Funny Fundamentalism. Laugh at bad Bad Theology.

Funny Fundamentalism. Laugh at bad Bad Theology. September 27, 2019

Bad theology should be called out and rejected. Laughter can be a helpful part of this. If nothing else, as catharsis from the hurt and harm caused by wretched notions about God and their effect on God’s people.

In the spirit of “laughing at the Devil,” and the “Laughing Buddha”, and the “green shirt guy.” [CNN clip for reminder]

Here are words from the person who posted the following hilarious VIDEO CLIP, from what I gather is from a TV talk show in India:

This video was created as a bit of light relief therapy on my journey of deconstruction and for others who have seen, and can now look with benevolent humour on, the incongruity of some of the beliefs they once held. It is intended to encourage those already on the journey, it is not intended to convert anyone away from their long held beliefs, or to mock those who hold such beliefs dear, even if the humour suggests that. Father loves us all utterly and completely whatever our beliefs and doctrines might be. When I use the word ‘they’ I really include myself of 10 years ago. Having said that, I will always challenge what I consider to be any abusive and manipulative system that holds countless of God’s children in fear of punishment, retribution, or on a desperate treadmill of appeasement. For me all that died and finished with Jesus on the cross, if it ever existed in the first place. Hopefully you will be either encouraged to keep discovering what I see as ‘the ever increasing, limitless grace of God’, or perhaps stirred to look again at the deep-seated beliefs you have been taught and question whether they still ‘sit right’ with your heart. If you discover greater grace – great! If you begin questioning – great! If you find your long held beliefs confirmed and strengthened by disagreeing – great! As long as your Theology brings you into deeper, more childlike, more authentic and loving relationship with God, and with your fellow human beings, as He always intended in Eden, then stick with it!

See Youtube clip. (Warning. You may shoot your beverage out your nose while watching)

To remind us, most progressive Christians reject the penal and substituitionary theories of the atonement, and instead favor the moral example theory of the atonement or the Christus Victor theory. Also to remind us, no Church Council in history has ever ruled that any one theory of the atonement is the “one right, true, official, proper,” or, “only” one. And finally, to remind us, conservative evangelicalism and fundamentalism, while loud, and popular, do not have a monopoly on the Christian faith and their views are rather recent, and strange, within the Christian family of Christianities. Thank goodness for other ways of following Jesus. Thank goodness for progressive Christianity!

XX – Roger

Rev. Roger Wolsey is a certified Spiritual Director, United Methodist pastor, and author of Kissing Fish: christianity for people who don’t like christianity

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