New Traditions To Start As A Family This Year

New Traditions To Start As A Family This Year November 22, 2023

Christmas traditions are among the best memories I have of my childhood. And now that I am a mother, finding new traditions that our family enjoys has been fun. In the past, we did several traditions that just didn’t work for us. So this year I am on the hunt for new ones. 

Christmas ornaments
Christmas ornaments

For the past couple of years, we have done a couple of failed traditions. First was an advent calendar with chocolates in it. But people forgot to do the treats daily and we ended up dividing them up on Christmas day and eating till we were sick.

So that tradition will not be continued this year, even though it is a good tradition. And for the record, I never did the Elf on the Shelf. That one was too negative and creepy with the elf spying on you and reporting on your behavior.

In my search for new and uplifting traditions I found 5 I would like to share with you. 

1- The Kindness Elf

The Imagination Tree has these impressive little Kindness Elves for sale on their site.  They may have started with an Elf on the Shelf like I did, but they have made it into so much more. They inspire kids to do daily acts of kindness for their family and friends. And they even have a classroom edition.

They sell a bundle that includes the Kindness Elves dolls, a book with the Story of the Kindness Elves, accessories, and a cute little cardboard house. The Elves are available in different skin tones and hair colors. It’s on sale if you are interested. 

2- Christ ornaments

A few years ago our Relief Society had a special devotional about Christ and His roles. For the event, we found this amazing site with a flip book highlighting 72 different names Christ is called by in the scriptures.

We purchased books for our group of ladies. And then I got inspired and made Christmas ornaments with each of the names of Christ written on them. I think this is a wonderful tradition. We used them last year and highlighted a different name each night with scripture verses to teach us more about it. It’s one of my favorite new traditions. 

3- 25 Days of Christ

Snowflake ornament
Christmas ornaments can have deeper meaning.

This great group called New Tradition Crafts, has another version of the names of Christ ornaments. They have taken 25 different scriptures and created an ornament to symbolize each. You get to open an ornament each day of December, and read the story that goes with it. 

They sell kits with both finished and unfinished ornaments, and beautiful books to illustrate the stories. Their books come in two options- one that is Bible-focused, and one that is both Bible and Book of Mormon-focused.

And they sell ornaments with the name of Christ and their corresponding scripture on them. Their advent bags would make a fun calendar of these 25 Days of Christ. I purchased a set and I am excited to do this one with my family.

4- Giving Machines

Have you heard of Giving Machines? I wrote about them recently. They are these really cool vending machine-like Kiosks set up in cities around the country. You can donate a chicken, meals, clothes, and even a goat. We donated a goat years ago when we first found a Giving Machine. And we are going to hunt one down again this year.

They offer their service online too! Your donation goes to help those in need in your community and across the globe. I found this video that showed me what the donations meant to those who received them. It was heartwarming to know that my donation did some real good in the world.

5 – A Stocking Wish 

Snowman cookie
Traditions warm the heart.

I recently watched A Heidelberg Holiday on the Hallmark Channel. Yes, I am one of those cheesy folks who watch Christmas movies well before Thanksgiving.

In the movie, they had a tradition they called Stocking Wishes. You make a wish for the Christmas season and write it on a slip of paper. Then you put that paper into the toe of your Christmas stocking.

After the wish is fulfilled you get to share what it was with your loved ones and everyone is uplifted by the experience. Of course, you can adapt this tradition to fit your family. You can make the wish become a desired service project or a wish for someone else. I find this a beautiful idea and plan to do it with my family on December 1.

Ever Changing

The beauty of traditions is that it’s never too late to start a new one. As I shared before, we have had some that failed. But I keep trying. And some traditions that are a big hit for preschoolers fall flat for teenagers. So we have adapted our traditions over the years. These five new traditions are what we will be doing this year with our teenage family.

I hope it helps bring the real reason for Christmas to the front of our minds and hearts. Too much of the Christmas season is focused on stuff and getting more of it. I hope you find some traditions (maybe in this list) that bring your family closer together and grant you more peace this season.

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