Fringe Finale Trailer

Fringe Finale Trailer January 16, 2013

The above is a new trailer for Fringe (HT IO9; go here if you haven’t seen the previous one).

I am rather sorry that there isn’t the same sort of excitement that there was about the finale of LOST (so much so that my posts about the LOST finale continue to get visits). Not only is Fringe another J. J. Abrams show, but it seems as though it has done many of the same things that LOST did, but with clearer and more coherent answers and more forethought. And it touched on many of the same themes about fate, God, spirituality, the future, what it means to be human, and so on.

Will you miss Fringe? Have you watched it, and if so, what have you enjoyed about it? What other shows will comfort you when it is gone?

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  • mike.helbert

    we used to watch it…the first couple seasons. But, it took a leap in a direction that lost us. maybe, we’ll try to catch the finale.

  • James Pate

    I’ve watched all but the very last season—-which is why I’m not excited about the finale yet, but I will be once I get to watch the DVDs for the last season. I like the characters, and also the story-lines about the alternate universes. Also, hearing Walter call Astrid a different name is pretty funny!