Love Trumps Nothing

Love Trumps Nothing November 22, 2016

By Kyle Sebastian Vitale.


With the November elections, as with so many recent social conflicts, the word love has re-entered our national lexicon. Hashtags, t-shirts, and protests announce that “Love Trumps Hate.” Hurting voters express love for the refugee, the Muslim, the LGBTQIA+ through moving Facebook posts. Meanwhile, President-Elect Trump claims electoral victory to the tune of a new nationalism that expresses love of country in a spectrum of colors.

Yet these same pathways also celebrate vindictiveness. Unfriending plagues Facebook, “un-invitations” sour Thanksgiving. Alongside “Love Trumps Hate,” many adopt The Handmaid’s Tale’s “Nolite te bastardes carborundorum” (“Don’t let the bastards grind you down”). Groups vow vicious accountability for Mr. Trump, or remind public figures of their promises to leave the country. Anti-Trump rioting bleeds the night, while Mr. Trump’s recusal of hate group endorsements remains weak, if present at all.

This word has loosed its moorings, floating without direction until something anchors it again.

If only such anchoring were easier. America has an uneven history with the word love. It appears nowhere in our founding documents except for felicitous phrasing like “love of country” in the Federalist papers. In fact, American thinkers seem to have thought little about it; Raoul de Roussy de Sales wrote for The Atlantic in 1938 that “American literature contains no work of any note, not even essays, on love as a psychological phenomenon . . . [n]o classification of the various brands of love such as La Rochefoucauld, Pascal, Stendhal, Proust, and many others have elaborated has been attempted from the American angle.” Little has been attempted since 1938.

Yet our national rhetoric is not devoid of love. Correspondence between Thomas Jefferson and John Adams frequently addresses the sins of the nation and the hope that all will forgive injury and love one another in godly virtue. Abraham Lincoln famously concludes his second inaugural address with “malice toward none, with charity for all.” The writings of the Transcendentalists, particularly Thoreau, glow with the power of love to tame violent emotion and knit friend to friend.

These incidents of the word participate in a larger western rhetorical tradition whose core idea should indict our recent utterances: love, in its labor to bind people together, signals the taming and quietude of self before others. Aristotle, in his philosophy of friendship in Nichomachean Ethics, understands love as the recognition of self in others. Paul writes in 1 Corinthians that love is “kind” and “does not boast,” “keeps no record of wrongs” and “always hopes.” Shakespeare’s great statement on love in Sonnet 116 stresses that it “is not love / Which alters when it alteration finds,” but “bears” in the marriage of minds.

Regardless of the criticism that tradition receives for its patriarchal hegemonies, the point is this: at no point in the history of our polity has love, carefully defined, suggested shutting others down, trumping hundreds of thousands of neighbors into defeat, or denying personhood and dignity to those with inexplicable views.

And yet, at no other point in the history of our polity has the word faced such careless weaponization through the proliferating power of social media.

As we careen towards the holidays, I humbly suggest that if our statements of love only build walls for our pre-existing beliefs and associations, without building outwards to those who share our spaces, than they are not love. “With malice toward none, with charity for all.”

But such change must happen first in the self, from where millions of tweets, and walls, and office interactions define our national discourse. Tolstoy writes in Family Happiness that the experience of love “ma[kes] everything begin to speak and press for admittance in [the] heart, filling it with happiness.” Reducing fellow human beings to “racist” or “cuckservative,” even when their outlook makes worse reductions, admits nothing.

Clever eponymous appropriations aside, then, love does not “trump” hate. Love infiltrates hate. Love meets hate where it is, hears its vocabularies, and perceives the desire and pain behind it. Love feels the calluses on worn and roughened attitudes. Love responds wholly, and in its patience, transforms hate.

Where our political rhetoric disbars this outlook, it must change. Left-leaning social theory too often perceives people groups over individuals, bristling to imagine an actual straight white Republican dealing fairly with a refugee. Right-leaning imagination too often avoids the language of love entirely, restricting such sentiment to privacy and the home for fear of sounding too much like the Beatles.

Here is the hardest thing, then: to meet the racist, the bigot, the hypocrite, the “lib” or “alt-right,” the incumbent, the hateful, and the blind with a willingness to see what they see as a way to knowing them as human beings.

Harder still, we must recognize the myth that our consciences are clear, and find the indifference, hate, and selfishness that plague us all. Fyodor Dostoevsky writes in Brothers Karamazov that each of us is “guilty before all people, on behalf of all and for all.” Our mutually-exposed guilt will not dissipate in the vague light of progressive reform, nor be sweated off in the freedom of a disburdened economy. Loving the enemy does not just rebuild external relations—it succors the soul and reminds us of our own inadequacies.

Repeating and retweeting the word love does not an ethics make. We do well to speak of love with care, letting each utterance of the word expose our weaknesses, drawing us closer to the other across the aisle, behind us at the bank, and protesting in the streets. If love trumps anything, it trumps the self.


Kyle Vitale is currently a Research Associate at the Folger Shakespeare Library, having taken his Ph.D. in English literature from the University of Delaware in May 2016. His work considers the history of the book in light of Shakespearean literature and sacramental theology. He has published in several academic journals including Religion & Literature and Christianity & Literature, popular journals like the Chronicle of Higher Education, and stand-alone collections. Kyle can be reached at



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50 responses to “Love Trumps Nothing”

  1. so we should meet the racist whites where they are and be willing to see what they see? that’s your idea of love?

  2. I think that, in an ideal world, where racist whites would be people who responded in a helpful manner to somebody willing to hear them out and then counter their misconceptions with facts, yes, that would be the thing to do.

    The problem is that that isn’t how the world works at all, and usually such engagement is about as productive as beating your head against a brick wall. The racist comes out of the argument completely bewildered because they don’t understand why you have an issue with what they see as self-evident facts, and you come out bleeding.

  3. your statement is hateful. Obama was the Hater in Chief and the voters rejected him by rejecting the Queen of Hate. It was Divine Providence that worked the miracle by sending America a Moses to lead us out of Communism into liberty. Truly our 2nd Independence day.

  4. This an article more about self reflection than a need to respond or even to act immediately. If more of us did not feel the need to immediately respond or Tweet and reflected first, WE would not immediately start the sort of wars that are already being repeated below. Such beautiful, thought filled words and sentiment Kyle Vitale wrote. I can only hope that those who chose to reflect rather then “tweet”, have actually absorbed some of it.
    I had originally chosen not to reply as I personally wanted to reflect. But unfortunately I scrolled down, the replies made me cry. And 7,379 instances of hate by a single cowboy, seriously in need of self reflection.

  5. I have no idea what you are talking about and obviously neither do you. None the less you have managed to not know what you are talking about over 7,397 times– so many opinions, and none of them worth saying.
    >> Being a professional Troll has only worked for one guy. And he is British. Get another hobby.

  6. What was your answer about if any thing?? Some attempt at humor?? I just pity you all the more.

  7. you read all my posts, that must have taken hours. I have POWER over you, like no other. Keep on toking.

  8. What a absolutely ludicrous concept and so very vain of you!
    >>I have never read a single one of your posts before yesterday. If I had ever run across one accidentally they were instantly forgettable. DO NOT imagine yourself to be more than the insolent little troll that you are.
    >> I was just a bit curious as to whether your bio indicated a GRADE school child, such as the mentality of your posts would indicate. If this is the case I would go easy on you as you are indeed an ignorant child and not a mere imitation of one.
    >>I am still sure that that is the truth about you . A 16 1/2 year old still working on passing 8th grade. That seems to be the real YOU.
    >>– Best of luck with finishing 8th grade this year..(maybe).. Forget trolling concentrate on finishing 8th grade.
    >>Sincerely I truly hope you get at least a high school education.
    >>7,424 opinions… And since opinions are like “A” holes- you seem to be full of it.
    >> And yet still I pity you. Pity has an element of universal empathy that it is a shame you cannot experience. What a Pity you are.

  9. Dear ‘Ponder This’, you certainly sound angry and spiteful. Dear ‘Greg Abdul’, perhaps you and Ponder should consider the following when you keep describing Trump supporters as ‘racist whites’. First, whites are tired of being called racist simply because they are white. Get over it yourself: stop being racist.

    Next: Look at the following. You are repeating what simply is a lie, that is, that Trump supporters are white males. Trump could not have been elected without the support of Hispanics, Blacks, Muslims, Women and Sanders supporters. The truth is: Trump is supported by Americans. Period.

    31% of Hispanics voted for Trump.

    33% of Latinos and 26% of Latinas.

    8% of Blacks voted for Trump, up 33% from Romney’s 6% in 2012.

    In absolute numbers, more Blacks voted for Trump than for any Republican since 1960.

    53% of White Women voted for Trump.

    58% of Hispanics favor blocking illegal immigration.

    Without the Hispanic vote Trump would not have won Florida.

    7 states that voted for Obama in 2008 and 2012 voted this time for Trump. One can hardly call the voters in these states racists after they voted for the first black president in U.S. history and then voted for him a second time.

    3 out of 10 Bernie Sanders voters voted for Trump. If that had been just 2 out of 10, Trump would not have won

    13% of Muslim voters compared to 4.4% for Romney in 2012

    The issue was jobs. Hillary forgot the famous poster on Bill Clinton’s wall in the 1992 campaign: “It’s the economy, stupid.”

  10. Sarah, please. I don’t believe for a second that you’ve spoken to a racist. You’re just suggesting what you believe would happen if you spoke to a ‘racist’, that is, if you could find one.

    Every interview I see with Trump supporters has those supporters talking about jobs. I wish they would mention that Trump doesn’t want to start WW III and Clinton did, but, oh well.

    So-called non-racists seem to have a terrible time avoiding calls for the assassination of Donald Trump, or avoiding beating up perceived Trump voters or avoiding rioting and vandalizing. One reads about all the slurs and insults people have supposedly received from Trump supporters. What’s funny is, in this age of ubiquitous cell phone cameras and videos from regular cameras, that there are only videos of physical violence against Trump supporters. The reverse is only hearsay.

    You mention facts. When I presented the following fact/question to my oldest friend of nearly half a century who has been a Rabbi most of that time, she never answered and unfriended me on Facebook (but not before telling me she was tired of my involvement with ‘right wing politics’). That is the response from the “non-racist” politically correct world. Beside the issue of Clinton wanting war with Russia and Trump wanting to avoid it, there is the little issue of Libya.

    After reading the following facts, please tell me why anyone of any faith or of any political view would have or should have voted for Hillary Clinton.

    Hillary Clinton was the one who pushed for the bombing in Serbia. Hillary Clinton was the one who convinced Obama to bomb Libya.

    Libya was the most economically and socially advanced country in Africa. In Libya, education, healthcare, and electricity were free. There was full freedom for women. 50% of university students were women. There was Freedom of Religion. Libya was a secular country. The Catholic Archbishop in Libya supported Gaddafi and confirmed that Catholics had full freedom there. Gasoline was practically free, selling for 14 US cents per liter. Women who gave birth were supported with cash grants and couples received cash grants upon marriage. Libya’s state bank provided loans without interest and provided free startup capital to farmers. Gaddafi built a massive water project that benefitted all of Libya and extended beyond that.

    Muammar Gaddafi was the most progressive political leader in the world. Gaddafi used Libya’s oil wealth for the benefit of the Libyan people. He lived in a tent, a nice tent, but not in a palace, and he did not have collections of European exotic cars or any of the other paraphernalia associated with the ruling families in Saudi Arabia and the oil emirates that are Washington’s Middle Eastern allies.

    And, as you know, it was all destroyed by the Obama/Clinton bombing of Libya and Clinton’s coordination of Saudi Arabia and Qatar’s financing the Al-Qaeda ‘rebels’.

    30,000 to 50,000 people died in Libya and another 50,000 were wounded. The country and its social structure were destroyed and is now divided in civil war, women have lost their rights. The rebel team that Clinton supported then proceeded onto a racist systematic murder of all the black Libyans they could find—the white Muslims murdering the black Muslims. The first bombing the Americans did was to destroy the water system.

    And what was Hillary Clinton’s response to the death and destruction she created and to the murder of Muammar Gaddafi? Her response was the infamous “We came. We saw. He died.” and then she laughed.

    Libyans once enjoyed a higher standard of living than two-thirds of the planet. Now their country is a terrorist stronghold ruled by competing warlords. Hillary Clinton turned a stable, developed nation into an ISIS safe haven.

    How do we describe Hillary Clinton?

    “Hillary Clinton Turned a Stable, Developed Nation Into an ISIS Safe Haven. That’s the Real Benghazi Scandal”

    “Libya: How Hillary Clinton Destroyed a Country — She’s learned nothing from her blood-soaked failure”

    “October 20, 2016, is the fifth anniversary of the murder of Muammar Gaddafi by forces organized and unleashed by US President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton”

    “If the Libyan war was about saving lives, it was a catastrophic failure”

  11. “I don’t believe for a second that you’ve spoken to a racist.”

    Wow, I’m glad to have this valuable insight into my thirty years of life, oh stranger on the internet that knows nothing about me except what I’ve commented.

    There’s really no point in discussing further. When you dismiss my experience out of hand with no evidence except that you seem to believe that racists are hard to find, we really have nothing to discuss.

    Also, I was not in any way defending Hillary Clinton in my comment, so why you felt it necessary to drag her (and good grief, she LOST) into the conversation is beyond me. She’s out of the equation. Trump now stands on his own.

    “Please tell me why anybody of any faith or any political view would have or should have voted for Hillary Clinton.” I could give you my personal reasons, but I doubt you really care. Your mind is made up, and any reason I could give you (and believe me, they were not lightly come to) would be unsatisfactory. You’ve decided that Clinton is terrible, and nobody standing across from her could possibly be worse, and that, for you, is that.

    I don’t know what happened between you and your friend, and it’s really none of my business, but is it possible that things you’ve been doing and saying have hurt her deeply and she’d simply had enough? Are your politics really more important than your friendships? A friendship of fifty years is something to treasure. I’d suggest getting off the internet and going and seeing what you can do to mend that. Again, not my business, but you brought it into the conversation, so there we are. (I say this because I made the same mistake, and a dear friend didn’t speak to me for about three years because of it. I finally realized what I had done and reached out, and she had the grace to forgive me, and we have a friendship again. But I had to realize that politics are NEVER more important than people. Ever. Not even a little bit.)

  12. Persuade, Change and Influence. “Capture their minds, and their hearts and souls will follow.”

  13. Oh my Oh my.. Yawn…
    You have never captured any one’s mind.
    Do not try to fool yourself.. as you have not fooled anyone else.
    You have it backwards young lad.

  14. Lesson 101:>Oh my gosh.. You do so ever so much have it so absolutely backwards. Why on earth do you not realize this??
    >>Your true aim is not at all to persuade, change or influence…
    >>YOUR “SOUL” intention is to be hateful.. which has never ever changed a single person’s mind or opinion. >> GET IT YET?
    > if you actually TRULY wanted to change a persons “mind” or opinion, then you woud do well to review the following reccomendations, rather than just spewing vitrol.
    >> Thank you very much for you comments (as obsure and meaning less as they are ) … BUT I still feel such Pity for you.— Soo very sad and so worthy of pity. If I were of a “praying” sort I woud “pray for you… Soo very sad you are .

  15. Yah explain this White RACIST explosion away-??
    TRUMP IS THE CANDIDATE THE WHITE SUPREMACY NATION BACKED AND CHOSEN by them ( EVEN without their white sheets they have always been there and are NOW feeling that they are now ascendant and now violently acting READ THE REAL NEWS SOMETIME>
    >> all your other nonsense posts have NOTHING TO DO WITH TRUMP AND THE WHITE NATIONALISTS– SO WHY DID YOU EVEN POST THEM?? (red herrings like this are the fodder of fake and BREITBART news–
    >> And yes I will challenge any one who voted for TRUMP actually knowing that he is the favorite son of the K.K.K. (and their Tea party covers) to justify the fact that they KNOWINGLY voting for the racist , white nationalist TRUMP— does not not make them at least in agreement with White Nationalist (Neo- Nazis)..
    >> TRY and pretend that YOU you are not racist but you voted HIM in knowing that HE was!

  16. Gee gosh almighty—-erik 99SF-??? You asked could I find a RACIST??—– YOU SERIOUSLY ASKED that question???
    HOW about this white supremacist rally held right out in the open in Washington D,C. just steps from the Trumps (possible) future home. Just a day after Trump’s proclaimed nomination>>
    THIS THING MAKES ANYBODY WITH AN ACTUAL SOUL OR HEART SICK>. get your speakers ready at the start as it starts of with.. “Hail Trump.. no fooling anybody what this sick thing is about>>

  17. Why are you posting 10 old news article that have NOTHING to do with the discussion At hand?.

  18. Thank you Ponder. I knew you wouldn’t answer the information about Hillary Clinton. You write “10 old news article that have NOTHING to do with the discussion At hand?” Uh, I thought the discussion was about racism. “Old” does not disqualify any article if it is relevant to the issue at hand. The issue at hand is that Hillary Clinton took an African country full of human beings of African and Caucasian background with members of Christian and Muslim religions and murdered it in cold blood. Then the white Rebels she supported began an extermination campaign against the black Muslim citizens. And then you write to me that the article has “NOTHING to do with the discussion at hand”.

    To see the racist, Ponder, you need only look in the mirror.

    BTW, we are talking about a real country, with real people, that was really destroyed and the people really murdered and really injured. I take your silence to mean, you not only voted for Clinton but that with this knowledge you would vote for her again.

    You write: “PAY ATTENTION :THIS THING MAKES ANYBODY WITH AN ACTUAL SOUL OR HEART SICK.” Am I to understand that Clinton’s real life mass murder does not make you who has an “actual soul OR heart” sick?

    BTW2, perhaps you could repeat the phrases “white supremacist” “Trump” “KKK” again until someone believe it besides SJWs.

    Ponder, you also write: “And yes I will challenge any one who voted for TRUMP actually knowing that he is the favorite son of the K.K.K. (and their Tea party covers) to justify the fact that they KNOWINGLY voting for the racist , white nationalist TRUMP— does not not make them at least in agreement with White Nationalist (Neo- Nazis).”

    Very good. Now you’ve accused all the women, Blacks, Hispanics, gays and Muslims that voted for Trump of either have knowingly voted for a racist or of being too ignorant and uninformed to have made the right decision.

    Spencer is an idiot. Regarding Fake News, what a coincidence that just then The Atlantic mainstream magazine decides to do a video profile of Spencer, as if he had any meaning in the world at all. His videos and videos about him had only hundreds or a few thousand views prior to the Atlantic, Rachel Maddow and The Young Turks reports. Virtually no one had an interest in him for obvious reasons–you stated them yourself. I see in YouTube that that is still the case. Videos by or about Spencer still have hardly any views. It is only the reports from The Atlantic, Rachel Maddow and The Young Turks that have hundreds of thousands to two million views. We can be pretty sure that most of those views were generated by people like yourself and others trying to reinforce your opinion that Trump is supported only by racists (including, apparently, many women, Hispanic, Black, gay and Muslim racists).

    Ponder, if you made your own political YouTube video in the kitchen while munching on breakfast toast and drinking coffee you would get more attention and more video views than Spencer and have more meaning than he does.

  19. Sarah, you quoted me and wrote: “ ‘Please tell me why anybody of any faith or any political view would have or should have voted for Hillary Clinton.’ I could give you my personal reasons, but I doubt you really care. Your mind is made up, and any reason I could give you (and believe me, they were not lightly come to) would be unsatisfactory.”

    Sarah, thank you for the thoughtful reply. This will end up becoming a circular argument but I will try. My point-of-view was established based on Hillary Clinton’s real life actions. I would say in advance, that an answer that tried to balance out her real life evil acts would have to be pretty stunning to be satisfactory. After all, what could possibly–just taking Libya as the example–balance that out?

    You also write: “You’ve decided that Clinton is terrible, and nobody standing across from her could possibly be worse, and that, for you, is that.”

    Funny, that is the crux of the dispute with my friend. I would cite real life examples of Clinton evil, and then receive answers like Ponder’s–guilt by association. And although the Trump campaign disavowed and condemned Spencer, Ponder knows in her heart what Trump is. Trump’s support from David Duke was brought up again and again. And, although, the Jeff Bezos-owned-anti-Trump Washington Post put together an article of all Trump’s comments about Duke and his multiple disavowals of Duke to the point that Trump had to ask, “How many disavowals do you need?”, my friend would bring up the KKK again, just as Ponder does.

    At no time did I write that I supported Trump. I ‘simply’ listed Clinton’s real life evil acts and clarified things said about Trump by factual sources.

    Then we come to the crux of the matter and you stated it perfectly:

    “but is it possible that things you’ve been doing and saying have hurt her deeply and she’d simply had enough? Are your politics really more important than your friendships?”

    That is it exactly. Perhaps you and I could agree on some things, but look at Ponder’s comments. Probably not in your case, but one has to ask when, how and why did the Cult of Hillary begin? She is documented one of the most vile persons ever to step onto the American political stage. Yet her vicious, murderous, vile, thieving acts from Serbia, to Haiti, to Arkansas, to Libya to Syria, to Saudi Arabia and Qatar, to her attacks on the women sexually abused by Bill–the whole encyclopedia of evil is somehow brushed away, ignored, rationalized. And when I begin listing those acts my friend–or others–are “hurt deeply”–and then they’ve “had enough”.

    You wrote” “I had to realize that politics are NEVER more important than people. Ever. Not even a little bit.” Exactly. I was the innocent one going in thinking I could just plod away with facts and I never realized that facts didn’t matter. Somehow there was this emotional-personal investment in Hillary Clinton.

    Part of the great divide in American politics and religious life comes now in the extension of this personal hurt into realms which seem rather incredible. One of the current ones is the knife attack at Ohio State University. After 11 people were injured (3 of them still in the hospital), people were more concerned about mean Tweets about the attacker than about the injured people. Professors and other people blamed the attack on prejudice against Somalis–not the actual person who committed the crime. This man came to America and was warmly taken in and given state-support, but somehow he felt the need to see America as racist and anti-Muslim. One Tweet about the incident said it was racist that a ‘white’ officer killed a ‘black’ man. A man, who happened to be in the process of trying to kill people. Interviews on campus go on in this same way–others are to blame, not the attacker.

    As CNN writes:
    “In a Facebook post shortly before the rampage, the Somali immigrant said he was “sick and tired” of seeing fellow Muslims “killed and tortured,” according to federal law enforcement officials.
    “He urged America “to stop interfering with other countries, especially the Muslim Ummah,” a term for Muslim people at large.
    “ “By Allah, we will not let you sleep unless you give peace to the Muslims,” he wrote. “You will not celebrate or enjoy any holiday.” “
    Funny thing is, I could support his argument on the political level: It is not Americans who were and are interfering in Muslim countries and bringing war to them, it was the American government beginning with Bush and wholeheartedly continued with Obama and Hillary Clinton. One must only refer to the destruction of Libya and Clinton’s subsequent introduction of Al-Qaeda into Syria and the financing and weapons delivery to these terrorists so that they could attack Syria and become Al-Nustra/ISIS. Hundreds of thousands dead and millions injured, millions become refugees–all at the hands of Clinton’s initiative and political decisions. And before that, of course, the millions killed in Iraq because of Bush’s invasion.

    What can one do, what can I do, when all of this seems to make little to absolutely no difference to H. Clinton supporters? What can I do, when laying out the facts about Clinton is taken as a personal attack on the person I am giving the facts to? I’ve had a hard time here at Patheos finding reports on the real-life Hillary Clinton. She’s become a sort of mythical Goddess-of what I cannot say.

    Sarah, thank you for your reply. I’ll continue to think about it.

  20. I am not calling you a racist simply because you are white, but because you support the well documented racist Trump. I do not care if you are “tired of “being called a racist”. And I am tired of Whites trying to play that reverse racism card.

    >> your numbers, which are a bit twisted by the way, only PROVE it .
    (You should try using a neutral source and Not Brietbart for your information ).

    > If no more than a mere 8% of black voters could find enough reason in Trumps economic message to vote for him then certainly Trump’s other racist remarks and attitudes kept them away.
    >> Hillary took a full 2/3 of the Hispanic vote,, a huge margin by any standard.
    >> Your statement that 58% of Hispanic voters favor blocking illegal immigration is a twisted untruth, as According to Pew research ” When asked about unauthorized immigrants, 78% of Hispanic voters said they should be offered a chance to apply for legal status”.

    So yes some of these voters were indeed misguided and misinformed in that they actually believed that Trump intendeds on doing a single thing that will actually benefit them. The only economy that will improve under Trump will be that of his own pockets and the Corporate owners and millionaires like him.

    As to incidents of Racism and hate that have already increased with Trump being President elect. You may want to refer to the SPLC website. I’ll be back>

  21. I am NOT being SILENT on these issues. They are a “red herring” you threw out and and twisted. Trump’s connection to White supremacy and racism in the USA has nothing to do with the War in Libya.. SO your post(s) does not deserve further discussion in this context. ( and your implication that our involvement in Libya was racially motivated is just absurd).

  22. And then you said this??? “One reads about all the slurs and insults people have supposedly received from Trump supporters. What’s funny is, in this age of ubiquitous cell phone cameras and videos from regular cameras, that there are only videos of physical violence against Trump supporters. The reverse is only hearsay.”
    …. Oh My oh my you really need to broaden your reading and viewing sources.
    Start here:

  23. Seriously?? you just expressed admiration for Muammar Gaddafi ???
    >> you wrote: “Muammar Gaddafi was the most progressive political leader in the world.”??
    >>Well a few of the thousands he killed would disagree if they could.:
    > “In one speech, Qaddafi called protesters “cockroaches” and vowed to cleanse Libya “inch by inch, house by house, home by home, alleyway by alleyway.””Already, on the eve of intervention, the death toll was estimated at somewhere between 1,000 and 2,000. (This was when the international community’s tolerance for Arab Spring–related mass killings was still fairly low.)”> more on the many many evils of Gaddafi:
    >>”But the nastier stuff came as news to me: killing his foreign secretary, then keeping him in a deep-freeze in his palace so that he could regularly have a gloat over the body; visiting classrooms of 15- and 16-year-old girls, patting the ones he fancied on their heads, then having them dragged off by his security, gynaecologically inspected and shown pornographic videos (to educate them in his expectations) before raping them and then having them put away in asylums; deliberately shooting down one of his own domestic airliners, partly for the sheer hell of it, partly as a ruse to show the West that its sanctions were hurting Libya so badly that it couldn’t afford to maintain its own aircraft.”> “The problem here is that U.S. intervention did not, in fact, result in a costly disaster, unless we are using the word “result” to simply connote that one thing happened after a previous thing. The NATO operation ended in October 2011. The current civil war in Libya began in May 2014—a full two and a half years later. The intervention and today’s violence are of course related, but this does not necessarily mean there is a causal relationship.”

  24. Yes Specer is an idiot, neo nazi crazy , but he is not alone and the legions of hate groups are growing. To ignore their existence is wrong and dangerous.

  25. So it now appears that you are attempting to use Scripture to justify your hate?? You are indeed beyond Vile,,, And that is the TRUTH as John 8:32 actually says>>And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”
    >> AND THIS has nothing to do with your crazy conspiracy theories about the CIA>>> Gosh there really are people like you out there??? Using bible quotes in crazy conspiracy theories now that is actually below vile.

  26. The use of the “WE”, is usually discouraged when you are writing for your self– But just who is the “WE” you refer to?

  27. Your misrepresentation of the facts are indeed appalling. I have never encountered an single person including Trump supporters that are as extreme as you in denying the reality of the
    TRUE EVIL that is upon us now.. TRUMP is in every way shape and form Truly is evil and narcissistic. AND proves it daily.
    >>>. Not a day has gone by when I and most of the thinking part of the world is appalled by some of his newest actions and words…
    >>> WHEN TRUMP actually does have a hand in foreign policy do you feel he can be any less temperamental than he has already been in his rallies, his tweets and his personal attacks against American Citizens of every nationality, Muslims, Hispanics,Immigrants (legal or not)… His attacks on stupid things like attacking the cast of Hamilton or SNL..
    >>> IT is EMBARRASSING to think of him being a world leader. AND HE MORE THAN ANY PRESIDENT or any Secretary of state or any other public official… TRUMP has already started WWIII and he is not even in office yet.

  28. ignore “Ponder this”, the poster is just a nutter. Liberalism is mental disorder.
    40% of Mexican men voted for the Alpha male. It is a machismo culture. They told me that the old lady’s(Miss Hillary) voice reminded them of their X. I told men that only low testosterone men vote for the Queen of Hate. Look at poor Bill, Miss Hillary drove him to rape all those women. Some men that voted for her said that she was a good example of a loyal wife who stands by their man who are serial rapists. I could not argue with that.

  29. The Queen of Hate had JayZ on stage with her who sang about smoking Gays. Hillary approves of this since she and Bill supported the anti gay legislation defense of marriage act.
    Hillary Clinton still privately opposes gay marriage, even though she has publicly flipped to embrace it in order to shore up support from the cultural left

  30. Oh you work for Langley air force Base??? Well well how nice, What rank do you have or are you a civilian contractor??? Maybe a PiZZA delivery boy who gets on base once in awhile,

  31. I’m sorry you appear to have lost the Thread . Your language is very confusing as well..
    >> Is Queen Elizabeth the Queen of Hate you refer to ??? I think Queen Elizabeth is rather sweet and a great Dresser as well. I do not Remember a Mr Jay Zee ( who ever that young lad or lady might be) Singing with Queen Elizabeth,,that would have been a sight to see. Glad you got to experience it!
    >> Incidentally I do not remember a single mention of people of the Gay persuasion in any of the posts above this.. To Whom on earth were you responding.. please try to stay on track, you are very confused.

  32. I AM SO SORRY, but you seem to responding to a totally differnt thread- perhaps you are on two sites at once and have gotten yourself confused?????
    >> You must be on the ACESS HOLLYWOOD no one here made the slightest mention mention of films or movies–WE ARE TALKING about politics on this thread

    >>. PLEASE, (C’mon), if you want to talk about Access Hollywood go to their site– Your insistence on bringing up irrelevant topics from other sites such as movie or music is really throwing off any decent conversation on this site .
    >> It also would serve you well to update your information. An 8 year old article is the best you can do?? Also worth you noting that Hollywood is no longer the sole center of movie and films.
    >> And how on earth would watching Toy STORY 2 influence politics?? VERY VERY confusing..

    >> Is your native language not English as you seem to be loosing a lot in translation… Terribly confusing.
    >> here perhaps this is the channel you meant to be on ..

  33. Your infantile interruptions have gotten a tad bit annoying. I am usually a very patient person . And no one is clicking on your off topic comments.. Obama is not part of this election cycle. Once again you just cannot stay on track.. I do pity you.
    >> If you ever once Learned that any article that start of With “SHOCKING PROOF” is instantly seen as at best bad journalism at worst another FAKE STORY…
    >>>> Sorry Cowboy BOB, but I have been on plenty of your fake news site in the advance of research.. When not laughable they are pathetically inteded to do nothing more than make haters like yourself hate more..
    I pity you.
    >> any way You are not the real deal just a poor imitation.
    I will no longer take replies from you>
    >> you turned out to be much more boring than I had hoped. JUST another alliterate a teenage hack.

  34. Oh you are indeed so funny. If I did not know that your posts were meant to be satire I would get Irked as you are constantly off track, and spewing irrelevant posts and links . ;).. what a jokester you are.. Gosh ha ha ..
    >>> But you have to work on your satire style, a few people might actually believe you are one of those wingnuts who actually believe in that sort of nonsense such as the ILLUMINATI,
    >>>Gosh some of it gets so ridiculous that they say JAy Z is an Illuminati and for gosh sakes. how did Bob Dylan get in ….JUST TOO FUNNY .
    >>> But as you really do not believe that sort of iditic trash,,, here is a good article that teaches you how to better write your SATIRE
    >>>.. Keep working on it — you are almost amusing but too confused to make your satire work Best of luck.

  35. “Also worth you noting that Hollywood is no longer the sole center of movie and films” only an anti Semite would say this.

  36. Hillary is the Queen of Hate. Bill will attest to this. It was Hillary that drove him to rape those women. But some men told me that Hillary was a good wife to stand by her man and destroy those women that accused her husband of rape. But I think that Bill paid a big price to stay married to Hillary and she is the one that gave him that nervous disease of his tongue moving around in his open mouth all the time and his shaking hand. Poor Bill, he is the victim in this relationship.

  37. The use of the term “boy” plays into the conspiracy theories. If you did not mean that, then ” boy” is considered to be derogatory. One has to be 18, adult to drive. It is also sexist because females do the job as well. I suggest that you take a class in diversity and multi culturalism. There is no room for hate and sexism.

  38. For one concerned about racial inequality, class prejudice, homophobia, or any other widespread form of hatred believed in the U.S. today, I think that the clear-call should be: “Don’t mourn, organize.”

    Try to make the world around you, starting with how you interact with everything that you physically touch, better.

  39. love doesn’t trump stupidity and ignorance, it only allows us to live our lives beneath the surface of corporate and fascist domination.

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