Speaking Foolishly about God and Tragedy

Speaking Foolishly about God and Tragedy December 20, 2012

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I’ve commented several times on what prominent would-be spokespeople for Christianity have had to say about the tragic shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. Initially I added additional links I came across to those posts. But there continue to be so many that I thought I should share some of the beautiful and horrific things that have come to my attention.

The Lead has had a steady stream of reporting on sermons and prayers connected with the tragedy, as well as other religious perspectives and reflections.

Fred ClarkBob Cargill, Red Letter Christians and Hemant Mehta all responded to James Dobson’s interpretation of the shooting.

Stephen Prothero made a list of things he doesn’t want to hear after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

Rabbi Boteach says that America is the most religious country on Earth, and so explanations of the shooting in terms of lack of religion are nonsense.

Think Progress reports on a conservative source which said that if there had been more men in the school, things might have turned out differently.

Max Lucado and Bernie Goetz make an interesting combination.

A wall of considerate police, firefighters and other people formed to keep Westboro “Baptist” “Church” demonstrators away from mourning families in Newtown.

Jerry Coyne had a negative reaction to William Lane Craig’s comments about the shooting. P. Z. Myers offered another atheist reaction to many more conservative and allegedly Christian comments.

The Beatles prove stronger than Terry Jones.

Tom Bartley has had enough of guns making the damage inflicted by human beings so much worse.

Kim Fabricius reflects on the gun as American idol, and Richard Hall discusses the combination of weaponry, fundamentalism, and mental illness.

See also posts by Carson T. ClarkJim BurkloJoe Hoffmann, Frankie Schaffer, David HensonJoel WattsAmanda Mac, Tom Verenna, Bob PattersonLibby Anne, and of course many others.

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