What Do I Do for a Living? Answering Your Questions

What Do I Do for a Living? Answering Your Questions May 12, 2015

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Previously, I asked you guys to send me questions — you came through!  Here’s the second in a series in which I talk about the things you want to know!

Inevitably, on every mid-day Instagram picture I post, I’ll get a few “do you guys have jobs?” or “why don’t you work?” comments. Totally valid questions and today I am going to finally give you an answer:

I’m not sure. 

If you’ve read my book, then you’re aware that I’ve always been entrepreneurial. Ever since I can remember, I’ve known that I didn’t want a “normal” job. I never liked the idea of a routine and I always had aspirations of achieving success in a somewhat unconventional route. 

During college I read the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki and it totally inspired me to chase after my entrepreneurial dreams and achieve success in a more unconventional way. In the book, Kiyosaki explained how he learned at a young age from his best friend’s dad that wealth is achieved by creating different revenue streams through assets. His own father was a hard working professor with a good salary but could never quite get ahead financially because as his salary increased, so did his expenses. He learned from his friend’s dad the value of limiting your liabilities and how to increase those money making assets. 

Kiyosaki’s book shaped my life and encouraged me to chase after my dream of never working a “9 to 5.” After graduating college I tried a number of entrepreneurial ventures- some worked, some failed miserably. In my book, I detail my biggest failure which was a financial services company that went bankrupt. But as hard as that time in my life was for me, I knew that I had to learn from my failures and press on. 

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