‘The Rings of Power’ Episode Four Review: ‘Choose Not the Path of Fear But of Faith’

‘The Rings of Power’ Episode Four Review: ‘Choose Not the Path of Fear But of Faith’ September 16, 2022

When the enemy comes in like a flood . . . the good will be there standing to meet them. In episode four of “The Rings of Power,” entitled “The Great Wave,” the forces of light and darkness continue their death march toward each other in Middle Earth.

Ema Horvath (Eärien), Leon Wadham (Kemen) in “Rings of Power” Courtesy of Prime Video

Galadriel, still a guest/captive of Númenor, pleads her case to the Queen Regent Míriel, urging a holy alliance between elves and humans to fight the hordes that no one is willing to consider is approaching. “Choose not the path of fear but that of faith,” she tells the queen, echoing a common theme throughout the series. Evil is often allowed to proliferate because those who can stand in its way are often frozen into inaction. “The Rings of Power” champions the idea of action even at the risk of personal cost.

Unrestrained fear can also incite people to battle each other instead of uniting. On the island, fears of Galadriel’s continued presence nearly stirs a mob against her before Pharazôn seizes a political opportunity to get in front and lead the crowd.

Elsewhere, the elf warrior Arondir, in the belly of the proverbial beast, comes face-to-face with the leader of the orcs. The leader issues a dire warning to the masses of humans relocating from their lands. Once again, he’s using fear and violence as a weapon to force them to surrender. As one group arrives at a safe haven, food is scarce, leading Theo to embark on a heroic mission for food supplies. His journey to a burned-out village is one of the more riveting sequences of the episode.

The bond between Elrond and Prince Durin IV continues to grow as they regain each other’s trust. Both characters are a delight to watch, and viewers will surely root for their friendship and eventual team-up in the great battle brewing. In the final moments of “The Great Wave,” a stirring speech is given, signifying a rallying cry that will echo through the remainder of the series.

With this episode focusing more on Númenor, viewers are able to become more acquainted with characters such as Pharazôn, Eärien, Isildur, and Kemen, along with the fear and politics of the island. Where will everyone stand when the war comes crashing home, as one vision suggests? Will its inhabitants unite in arms or cower in fear?

“The Rings of Power” continues to impress with every new entry. “The Great Wave,” with the grand production of a major motion picture, is marked by a couple of spectacular action scenes and sharp, beautiful imagery, but most of all, it serves to push the characters toward an epic battle yet to come.

“The Rings of Power” Episode Four “The Great Wave” is currently streaming on Amazon Prime.

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