We Got Kids Out Of A Cave. Let’s Get Them Out Of Cages (And Everywhere Else They’re Trapped).

We Got Kids Out Of A Cave. Let’s Get Them Out Of Cages (And Everywhere Else They’re Trapped). July 11, 2018

I was in a Lyft on my way to work yesterday morning when I got a news alert on my phone: All twelve boys and their coach were rescued from a cave in Thailand, where they’d been trapped for more than two weeks.

I teared up.  My heart skipped a beat.  I gave thanks for the grit and grace that volunteers brought to bear on behalf of those kids.

Twelve boys who otherwise would have died are now rescued, free, reunited with their parents who love them so much.

But the story isn’t over.

Kids are trapped all over the world.

Kids are trapped here in the U.S.  They’re literally in cages HERE.

The Thailand cave rescue shows us what’s possible when people with empathy and courage and urgency act to release kids from the places in which they’re trapped, let them breathe, and reunite them with their families who love them more than words can say.

I can’t believe I have to say this out loud, but here it goes: Let’s stop trapping kids.

Let’s leverage everything we have…our voices, our skills, our votes, our compassion…to release kids who are trapped all over the world, whether it’s from ICE or sex trafficking or child labor or arranged marriages or poverty or ISIS or war zones.

Because children are precious and innocent.

Because children will determine our future.

Because children, no matter who or where they are, deserve to be free.


If you’re ready to do something tangible to help children who are suffering,

  1. Call your senator or representative and demand that they make ICE stop separating families at the border. (Here’s how.)

2.  Sponsor a child in the developing world with Compassion International. (Here’s how.)

3.   Donate to the International Rescue Committee to help kids in crisis. (Here’s how.) 



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