The #AmericaIsKind Challenge: Day 9

The #AmericaIsKind Challenge: Day 9 November 9, 2016

Today is Day 9 of the #AmericaIsKind Challenge:

It is arguable we have never needed a show of kindness in America more than we do right now, today:

Maybe you are elated by the election results, or maybe you are angry and disappointed.

Either way, we are a country divided–at war with one another. We need to remember the things we DO agree on.

When I went on an exploration of over 30 religions, meeting people of every race and walk of life and political/faith orientation—the two things we had it common were a belief in the importance of kindness and gratitude.
America Is Kind
Today America does not feel kind. It does not look kind. Which is why we need KINDNESS MORE THAN EVER.

Regardless of your political affiliation and the outcome of the vote, we all had the opportunity to go to the polls yesterday because we live in a free country protected by our brave military.

Let’s use today as an opportunity to show gratitude and kindness to our soldiers and veterans.

No matter what divides us, we are united in freedom.

Lady liberty

Our theme today is FREEDOM, and our Charity of the Day is the WOUNDED WARRIOR PROJECT:

“Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) serves veterans and service members who incurred a physical or mental injury, illness, or wound, co-incident to their military service on or after September 11, 2001 and their families. ”

“Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) takes a holistic approach when serving warriors and their families to nurture the mind and body, and encourage economic empowerment and engagement. Through a high-touch and interactive approach, WWP hopes to foster the most successful, well-adjusted generation of wounded service members in our nation’s history. “
wounded warrior 2wounded warrior 3

Gratitude: “I am grateful for the soldiers who fight to defend our freedom.”

Good: Send a care package to a soldier via
Good: Participate in the #GreenlightAVet project by changing one visible light in your home or office to a green bulb to show your support for our Veterans. Then go to  to put your light on the map.
Good: Encourage a military spouse who has a deployed partner by sending a free e-card via American Greetings
Good: On social media, thank the veterans you know for their service.
Good: Send a letter, email or prayer to our past and present military members through
Good: Donate to our Charity of the Day, the Wounded Warrior Project

wounded warrior 4

The purpose of the #AmericaIsKind Challenge is simple:

To remind us all that #AmericaIsKind because Americans are kind.

We want to spread kindness, gratitude and acts of good while highlighting the work of great charities.

We want to start a wildfire of kindness and positivity online and in everyday life.

So if you are tired of negativity, strife & division—especially on social media—

America Is Kind

Take the #AmericaIsKind Challenge!

It’s easy! Simply…

On social media SHARE an ACT OF KINDNESS someone has done for you with #AmericaIsKind

TAG 3-5 friends and your favorite charity to take the #AmericaIsKind Challenge

PAY IT FORWARD by doing a random act of kindness for a stranger


Take the full 30-day #AmericaIsKind Challenge, with daily gratitudes, acts of goods, and our highlighted charities HERE. You can jump in or out any day…whenever you find the challenge is the perfect time to begin.

Need more kindness & gratitude ideas? We have them.

Find the other days of The #AmericaIsKind Challenge HERE.

book cover

During the year I explored 30 religions, I found that KINDNESS and GRATITUDE are present in every faith. In spite of our many differences, these qualities unite us.

Later, through a yearlong battle with clinical depression, I discovered that practicing KINDNESS and GRATITUDE are two of the scientifically-proven ways to defeat depression and increase happiness.

Coincidence? I don’t think so!

I came up with the #AmericaIsKind Challenge as a way to inspire the practice of kindness and gratitude, unite Americans with the things we have in common, help others who may be struggling with depression, and to remind us all that America is kind because Americans are kind.

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