Dennis Quaid Talks UpTV Gaither Music Special, Faith Films

Dennis Quaid Talks UpTV Gaither Music Special, Faith Films March 28, 2024

This weekend, as part of its Bring the Spring and Good Friday programming, UpTV will host the premiere of “Fallen: A Gospel Record for Sinners” featuring Dennis Quaid. The special, produced by Gaither Music, features live versions of songs from Quaid’s debut gospel record, including the title track, “Please Don’t Give Up on Me,” “Why Me, Lord” and new versions of classic hymns.

Dennis Quaid image courtesy of UPTV

Known for his starring role in films such as “The Rookie,” “The Parent Trap,” “Soul Surfer” and many more, Quaid said music “has always been a part of me. I’ve been playing guitar since I was 12 years old.”

The special is a run of the entire record, featuring a “really good band” put together by Ben Isaacs and additional commentary from Quaid and gospel music pioneer and producer Bill Gaither, who the singer regards as “amazing.”

“He’s such an amazing person,” he said. “His experience in music and in his own relationship with God and Jesus, it’s so inspiring. Quaid observed Gaither in his element recently during a Homecoming concert in Oklahoma, noticing how he stood through a lengthy rehearsal and directed the music with perfection. “It’s just a treasure to be around someone like that,” he said.

Quaid’s album is a personal reflection of a redeemed life. He admits he’s not what anyone would call perfect, but that he’s been a seeker all of his life, starting out in the Baptist church as a kid. After making a name for himself through leading roles in so many mainstream films, lately he’s been a fixture in faith and family entertainment that started with “Soul Surfer.”

“I think Hollywood has sort of lost its audience,” he said. “These movies that have come up independently, ‘I Can Only Imagine’ being one and ‘The Shack,’ which did really well, there now seems to be a lot of them. There’s a huge hunger for these stories, because they’re part of people’s lives. And Hollywood gets very surprised.”

This week, the release date for Quaid’s starring turn as the President in ‘Reagan’ was scheduled for August 30, a film shot in 2020 during the Covid shutdown.

“It’s finally ready to go,” he said. “I’m really proud of it and I think it’s a good time to bring it out.”

“Fallen: A Gospel Record for Sinners” featuring Quaid and produced by Gaither premieres Friday, March 29 at 7 pm EST on UpTV. Watch an interview with Dennis Quaid and DeWayne Hamby below.

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