Is Your Idea of God an Abomination?

Is Your Idea of God an Abomination? February 21, 2018

Bruce Gerencser writes:

What kind of God allows children to be murdered, all because his adult followers aren’t allowed to proselytize public school students? What a vindictive, petty God this is, akin to a man who burns down a house with his ex-wife and children in it, all because his ex wouldn’t let him in the door. Such a God is not worthy of worship. Worse yet, are Evangelicals of a Calvinistic bent who believe school shootings are all part of some sort of perverse cosmic plan. According to Calvinists, these children were murdered because God willed it to be done. It is God who ultimately fires the bullet that kills us all.

Such a God is an abomination, one unworthy of worship, love, and devotion…

For some, these insights lead to atheism. They don’t have to. But they absolutely should lead to revisions in your theology, if you envisage God in these ways.

Perhaps the interesting discussion question is this: which is better/worse in your opinion, atheism, or being a religious believer who adheres to an abominable view of God?

Bruce also shared the latest Atheist Pig comic, which actually served as the jumping off point for the rest of what he wrote.

I discussed a similar point a few years ago in a post about God being banned from schools and t-shirts.

I’ve shared a number of posts on social media recently that offer some of my older thoughts on the topic of guns. Leah Schade kindly quoted a post of mine about “gundamentalism” in a recent post of her’s advocating repeal and replacement of the 2nd Amendment.

One post of mine from a year ago is perhaps also worth highlighting, even though it is basically just a meme, because it focuses in on the hypocritically different views that some people hold regarding refugees and guns. In addition, I have older posts that are relevant to the topic of prayer in schools, including posts about news from the future, God and tragedy in secular public schoolspagan prayer in schoolsMuslim prayers in schools, and an inherent contradiction in the stance that some adopt on this topic.

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