“Namaste” is Authentic Meeting.

“Namaste” is Authentic Meeting. November 30, 2017

FullSizeRender[3]Sure. “Namaste.”

Yes “the divine in me meets the divine in you.”

The light in me greets the light in you….

But it’s not just your glitter and gold that I’m looking for.
Nice straight teeth and a smile that shines up a room – Okay, yeah. Noted.
Petite button nose and luscious locks and tresses. Alright.
Impeccable resume gilded with ivy league goodness and summa cum laude highlights. Fine. You’ve attended church every Sunday for the past 20 years. Cool. Weird, but cool.

Yet when I say namaste I mean more.
I mean the darkness in me greets the darkness in you
I mean the gaping wound that hasn’t healed in me meets the gaping wound in you
the pettiness in me, the vindictiveness in me, the naughty in me, the demons, the gross grubs, the wretched wretchedness, the cussing jerk, the dysfunctional, torrid, unseemly, self-sabotaging, fly unzipped, toilet paper stuck to my heel, stained dirty laundry parts of me
…greet those parts in you.

I mean *all* of me greets all of you.
That’s where I feel met.

Let’s try this again.

FullSizeRender[2]“It is hard to make your adversaries real people unless you recognize yourself in them – in which case, if you don’t watch out, they cease to be adversaries.” – Flannery O’Connor

image 1  “Complicated Man” by Damian Michaels
image 2 “Love” by Alexander Milov

XX – Roger  [See also this related poem, written earlier this year, and also this piece about shadow-work]


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