Why Doesn’t Anyone Eat on Dates? 6 New Questions about The Bachelor

Why Doesn’t Anyone Eat on Dates? 6 New Questions about The Bachelor July 30, 2014


Thanks for all of the questions you guys left on my blog!  Today, I’m tackling 6 new questions. Q: Why doesn’t anyone eat on the dates?

A: This one is pretty simple, because it’s not entertaining TV. Not to mention, the plates of food usually have been sitting there for a long time before we ever sit down. Nobody likes cold steak. Also, the microphones pick up the chewing sounds and it’s pretty gross to listen to. So typically, we would eat alone in the hotel room before the date so we wouldn’t be starving later.

Q: Do you choose the dates? A: No. It would be pretty hard for me to plan a date in a foreign country that I’ve never visited. But before each date, the producers would prep me on what we were doing and what I should expect.

Q: How hard was the transition from the show to “real life”?

A: At times, very hard. I’m going to state the obvious and tell you that there was a lot I didn’t know about Catherine after falling in love with her on The Bachelor. There’s only so much you can know about a person after spending a collective 20 hours together. I knew I wanted to spend forever with her but at times I felt like I didn’t always know how to love her the way she needed me to. There were so many things we didn’t know. Like how to fight, how to make-up, how to communicate, how to listen to one another, etc. But of course we both stayed committed and over time we learned how to be the best partner we could be for the other person.

Q: Was Dancing with the Stars really as hard as people say?

A: Yes. I’m pretty white; dancing, especially choreographed routines, wasn’t easy. I’d spend 10-12 hours per day training. It was an experience I’m glad I did but I wouldn’t do again.

Q: What really happens in the fantasy suite?

A: Your guess is as good as mine with the other bachelors and bachelorettes. For me, the fantasy suite represented a small piece of normalcy. No cameras, no microphones, just two people being real with one another. It’s not always easy to be completely vulnerable with a camera in your face.

Q: How difficult was it being a believer on The Bachelor?

A: That’s a really good question. I don’t think it was too difficult. I tried to stay true to who I am throughout the entire process and as a result, I believe people were able to see Jesus in me. However, going into the show I knew I needed to arm myself spiritually so I made a point to spend time in the Bible everyday and I stayed in constant communication with God throughout it all as well.   In case you missed the other questions and answers:

Q: What do you do when you are not filming?

Q: Why do you make fun of the guys on The Bachelorette via Twitter?

Q: What’s your favorite Bible verse?

Q: Is your dad really as nice as he seems?

Alright, hope you feel like you know me better now. Leave your questions in the comments and I’ll try to answer them all next time.

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