October 7, 2016

I have long struggled with depression and mild anxiety, and tonight, I discovered that reading scripture can actually help with that. Read more

October 2, 2016

Samuel is the first book of the Bible that actually contains verifiable history, but, as always, what the book has to say about God is more important. Read more

September 16, 2016

The U.S. and Israel on Wednesday signed a new 38 billion dollar military aid agreement. The devil is in the details, however, and this aid package is not what it seems. Read more

September 14, 2016

Supporting Jill Stein for president is the only way to build a massive grassroots coalition of all the peoples marginalized by our current system. Read more

September 14, 2016

A popular reverend in the United Church of Canada faces defrocking because she identifies as an atheist. Here is why we must stand in solidarity with her. Read more

September 11, 2016

Women finally get their due in the Hebrew Bible with Ruth, the powerful story of two women and how they ensured the future of Israel. Read more

September 9, 2016

The Caped Crusader has a lesson to teach us all about the nature of good and evil. Read more

September 7, 2016

2016 continues to be the most exhausting election cycle in recent memory. For the first time in my life, I have no idea who I'm going to vote for. Read more

September 4, 2016

Before Saul and David, Israel was led by a series of warrior-chieftains called Judges. Folk-tale reminiscences of these characters make up the seventh book in the Hebrew Bible. Read more

September 2, 2016

While going through the most painful experience of my life, the idea that it's ultimately for the best and that I'm only hurting so much because I need time to heal was literally the last thing I wanted to hear. Read more

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