Ten Commandments and School Shootings

Ten Commandments and School Shootings April 11, 2014

I have blogged in the past about just how obscene a notion it is that removing prayer, or displays of the ten commandments, from schools, is an explanation of why shootings occur there. Such claims are in fact an attempt by those who have failed to raise their children to not shoot others, and given them easy access to guns, to make themselves feel better by passing the blame onto others. But I did like this cartoon, with its suggestion that the ten commandments could be reintroduced with a more practical use as a bullet shield.


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  • MattB

    Did you hear about the bus crash in California?

    • No. What happened?

      • MattB

        Some High school kids were on their way to a college tour to Humboldt State University, when a Fed-Ex truck swerved over the median and slammed head on unto the bus of high school kids. 10 students and faculty died as a result because of an enormous fire that erupted instantly after the crash


        • I hadn’t seen the news yet when you asked.

          Did someone connect that with the school not having the ten commandments displayed?! 🙁

          • MattB

            “Did someone connect that with the school not having the ten commandments displayed?! :-(”

            No, I saw your caption about the ten comm. and school shootings and it made me think of a school tragedy that recently happened.

  • bishlis

    I find it very sad that you find humor in the fact that God has been removed form our schools. Do a little research and you will undoubtedly find that students are far more out of control now than EVER. Yes, it does go back to the family and home life but the reminder at school that there is a God my give kids a chance to see that God exists since they are not taught at home. Its crazy that a kids can get expelled for saying God bless you when someone sneezes. If they had said something about satan it most likely would have been brushed off! Lord, come quickly!!!!

    • I find it very sad that you (1) think that God can be removed from schools, (2) think that children who are brought up morally will suddenly go off the rails or not depending on whether the ten commandments are hanging on the walls of the place where they are sent for education, and (3) you want to let teachers indoctrinate my children with their own slant on religion. As a Baptist, I believe that the separation of church and state is good for Christians, not bad.

      If it is true that one California teacher has prohibited the saying of “God bless you” and you live in California, get in touch with the ACLU. They will gladly defend the right of students to express their religion, even though it isn’t clear what connection if any the post-sneeze practice has with any particular religion.