What Jesus Learned from Women: First Amazon Review!

What Jesus Learned from Women: First Amazon Review! March 15, 2021

The first customer review of What Jesus Learned from Women has been posted on Amazon. I hope others will follow but this first one is a very encouraging and meaningful start. Here’s a taste of what it says:

The scholarship of What Jesus Learned from Women is strong, and it is also accessible for anyone who does not read biblical scholarship/criticism regularly…Dr. McGrath created a retelling of the lives of these women consistent with their culture offering a fresh perspective that does not force these women backstage to suffer the anonymity of a Greek chorus. By writing in this manner, Dr. McGrath sets a precedent for a retelling of the gospel to modern ears without changing the core message of Jesus…Dr. McGrath addresses himself as he addresses the church as he calls for a correction in the church’s behavior and treatment of women. Within the pages of this book, Dr. McGrath presents the reader with a glimpse of the Jesus of history that does not dismiss the Christ of faith as an act of wishful thinking, but an invitation to delve further into the richer depths of the bible and understand the multiple perspectives of the bible, the gospel, and even Jesus simultaneously.

Read the whole thing on Amazon. Today is the official day that Amazon has said physical copied ordered through them will ship, and so if you ordered that way I hope you’ll soon have your copy in your hands. If you’ve been waiting until books begin shipping to order your copy, you need wait no longer. Once you read it, I look forward to seeing your review on Amazon as well!

Englewood Review of Books featured What Jesus Learned from Women on its list of ten new releases to look out for this month. They will be reviewing the book as well. Andy Cassler has started what will be a blog series about the book. In his first post he writes, “we get the sense that the book goes beyond what Scripture says explicitly to try to piece together connections between Jesus’ interactions with women and Jesus’ actions in the world. So one on hand, hopefully there’s much that everyone can affirm; and on the other hand, there will likely be conclusions that not everyone will agree on. I expect to both agree and disagree with James at various points throughout his book.” He also shares some personal anecdotes related to the book and one of the sources of inspiration behind it.

One person whose endorsement I was especially eager to seek and hoped I might obtain for my book was that of Rachel Held Evans. Unfortunately her tragic, unexpected, and untimely death prevented that. The news just recently circulated that a children’s book she contributed to will appear in the not too distant future. 

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