If Tony Kriz’s ALOOF Interested You, Go Read This Immediately

If Tony Kriz’s ALOOF Interested You, Go Read This Immediately March 19, 2015

Hi readers,

Just a quick note to share an important post with you. It’s been quite a lot of years since I first read Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller. There is a story in there about a Confession Booth that seriously pretty much changed my life and my approach to Christian mission. When I reviewed Tony Kriz’s book, Aloof, I was unaware that he was in Blue Like Jazz. But I recently discovered that in Miller’s book, Kriz is “Tony the Beat Poet.” Well, Tony Kriz just wrote about that Confession Booth story from his own perspective. It’s largely the same story, but with a different voice. In both accounts, I get hit between the eyes with “THIS IS WHAT CHRISTIANS ARE SUPPOSED TO BE DOING” every time I read it. Every time. You simply must go read it. It’s amazing.

Here’s the post: Reed College Confession Booth.

Going? OK. Please report back.

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