Theologian Trading Cards Giveaway Winners

Theologian Trading Cards Giveaway Winners December 18, 2012

The time is up for entries in the giveaway – now it is time to pick winners!

Using the following comments and commenters have been selected at random as the winners of one of the three sets of Theologian Trading Cards with a signed card each:

5     Kevin A. Wilson  (Kevin Vanhoozer signed card)

29  “James”  (Elisabeth Schussler-Fiorenza signed card)

94  Kevin Fiske  (N. T. Wright signed card)

Please get in touch quickly via e-mail to jfmcgrat AT butler DOT edu and provide me with a mailing address to which your prize can be sent. And if you have a preference for a different signed card than the one I assigned, let me know and I’ll gladly ask Zondervan if it’s possible).

Now for the hard part – picking the best comment, and thus the winner of the fourth set. This part is the reason it has taken me so long to post the winners. I had the random winners chosen this morning, but have found it hard to choose the best comment.

I like very much the suggestion that there ought to be a James F. McGrath card, which more than one person made. While I decided that I wasn’t going to award the card for blatant pandering alone, I trust that Norman Jeune III is listening to that one…and if he does make a James F. McGrath card, I will happily sign them for anyone who asks me to!

I also liked the fact that someone shared a link to a set of rules and cards for “Philosophers Gone Wild” to be played according to the rules of “Magic: The Gathering.” If someone had done that with the actual theologian cards, I would have been so happy, and they might have won. There was an offer to do so, but no one actually proposed rules or a way to use these cards with existing rules. And so, alas, for now we still only have trading as an option, and no rules for games.

But when the game does get invented, there is already a theme song. And so I declare the most impressive comment to be…that by Micah Did-Dell! Here’s the song lyrics he provided, based on the Pokemon theme:

I wanna be the very best

Like no one ever was

To collect them is my real test

To learn them is my cause

I will study across the land

Searching far and wide

Each doctrine to understand

The power that’s inside

THEOLOGY! Gotta learn it all!

Augustine, it’s you and me

I know it’s my destiny

Aquinas, oh, you’re my best friend

In a faith we must defend

Barth, a heart so true

Our exegesis will pull us through!

You teach me and I’ll teach you

THEOLOGY! Gotta learn it all!

Congratulations to the winners. Again, let me know where to send your prizes as soon as possible, and I will pass that information on to Zondervan. I hope they reach you in time for Christmas! 🙂

If you didn’t win one of the sets of Theologian Trading Cards in the giveaway, you can click through here to where they are still on sale!

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