrymac

    It’s far more likely to be false than true. People all go back to where they came from. Wherever you were in all the billions of years before you were born, that’s where you’ll end up once you die. So make the most of it while you’re here.

  • Terrymac

    Every single last person who is on this planet, or who has ever existed on this planet, or who will ever exist in the future, is an ATHEIST! This is a FACT! An ATHEIST is;
    “a person who disbelieves or lacks belief in the existence of God or gods.”, and as there has been thousands of “Gods” invented by humans over the many years we have existed on this planet, then everyone lacks belief in most of those “Gods” which makes them an ATHEIST for those “Gods” they don’t believe in!
    Hello! My fellow ATHEISTS! How are you all today!

  • What Creation brought forth as our absolute sovereign is nature. It renders the God point mute. And anyway, the God question reduced is, “Do you believe that existence exists?”, which in fact makes everyone a BELIEVER.

  • Terrymac

    It makes everyone a BELIEVER in their own existence, certainly! The “God” issue has more to do with submiting to authority figures and reneging on your personal responsibility.

  • All analysis ends in paradox. See man as an ethologist sees life. That is the truest view. In that context I did find Muhammad fascinating. But it would be wrong to ascribe him as partner to Creation.