Dear Brittany Maynard: Not All Christians Are Against You

Dear Brittany Maynard: Not All Christians Are Against You October 9, 2014

Dear Brittany,

Not all Christians are against you.

It may seem like it today, when many of us are yelling “Coward!” “Heathen!” “Murderer!” “Sinner!” “Hell-bound!” and other horrible things in your direction. Oh, we may not be using those words. We may be couching the attack in love: writing sentences about bravery in suffering and Christ’s death on the cross. We may be telling you how we are praying for your soul.

But I’m sure you can hear what’s really being said, loudly and insistently: YOU ARE GOING AGAINST GOD BY CHOOSING WHEN TO DIE.

We are speaking for our version of God, but not for you.

We are choosing a cause over a person.

And that is why I’m writing today: I want you to know that not all Christians think we can speak for God on this topic, and some of us know you are more than the decision that is defining your final days.

We understand that your situation has no right answer; because no answer will restore what terminal brain cancer has stolen from you. Nothing will give you back your future.

And we know you are already in hell, or you would not have to make this choice.

We think you are brave—not because of the way you are choosing to die, but because of how you are choosing to live.

You are opening yourself to attack even when you are most vulnerable.You are choosing to be in the center of a firestorm when you could be alone with your family. You are multiplying a devastating situation by the power of the media.

And you are doing all of this because you believe in something:

You believe that terminally-ill patients should be allowed to die with dignity.

Well, Brittany, some of us Christians believe that, too.

And we stand with you.


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Note from Reba: I do not usually write about politically-charged topics, but sometimes spiritual healing means speaking up instead of remaining silent. 


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