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Revelation around the Blogosphere October 22, 2019

Here is a collection of things related to the Book of Revelation and apocalypses (ancient and modern) that I’ve found interesting. Let me start with an image:

Now for some links, starting with these from Bart Ehrman:

Secular Versions of the Coming Apocalypse

Revelation as a Blueprint for our Future

Reading Revelation in Context: Quick Look (Gupta)

Revelation, Lake of Fire, Judgement of Metaphor

Let anyone with understanding calculate the number

The Secret To Understanding Revelation

This may be the best name I’ve come across for a book about Revelation (and Genesis):

Living Between Two Trees

What is Empire Criticism?

From Revelation Backwards (RJS)

Are the End Times Changing?

Tangled in Apocalyptic Thought (HT Bob Cornwall)

Revealing Revelation

John and the Throne Room of God

Revelation and the “alter-empire” of Christ

John’s Apocalypse and the Killing of Animals

Thyatira, One of the Seven Churches of Revelation — An Upgrade!

What is Hades in the Bible? Is it hell?

What is the Lake of Fire in the Bible? Is it hell?

How final is the “final judgment”?

Apocalyptic = Resistance Literature

Ian Paul on the worship of the Lamb in Revelation 5. See also:

What is Michael doing with his angels in Revelation 12?

Reading Revelation’s martyrs in context

Andrew Perriman on whether the New Testament predicts the future

Jared Diamond on his new book Upheaval

Not everything that has appeared related to this topic has been in English

The Apocalypse and Pop Culture

Fake good news makes for bad foreign policy

An open access book: Le Mythe Neron

Bob Cornwall has been writing about rivers, including in Revelation – see for instance Rivers of Life, What Rivers Do, and Shall We Gather at the River.

Also with a hint of apocalypse:

A review of The Swerve.

Holy Ghost Story

Left Behind: How End Times Heresies Undermine Evangelical Action on Climate

And finally, a call for papers:

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