50 Ways to Leave Jesus’ Wife

50 Ways to Leave Jesus’ Wife April 11, 2014

The title is the first thing that popped into my head when I saw that Peter Kirby had a round-up of 50 blogs abuzz about the so-called Gospel of Jesus’ Wife fragment. I’m grateful that my previous round-up was one of the ones he chose to include.

Among recent scholarly posts, see those by Brice JonesApril DeConick, Christian Askeland, Larry Hurtado, Mark Goodacre, Jim Davila, Anthony LeDonne, and Francis Watson (hosted by Mark Goodacre). And of course, still see the articles in the recent issue of Harvard Theological Review.

The Huffington Post has an article, as does Science 2.0 and Archaeological News Tumblr. See also the posts by the following additional bloggers: Mike Bird, Chris KeithGordon Hudson, Hemant Mehta, and J. K. Doyle.

See also this post on Jesus’ homelessness, which is only related because it adds to the range of things that might have followed after Jesus said “My wife…”

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